Top 14 Best Electric Can Opener of 2018-Reviews

Are you still using a manual can opener? If yes, then it is time to let go of them to bring home an innovative and most convenient option in the form of electric can openers. These openers are comfortable, and when you start using it, you wouldn’t feel the least bit of strain on your wrist. Especially if you are catering to too many cans, it could use a significant amount of time, but with electric can openers, your works are done in mere seconds.

If you are planning to own such a kind and wouldn’t know where to start, here are a handful of options. These are indeed the best can openers currently available on the market. With a whole lot of options to choose from, these are the best of them all.Food cans

Choosing Amongst The Best Electric Countertop Can Openers

Among the different types of electric can openers, the countertop versions are trendy. This kind of an electric can opener usually comes in a small and compact size. It is one of the most preferred options because it can be maintained and stored easily. The fact that it can cater to different sizes of can, shorter and taller versions, most people do opt for this option because it looks smart, simple features and easy to operate. Of course, if you have to cater to extra-large size cans, i.e., very tall ones, then probably you will have to choose other options.

The blade in this kind is just as sharp as in any other suitable quality electric can opener. The mechanism and operative style is effortless and below mentioned are three of the best options of this kind, selecting any one of them will be a good investment.

#1. Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch 76606Z Can Opener, Black, and Chrome

Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Down Lever, Opens All Standard-Size and Pop-Top Cans, Black and Chrome

This fine electric car opener from Hamilton Beach lives up to its name and offers the smooth touch to the process of the can opening. It is designed in a way that it immediately strikes as appealing to the buyer and besides this, the features that come along in this can opener, it makes it worth the buyer’s time and money to settle for this outstanding electric can opener.

It is one of the few electric can openers that come with a distinct design; it has a combination of sleekness and great features. Its overall finish is excellent and instantly appeals the buyer.

Electric can openers are not at challenging to use and the good thing about this can opener, in particular, is that its operative methodology is straightforward and you don’t even need a manual to follow the instructions. Its lever system is beneficial, efficient and most certainly, it helps you get through the task quickly and efficiently.Buy From Amazon

#2. Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener Review

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Electric Automatic Can Opener with SureCut Patented Technology, Knife Sharpener, Cord Storage, Black (76380Z)

To begin with, this beauty in red is worth buying because it not just has the looks, but comes with a combination of handy features as well. It comes in an extra tall style, giving an innovative look and feel to it. Besides, the other unique selling point of this product is that it is dishwasher safe, thus, cleaning it is not going to be a hassle. Hamilton Beach is one of the best brands currently available in the market, and you can trust almost anything that it offers, however, this is one of the best and very convenient option.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Remove the assembly before placing in dishwasher
  • Automatic shut off
  • Knife sharpener
  • Caters to extra-large cans as well
  • Opens cans in seconds
  • Extra tall design
  • 10 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
  • 2.5 pounds

Buy From Amazon

#3. West Bend Electric Can Opener, 77202 Black Review

West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener, Metallic (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Speaking of efficient electric countertop openers, this is one of the best in the offering. It comes in a beautiful black color with a hint of aluminum, which makes the design more appealing and looks good in all kinds of kitchen setups. The mode of operation is very simple, all you need to do is pull the lever and place the can, and the built-in blade does the cutting in a very neat fashion. This product is very handy, you can either leave it at the counter as it is designed to sit there or store it in any cabinets.


• Cool design
• Automatic shutoff
• Dishwasher safe blades
• Built-in cord storage
• Relatively taller than its contemporaries, so it caters to different sizes of cans
• 6 x 10 x 5 inches
• Weight 4 pounds

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#4. HB Can Opener Compact Black Review

Hb Compact Can Opener Black

This product from Hamilton Beach is a brilliant offering; it caters to cans of all sizes and does the job very effortlessly as well as efficiently. It cuts through the edges with ease, and the job is done in mere seconds. Speaking of the appearance, the design does need a mention here because it has a very easy on the eyes design and it is very compact in nature. Hence you do not have to worry about moving it around with great effort. The makers have made use of the stainless material in a very stylish manner, which surely adds on to its durability value.

Besides this, the product is very easy to clean. Usually, you avoid any spillage due to its efficient job, but in case there is anything like that happening, cleaning this product will never be any worry. It also has an automatic shutting off option, which does make things a lot easier because in case you forget turning it off sometimes, you know it’s taken care of.


