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Why You Need to Buy Your Cat a Cat Tree

To understand what makes the best cat trees, we need to understand why cats love high places. I have 10 cats, and before I bought them a cat tree (actually 2 cat trees!), I would find them all over the house in the most unusual places.

One cat would be on top of the refrigerator, and others would be on top of the bookcase, on a shelf above my desk, on top of the wardrobe, on the mantle place, on the backs of sofas, and on window sills.

So, as well as finding out which are the best cat trees and why I will also explain a little bit about why cats love vertical spaces and why you need to buy your cat(s) a cat tree.

Finding the best cat tree is quite difficult as there are at least 5000 different designs available! Before buying my cat trees, I did a lot of research and made a lot of notes on all the pros and cons. Hopefully, you will find my recommendations useful for choosing a cat tree that your cat will love.


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Whether you have one cat or several, you and your cat will be better off with more than just a cat tree. Even though most cat trees have surfaces designed for scratching, your cat also needs a few strategically placed scratching posts and loungers placed around your home.

Below you will find my pick of the very best in cat furniture that includes a scratching post, multiple posts, or other scratching surfaces; cat tree furniture, a scratching post, a cat scratcher lounge, a cat scratcher box, a cat hammock, and a cat bed.

Top Cat Furniture

Why Your Cat Needs Vertical Territory

Increase Your Cat’s Vertical Territory

Why Your Cat Needs Vertical Territory

K&H Pet Products Deluxe Kitty Sill Cat Window Hammock Perch with Removable Bolster

Dogs and humans are quite happy living in a horizontal world, but cats are different. Cats enjoy both the horizontal and vertical in their surroundings. Cats depend on vertical areas for various reasons; hierarchy, safety, exercise, comfort, and play.

A cat tree is especially important for indoor cats, but indoor/outdoor cats will also enjoy them. My cats are all indoor/outdoor cats, but we make sure they are all safely inside by 6 o’clock in the evening. After they have eaten and groomed themselves, they all wander off to their preferred perch on one of the cat trees for a nap.

Apart from buying a cat tree, you might want to evaluate the vertical territory that is available in your house. I mentioned raised cat beds and hammocks above, but there are other things you could add to:

Window perches, cat shelves, cat stairs, and cat walkways are just some of the items you can add to increase the vertical territory for your cat. With a little bit of thought, you can create a more secure, comfortable, and fun home for your cats.

Other benefits and uses for a cat tree are the following:

It Saves Your Furniture – As nearly all cat trees include scratching posts, your furniture should be safe from getting clawed and scratched. You may have to train your cat to use the scratching posts instead of your sofa at the beginning though, but it isn’t hard to do.

Exercise – Cats that don’t get enough exercise, which is particularly true of some indoor cats, will be more likely to keep you awake at night or wake you up too early in the morning. Cats that run around use some muscles and some energy but a cat that is climbing and scratching their cat tree will be working out all their muscles and use up more energy – a tired cat is a happy cat (and a sleepy cat!)

A More Natural Environment – If you prefer your cat to be an indoor cat for safety reasons, then a cat tree will provide something that indoor cats miss about the outdoors – climbing trees.

The Top 6 Cat Trees for Multi-Cat Households

The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

If you live in a multi-cat household or you have visited friends with more than one cat in their home, you will know that cat fights are part of the process of establishing feline hierarchy. However, the addition of a cat tree can increase the likelihood that there will be harmony; the highest ranking cat will claim the highest perch and the lower ranking cats, the lower levels.

It is very rare for two or more cats to share the same windowsill or the top of the refrigerator, but with a cat tree, you will find that cats are quite happy to share the same tree, as long as there are several perches on different levels.

Below you will find five popular cat trees that are designed for several cats. All were highly rated by customers, and all are reported to be sturdy, high quality, and a hit with the cats.

