5 Best Wood Pepper Grinders Reviews-Buyer Guide 2021

The Elegance of Wood Pepper Grinders

Do you like a little more pepper than most people or maybe you prefer your pepper to be more coarse than normal pepper?

Having a pepper grinder placed on your table at dinner time will allow each to select not only how much pepper they want but also how fine or course they prefer it.

Wood pepper grinders are very popular and have even become a collector’s item. Featured below is a great selection of wood pepper grinders that are very useful and decorative for your table setting.

Paris Classic 9 Inch Wood Pepper Mill in Natural by Peugeot

Peugeot 870422/1 Paris Classic 9-Inch Pepper MillThis traditionally styled Peugeot pepper mill is available in a variety of sizes with a matching salt mill also available.

  • Smoothly turned hardwood in natural finish
  • 2-stage groove system cracks peppercorns before grinding for ultimate flavor
  • Brass nut unscrews top for refilling; tightness determines coarseness of grind
  • Made in France; 2-year warranty; lifetime warranty on grinding mechanism

Peugeot Paris Classic Pepper MillClassy and Stylish

Wooden pepper grinders add class and sophistication to any dinner table, no matter whether you choose light, medium or dark wood, or go for a convenient small one or a large one like you would see at an Italian restaurant.

These durable grinders not only look great but they look stylish too and are the world away from the cheap-looking acrylic ones you can also get. Invest in wood pepper grinders, and you can be sure of an elegant table setting.

Regardless of your current dining room décor, these attractive wooden grinds are sure to complement it. Choose from very pale wood, pine or even something lighter, opt for a dark mahogany shade or even black wood, or pick something between these extremes, perhaps an earthy oak shade or warm red cherry wood.

There are different styles to choose from as well, from classic and old-fashioned to ultra-modern and trendy, as you prefer. Some are solid wood while others have a glass or acrylic midsection so you can see the peppercorns inside. Whatever décor you have and whatever your personal preferences, you will find the perfect grinder for your needs.

Think about it – you use your salt and pepper grinders every day, and not only once. Perhaps you want to grind some pepper over your scrambled eggs or omelet in the morning, then add some to your sandwich at lunchtime. When dinnertime rolls around, set your grinders on the dining table to grind fresh pepper over your meat or fish.

Pepper is often added to savory recipes too, so you will find yourself using your wooden pepper grinder multiple times every day – another reason why investing in an attractive, high-quality one makes sense. If you do not need to replace your current grinder, consider a stylish wooden one for special occasions or to give as a gift.

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Decorative Wooden Salt and Pepper Mills

Peugeot 20378 Chateauneuf U’Select 9.5 Inch Pepper Mill, Black MattePeugeot 20378 Chateauneuf U'Select 9.5 Inch Pepper Mill, Black Matte

Crafted in France, this 9½ inch tall pepper mill has a matte black finish. The 2 stage grinding mechanism works flawlessly. It is made of case-hardened steel which is treated to keep it sharp and prevent rust.

Each peppercorn is cracked before it is ground to release maximum aroma and flavor, unlike with cheap pepper mills where it grinds the peppercorns without cracking them first. Adding pepper to your food finishes it off perfectly, and whether you are garnishing an Insalata Tricolore, adding some extra heat to your chili con carne, or adding flavor to your bowl of soup, this top-quality pepper mill is the ideal tool for the job.

There are 6 predefined grinding settings ranging from powder-fine to extra coarse. This is a fantastic gift for a foodie or a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

Peugeot Chateauneuf U'Select 12.25 Inch Salt Mill

The Surprising History of Pepper Grinders

Did you know the pepper mill was invented by none other than the Peugeot brothers who are also credited with the Peugeot cars? In 1810 the brothers converted their flour mill into a steel mill and started to make tools as well as items like the wire used in crinoline dresses.

They made saw blades and would cut the teeth individually before hardening the blade, adding a carbon-rich alloy to the steel which offered extra strength and ensured the teeth would stay sharp. Next, they developed a grinding system which they used in coffee bean grinders. In the 1840s they created the first pepper mill.

Pepper was known as ‘black gold’ up until the mid-1800s because it was a costly spice, but when new, faster ships from the south of India and improved railways in India and France meant it could be brought into Europe more cheaply and easily, this commodity went down in price. The first pepper grinder had a container for the peppercorns and a chamber at the base where they were cracked then milled. These 2 grinder rows had individually cut, sharpened teeth which meant they would last a lifetime. You could either loosen the top or rotate the base to change the coarseness of the grind.

The Peugeot family chose the symbol of the lion in 1850 to reflect the strength in their products, and the turned-wood casing for their grinders gave them a classic, timeless look. Some critics compared the pepper mills to chair legs but most people liked their sophisticated shape, and these curves are still popular today. Modern variations range from small ones to the huge type popular in Italian restaurants. Although you can get battery-operated pepper grinders and other novelty ones today, the iconic Peugeot style has remained popular for near 2 centuries and remains a classic today.

Ready Ground Pepper vs. Freshly Ground Pepper

Do you need a pepper grinder, you might be wondering when you can buy ground pepper to sprinkle on your food? The answer is yes because freshly ground pepper offers a superior flavor. Buy a good quality grinder, and it will last for many years, allowing you to change the grind from fine to coarse very easily.