  • Rechargeable can opener
  • Cordless
  • Fits in almost anywhere
  • Removable cutting lever
  • Portable
  • 8.5 x 4.5 x 5.8 inches
  • 1.2 pounds

Buy From Amazon

#5. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black Review

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black

An investment in an electric can opener is all about helping you remove the lid from the can in an effortless manner and saves up on a great deal of time too. When you have such appliances that do the designated task using one touch, then you should most certainly have one of these always existing in your kitchen. This black beauty from Cuisinart is a very attractive design; its features include easy operating functions, making it a worthwhile investment. Its heavy built construction enhances the durability and strength of the can opener, and if you use it wisely and maintain it well, you will have it serve you well for the longest time.


• Uses power cut blade
• Extra wide base
• Magnetic lid holder
• Removable lever
• Automatic shut down
• Easy to clean
• Limited 3-year warranty
• 5.9 x 6 x 10.9 inches
• Weight 2.5 pounds

Buy From Amazon

#6. Hamilton Beach 76777 Electric Can Opener Review

Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener 76777

This product is all about the smooth operation and easeful cutting. It is a tall design, catering to just about any size of the can, ensuring that it cuts through it efficiently. It has a very distinctive appeal, making it blend in any kitchen setup and just about any décor. Besides this, it is easy to clean, convenient storage, washable head, and easy portability. It is one of the perfect offerings.


  • Stainless steel opener
  • Cord storage
  • Removable cutting head
  • Built-in knife sharpener
  • 5.6 x 5.6 x 10.2 inches
  • 3 pounds

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#7. Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can OpenerCCO-55 Review

Cuisinart CCO-55 Deluxe Can Opener - Silver

This product from Cuisinart is all about great style, immense convenience and a great deal of power. Its design is very appealing, comes with a tint of chrome accents, elegant shades, and blends perfectly well in just about any kind of décor. It has an effortless mode of operation, works on the standard size of cans using the magnetic lid, removable lever, and a perfectly sharp blade. The good thing is that you can easily remove the levers for easy and quick clean up.


• Power cut blade
• Comes with a 3-year warranty
• Uses high-quality motor system
• Super sharp blade
• Sturdy base along with immense durability
• 4.5 x 4.6 x 9.5 inches
• Weight 2.2 pounds

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#8. Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener Review

Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener

When it comes to manually opening a can, it can cause a little discomfort to your wrist. To avoid the discomfort, you can invest in the right substitute, which is an electric can opener. This can opener, in particular, is one of the most attractive options not just from this brand but also in comparison to all its contemporaries. Besides this, you will find this can opener to be very sturdy, thanks to its heavy based construction and with the extra wide base, you get enough convenience too.
In addition to this, the blade used to cut the can is razor sharp, and its motion is very fast, which gives you quick results. It ends up saving up on a great deal of time as well as energy.


• Precision cut blade
• Stainless steel housing
• Easy to clean
• Press and release operation for lever
• Limited 3-year warranty
• 6 x 6 x 10.8 inches
• Weight 4.9 pounds

Buy From Amazon


#9. Oster Can Opener 3125 Review

Oster 3125 Electric Can Opener, 220 Volts (Not for USA),White

If you are planning to invest in a tin or can opener, then this model is one of the best in the offering. It helps you open cans of just about any size. It has a very nice design, and when you look at the product, you can easily guess it’s a good quality product, unlike the poor quality options that are easily available in the market. The fact that it has patented power cutting principle the process to open a can does not take more than few seconds. The extra strong magnetic lid is much better than its other contemporaries are because it offers the required grip for proper cutting. In addition to this, such a product is a time saver and helps you concentrate on other cooking and kitchen related chores.


• Nice tall design
• Can open any sized can efficiently
• Power-pierce cutting blades
• Strong magnetic lid
• Automatic shut off system
• Easy cord storage
• 6 x 6 x 12 inches
• Weight 2 pounds

Buy From Amazon

#10. Oster Tall Electric Can Opener 3126 Black Review

Oster 3126 Tall Can Opener, Black

This product from Oster comes with great features and superb design. Its tall design helps incorporate different sizes of cans so that they can be catered to with much ease and effortlessly. It makes use of power pierce blades for efficient cutting, and it is designed to do the job quickly and neatly. You will find no spilling, broken edges, the cutting is smooth, and you will be so happy with the result. Cord storage facility helps keep the electric can opener in a safer place so that you can use the cord when the need arises. Moreover, its sturdy base, injury free disposal, and magnetic lifter make the entire process seem effortless.


