Yoga to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

So how it feels being a mother?

Being a mother is the starting of a new life. A female goes through a lot of changes in her life because of the baby. During motherhood calmness of mind and a healthy body is very important to celebrate and enjoy the memorable moments with the newborn. Pregnancy undoubtedly gives a woman a 360-degree change. After giving birth, the mother needs support both mentally and physically. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a female to accept such changes in her body. Also even few days after the delivery, physical pain persists in the body of the mother.Yoga and Meditation for Healthy Body and Peaceful Mind

Yoga and Meditation for Healthy Body and Peaceful Mind

Yoga and meditation play a significant role in relaxing the mind and body and helps in getting settled within. Yoga gives immense support in handling the mood swings and emotions. Yoga develops a strength that enables the mother to take care of her and her baby as well. Yoga helps to maintain a balance in your life.

There are many yoga and meditation centers opened especially for the pregnant women.

Practicing yoga postures that are stretching and strengthening helps you to sleep better. It helps you to lose your weight and tone your muscles. However, care should be taken that you are only joining the yoga classes that are meant for new mothers. Also, consult your doctor and physiotherapist about the exercises you should do.

Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Yoga After Pregnancy

Take proper permission from doctorThings to Keep in Mind While Doing Yoga After Pregnancy

Doctors usually advise avoiding some Yoga postures at least for first six months after delivery. Meditation and pranayama can be a good option for the time. Even starting with some simple postures like yoga posture Nidra can be useful. Also, Nadi shodan pranayama and mudra pranayama can be practiced for the first six months. All these postures and exercises will help the body to recover faster and better.

Take some time out of your busy schedule

You can practice yoga while doing your chores if the mothers are not able to take out time from their kids to do Yoga. Studies and researchers have said that most of the women say they do not find time for themselves post pregnancy. It is very effective if yoga postures and meditation are done early morning. This way you will able to stay energized the whole day along with being happy and cheerful. But if you are not able to do it in the morning then find out sometime during other parts of the day, this will relax your mind and body. Practicing Yoga just for a few minutes a day refreshes and energizes your mind and body. It is not necessary to especially take out time from your schedule for yoga and meditation but practice it whenever you get time. Yoga and meditation help you to stay fit and healthy and make you calm.

Avoid giving stress to your body

Women should avoid high-intensity exercises like aerobics, swimming or running for at least first five to six months and should opt for moderate exercises like Yoga postures and meditation. This allows joints and muscles to recover fully after pregnancy. Pregnancy and birth of the child make the ligaments and joints weak.

Lose Weight Post PregnancyLose Weight Post Pregnancy

Post-delivery there are many after-effects of pregnancy that a woman has to deal with like weight gain, sagging of muscles, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, weakness, high blood pressure, joint pains or some other such problem due to some deficiency in the body.

Are you the one who is very concerned about the extra weight you have put on after pregnancy? You might want just to get rid of the extra flab around their belly. Do yoga! Also, this extra flab can make your thighs and leg joints weaker. Getting back in shape and losing the extra weight gained is not an easy task to do. With regular yoga practices like Padma sadhna and Surya Namaskar, it would be easy to attain a normal figure. Yoga also helps you fight with a lot of health issues both during and after pregnancy. It makes you sensitive to your body and your baby’s needs too. It makes you connect with the tenderness and innocence of your baby.

A mother’s body gets weak after giving birth to a baby, so hard exercises should be avoided which can make your body weaker and even rupture your muscles and can create problems. They can harm your body. So it is always better to take precautions while doing the exercises and start with yoga and meditation which will give strength to your outer as well as inner self. Even while practicing yoga, postures should be practiced under the supervision of an expert. Yoga and meditation should be practiced at least 5 days a week for a healthy body and sound mind.

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