What caliber air rifle pellets should I choose?

If you are planning to purchase an airsoft rifle, one thing that comes into mind – What is the ideal caliber pellets for the air rifle? Obviously, the answer all depends on how you will use the airsoft rifle. You have to take note that there are three main calibers for airsoft rifles – .177, .20 and .22 caliber. Every caliber is considered unique and is used for various types of purposes. Let’s see what caliber air rifle pellets fits you the most.

What caliber air rifle pellets should I choose?

.177 caliber pellets

The .177 caliber is considered the most popular in the market at the present. The .177 pellets are the smallest and can be fired at the highest velocity which produces the flattest trajectory. With a flat trajectory, it simply means better accuracy from long distances.

If the main purpose of using your air rifle is target shooting, you definitely need a .177 caliber airsoft rifle.

This caliber is also the best choice when handling small pests. With the latest airsoft technology, these rifles can reach velocities up to 1250FPS.

Additionally, you will surely enjoy the wide selection of airsoft rifles in .177 calibers.

.20 caliber pellets

The .20 caliber airsoft rifles are considered the best for overall use. This is due to the fact that it provides better knock down power unlike with the .177 airsoft rifles. It is a known fact that the selection of .20 caliber airsoft rifles is limited in the market and they are most costly since only high-end manufacturers such as Beeman manufacture them.

The .20 caliber is ideal for larger small game especially if long distance is involved. The pellet used for the .20 caliber is effective up to 60 yards, but with a good one, the distance can be increased.

Even though the .20 caliber is a good option, there are limited options and price is also an issue. An airsoft rifle with this caliber is also suitable for close range hunting. If you are planning to purchase one, you might as well consider the .20 airsoft rifles by Beeman.

.22 caliber pellets

For the .22 caliber airsoft rifles, they are higher in weight and size if compared to the .20 and .177 caliber rifles. This offers the highest knockdown power but one drawback of this caliber is that the pellets have the shortest range.

Nevertheless, you can aim within 50 yards of range. You can target large pests such as raccoons, jack rabbits and crows with this caliber due to its high knockdown power.

The manufacturers of .22 caliber air rifles include RWS, Tech Force and Gamo. If the main use of the airsoft rifle is for hunting, you can opt for the .22 caliber unless your primary prey is at the distance of 55 yards or more.

For prey that is at far flung distances, it is best to opt for a powerful .22 caliber rifle.

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