• Precision cutting
• Great design
• Magnetic lifter
• Safe and smooth operation
• Built in knife sharpener
• Cord storage
• Automatic shut off
• 5.2 x 5.1 x 9.1 inches
• Weight 2.6 pounds

Buy From Amazon

#11. Oster Can Opener FPSTCN1300, Stainless Steel Review

Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener, Stainless Steel

This stainless steel model is an eye pleaser. It has a beautiful design to it and along with it; the exterior is just about as amazing. The sleekness of the product helps you manage and work with it in a far superior manner, and its power pierce cutting principle gives you the freedom of resting your wrists as it does the hands-free operation for you. The tall design compliments the sleekness, and it can accommodate any sized can within that slim structure. With all these brilliant features in the offering, it is evident as to how Oster strives to make our lives convenient.


• Stainless steel finish
• Automatic shut down
• Removable blades
• Easy to store cord for cleaner and better appearance
• Built-in knife sharpener
• Built-in bottle opener
• 5.5 x 4.6 x 9.5 inches
• Weight 4 pounds

Buy From Amazon


Best Under The Counter Electric Can Openers

Speaking of electric can openers, it comes not just one kind but many kinds, catering to different requirements of different people. One of the current best sellers is the under the countertop electric can openers. If you are looking for immense convenience, multi-functionality options and using it on a regular basis for multiple cans then yes, this is your best option. Surely, they are not as compact as the other kinds of options, but with these kinds, they do not occupy any additional space as it is placed under the counter. The possible drawback is that it is not easy to store it back every time you use it.
If you are interested in buying an electric can opener of this kind but would not know where to start, below mentioned are some of the best options.

Space Maker Traditional Black & Decker Multi-Purpose Can Opener, Black

If you are looking for a power-packed performer with great looks, then this one comprises as one of the best. Coming from a fine brand, this black beauty offers great performance and takes less space, handling it is not rocket science, its sharp knives help open the cans without consuming enough time. It takes up merely few seconds, and the task is completed even before you realize.


• Auto shut off
• Built-in knife, can opener glides in seconds
• Great design
• Space Saver
• 6.5 x 7.5 x 5 inches
• Weight 3.2 pounds

Buy From Amazon

Black & Decker Space Maker Electric Can Opener CO85, White

Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Can Opener, White

If you are looking for the best under the counter electric can opener, then this is your best option. It is one of the most reviewed and top-rated product offering you a wide range of features and a great structure. The fine combination of features that it offers, it helps you immensely in catering to all your requirements associated with such a can opener. You can have a fun-filled experience with this product; it is a worthy investment and comes at a decent price.


• Space saver not as bulky as the others of the same kind
• Easy to operate
• Easy to maintain and clean
• Caters to all sized cans
• Excellent knife sharpener along with a bottle opener
• Power-pierce cutter
• Hands-free operation
• 14 x 9 x 3 inches
• Weight 2.7 pounds

Buy From Amazon

Space Maker Under-the-Counter Can Opener from Black & Decker

Black & Decker Spacemaker Under-the-Counter Can Opener

Just like the other leading products, this is also one of the best in the offering. It sits very well under the cabinet and mounting is never an issue. Its automatic shutoff helps you manage your work well, even if you forget the can under the lever, you know that once the work is done, the appliance turns off on its own. Moreover, its power pierce cutter helps you get an outstanding result in a matter of few seconds. Right from its design to features, everything is very well placed, and you can never go wrong with this appliance.


• Easy to place
• Easy to operate
• Power-pierce cutter
• Hands-free operating
• Automatic shutoff
• Weight 2 pounds

Buy From Amazon


[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Benefits of the Under The Counter Electric Can Openers” style=”fancy”]


When you opt for a reliable brand, this product can work like a charm. They are designed to cater to high end can opening, and of all kinds of sizes. In case you have a lot of cans to open, and the tasks seem like never-ending, such an appliance is what you need. An under the counter can opener does the job efficiently without you worrying about it.

Space Saver

When it comes to under the counter electric can openers, its unique selling point comes in the form of space saving. It is a feature that eliminates worries that many have related to space. Sometimes people wish to buy the finest can opener but to due to space restrictions, they cannot. But, here, you have a solution to such worries.