Cat Trees are Great for Shy Cats and Cats with Low Self-Esteem

Before getting my cat trees, most of my cats had some vertical surface to retire to. However, there was one cat that I would always see lying under the wardrobe or the bed. The reason for this is generally because a cat is shy or has low esteem.

This particular cat, Felix, had an adversary who couldn’t pass by without attacking poor Felix. There just weren’t enough high perches in our house for all 10 cats. Now, with the cat trees though, Felix has a middle-level condo and perch on one of the trees, while his adversary has the top perch on the other tree.

Cat trees are great for timid cats as they can have a safe elevated perch to keep an eye on their surroundings and yet be out in the open (as opposed to hiding under a bed.) Many of the large cat trees have at least one cat condo where a shy cat has the option of being more hidden but still maintain a visual advantage over any approaching cat.

Where to Place a Cat Tree

The most obvious place to position a cat tree is near a window so that the cat(s) can look out the window and do some bird watching! However, you may not want to place your cat tree in such a prominent position in the room.

Some people find that all cat trees are unsightly and they place them in out of the way places, like a spare bedroom or even in the basement. Well, guess what? Your cat will probably never use the cat tree if it is not in a pleasing position for them.

There are a couple of options if this is your situation; find a cat tree that compliments your décor or do what I did in my family room – I placed one of the cat trees in the corner (slightly out of the way yet the cats can still observe the room), and I also got the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge that is positioned in a prominent place in the room – it has such a stylish design that it would look great in any home.

If you want a cat tree that doesn’t take up much space and is pleasing to the eye, then the tree by Cozy Cat Furniture on the right might be what you are looking for. It is quite a stylish design that would look good in most homes. It has 5 different color options for the carpet, and it is made of solid wood in the USA.

Realistic Cat Trees – The most beautiful cat trees that I have seen are from Pet Tree House ®. They are the most realistic looking cat trees you will find as they feature real branches and silk leaves. Each of the realistic cat trees that you see below is hand crafted in the USA by highly skilled American craftsmen.

More Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Cat trees that will please your cats as well as look good in your home

Let’s face it, most of the cat trees are covered in off-white or beige carpet and look very 80’s – in other words dated! If you want a cat tree that will look good in your home, take a look at the selection of cat trees that look like trees below.

Which is The Best Cat Tree for Your Cat?

Take a look at the factors below before you decide

Size: Apart from the height or the number of levels, the size of the perches has to be considered. If you have a large cat, then make sure that the perches are large too. Your cat has to feel safe and comfortable on its perch which it won’t be if its legs are hanging over the edge. It is a good idea to get a tree with different styles of perches too – some can be flat and square, but cats also like perches with sides, perches up against posts, and condos.

Sturdiness: If the cat tree is wobbly, your cat will probably not use it. The higher the tree, the wider the base needs to be. You could read through some cat tree reviews online to find a tree that is very sturdy. It is worth noting though that most cat trees require assembly, so it is important to assemble the tree correctly and securely.

I read the reviews of one of the most popular cat trees on Amazon, and hundreds of people were satisfied with how sturdy it was, but one person said he was disappointed with how wobbly it was. It would be safe to assume that the unsatisfied person didn’t do a good job of tightening up the tree properly.

Design: Apart from the aesthetics of the tree, you should evaluate the design features that your cat(s) require. Things like overall height, the number of levels, number of scratching posts, the materials of the scratching posts, the different types of perches, and other accessories – ladders, hammocks, hanging toys, etc.

Learn How to Build a Cat Tree From Scratch

A Father and Daughter Build a Sturdy Looking Cat Tree

After watching the below video, you will see that it is not that hard to build a cat tree; it also looked like it was a lot of fun too!

If you are imaginative as well as being a DIY type person, there will be no limit to the kind of cat tree that you will be able to build.

However, for those that need a little bit more help in the planning stages, you should take a look at these Cat Tree Plans.

Which is Your Favorite Cat Tree?

Also, let us all know about your experience with cat trees that you have bought.

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