Freshly cracked or ground pepper has a fresher, lighter taste than pre-ground pepper, and that cracking sound is very satisfying, especially when cracking pepper over a home-cooked steak, juicy fish filet, or another favorite home-cooked dinner. Every kitchen should have a pepper grinder, and you might even want to have more than one – a classy pair for the dinner table and a function one for using in the kitchen perhaps, or one with black peppercorns and one with mixed red, white, black and green ones.

Olde Thompson 8-Inch Senator Walnut PeppermillOlde Thompson 8-Inch Senator Walnut Peppermill

This mill is the same as you would find in top restaurants all over the globe. The carbon steel grinding mechanism can be adjusted from powder-fine to extra coarse. The walnut finish is beautiful and classy. This will hold plenty of peppercorns, and the grinding is effortless.

Many people add pepper to their recipes and their meals every single day of their lives yet skimp on pepper mills, choosing something cheap and difficult to grind.

Surely for something you use every day you should choose something of top quality. You will not be disappointed with this grinder because it looks great and works amazingly.

Olde Thompson 8-Inch Senator Walnut Peppermill

Peugeot Paris Classic 9 Inch Wood Pepper Mill, Natural

Peugeot Paris Classic 9 Inch Wood Pepper Mill, NaturalThis traditional pepper grinder comes in various sizes and is finished in smoothly-turned hardwood for a classy look. You can also get a matching salt mill with this one.

The 2-stage groove cracks the peppercorns before grinding them which means better aroma and flavor. Unscrew the brass nut on top for refilling and choose how fine or course you would like the grind.

This item is made in France and comes with a lifetime warranty on the grinding mechanism. Not only does this pepper mill look elegant but it works flawlessly and will help you add the finishing touch to any meal.

Peugeot Paris Classic 9 Inch Wood Pepper Mill

What to Consider When Shopping for a Pepper Grinder

Of your evening, but that is probably not the best choice for the home. A pepper grinder can be manual or battery-operated, although we recommend you forget about the light-up, battery-powered kind unless you want to give someone a laugh at Christmas for example, and look for a good quality, classic pepper grinder, which is going to last for many years and look elegant on the dinner table. Pepper grinders are adjustable, allowing you to choose how finely you want your pepper ground, and there are many kinds to choose from, although the classic wood pepper grinders remain hugely popular.

The grinding mechanism in most of these mills is a rotating head in a fixed ring. The grinder will also have a storage chamber where the peppercorns are before they are cracked and ground on to your food. Twist the head, turn a knob or final, or move a lever, and your pepper is dispensed without much effort at all. Some have a dial with pre-set grind options while others have a knob allowing you nearly an infinite number of grinding possibilities, although to be honest, very coarse, coarse, medium, fine, and extra-fine should be enough options for any chef or dinner.

Some pepper grinders can also be used to grind other spices, and those with an acrylic or ceramic mechanism can be used for salt. Metal mechanisms are damaged by grinding salt in them though. Although pepper grinders are traditionally heavy and made of wood, with a decorative metal finial on top, there are lots more options. Some people prefer the modern look of acrylic or the trendy coolness of chrome. A good pepper mill will offer a roomy chamber which does not have to be refilled too often and a wide refill option, so you do not spill the peppercorns when filling the chamber. A sturdy build is also important because you will want it to be OK if you drop it accidentally, and you will want it to last for many years.

What Else to Consider

What kind of pepper do you use? Some families only ever use black pepper, and if that sounds like you, you will probably just want one pepper grinder. If you also like to grind red or white peppercorns or mixed colored pepper, you might want more than one grinder.

If you occasionally use white pepper in Asian dishes, then you might just want to use ground white pepper but keep your black peppercorns in the grinder. If you use a lot of pepper, consider a larger grinder with a big chamber, since refilling it is not difficult but can be annoying if it needs to be done too often. Choose a good quality pepper grinder made of wood, and you will ensure you have a beautiful, timeless piece, which is never going to go out of style, and which will last you for decades.

Do you find yourself always having to add more pepper to your food? Having a pepper grinder is a great gadget to have on the table that allows each person to select coarse or fine grind setting.

Pepper grinders are available in a wide selection and have even become collectible.

Featured below are the best selling pepper mill grinders available this season including wood, electric and even classic pepper grinders.

Consider these Pepper Grinder Options

Freshly ground pepper is tastier than ready-ground pepper, so it is always worth grinding your own. Whether you are adding pepper to a recipe or seasoning your dinner, the best-selling pepper grinders are something every home should have.

Not all pepper grinders are the same, and the first thing to strike you about them will probably be their style. What kind of pepper grinder do you like best? Perhaps you like the traditional charm of wooden ones, the sleekness of chrome or even the modern automatic push-button type. You can get pepper grinders in different shapes and sizes.

You know the huge ones they bring out in Italian restaurants to grind over your pizza or pasta? Well, you can get those for your home too, although the pepper which comes out is just the same as you would get from a smaller pepper grinder, a larger one is more fun of course! Also, the bigger the pepper grinder, the less frequently you will have to top it up with more peppercorns.

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