Time Saver

As stated above, the major benefit of electric can openers is that they operate hands-free and take less time. Compared to manual can opening, you are saving up on a great deal of time, but with such openers, in particular, you can both save time as well as cater to all kinds of can sizes.


Under the counter can openers are very popular, it works not just at commercial levels, but many people use it for household use as well. It saves upon both time and space, and it is very much affordable compared to what is being offered. They are easily available in the market, both in physical as well as online stores, and settling for the right brand will generate great results and absolutely no hassles. Choosing any of the options mentioned above could be your best decision.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”What Is An Electric Can Opener And Its Types?” style=”fancy”]

An electric can opener is an essential kitchen appliance. Over the years, people have swiftly shifted from manual openers to electric can openers. The benefit of using an electronic can appliance is that it removes the lid from the can in a far smooth manner and eliminates any spilling. In fact, it is far quicker as compared to the other type of can openers. The lid is smoothly cut open in a matter of seconds and using the sharp built-in blades. Electric openers come in different types, below mentioned is an overview of all the common types.

Electric Can Openers

This type of a can opener is all about convenience, as it requires very little effort. It is a preferred choice of most people because it saves time and you don’t have to place any amount of effort in the process. The automatic process does the trick, most of the functions and features allow precision-based lid cutting. Many types under the electric can opener bracket help you to remove the components and offers feasible cleaning. Because of what you gain from this product, you would not mind paying the asking price, which is a very reasonable price for benefits you garner from using it.

Under the Cabinet Can Openers

As the name suggests, this type of electric can opener is placed under the counter. One of the prime reasons for this is that they are slightly big compared to the other kinds of electric can openers. Also, they are placed under the cabinet, which in turn makes them space savers because while the cans are being opened up under the cabinet, you can use the over the counter space to carry on with your cooking or baking. Therefore, you get convenience, and this does not just end there, along with the space saving, you also get an incorporated bottle and jar openers.

Counter Top Can Openers

As the name suggests, this type is made to sit on top of a counter. Given that most people work using their kitchen counters, you are most likely going to benefit from it if you are working on counters. It is an upright design, compact and sits very comfortably on any counters. They are designed to be relatively taller so that they can take in just about any can size. Its height and weight are designed based on the requirements of the type while being tall, it is very light in weight, handling it becomes easier. Operating them is easy with the lever, and sharp blades offer precision cutting of the lid.

Handheld and Cordless Can Openers

Another very popular type is the handheld can openers, though they come in both corded as well as cordless kinds, the cordless ones are most popular. Its portability is the highlight, helping you change its location from one spot to another with much ease. Its one-touch operation allows it to detect the lip of the can and immediately starts to cut it and when it is done, the can opener shuts down automatically. There are no hassles of using cords as it is operated using batteries, so it adds to the convenience factor even more.


Electric can openers come in different types, and above-mentioned types help you understand what each one is offering you and its abilities. This helps you take a better decision so that you bring home a type that caters to your requirements. The one thing common about electric can openers is that they work effortlessly, so you don’t have to do anything, the can opener caters to everything.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Handpicked Electric Can Openers on the Market” style=”fancy”]

Hamilton Beach Tall Can Opener

Out of the many assorted options, Hamilton Beach offers one of the finest electric can openers. Given that it comes from the Hamilton Beach family, you can blindly trust such a product. It is a perfect combination of simple features with sharp cutting ability. The die-cast metal incorporated in this device is dishwasher friendly, comes in a stylish red color and a knife sharpener too. With consistent use too, it is bound to last you for many years with any hassles.

Hamilton Beach Smooth One Touch Can Opener

Another offering from the same brand is this beautiful black tinted smooth, one-touch operating electric can opener. This is one of the best products from the brand, has been reviewed and rated very well. It works with a perfectly smooth lever mechanism, press down the lever and the innovative blade does its job efficiently. Besides this, it is very easy to clean, maintain and the overall process is completed in no time.

Oster’s Tall Electric Can Opener

Oster is another trustworthy brand offering many kitchen appliances, and electric can openers are one of them. This product caters to the quick opening of the cans, makes it easier to cater to cans of different sizes. You have to invest minimal or no energy to get it started, and once the job is done, the appliances shut off on its own. It also includes a cord storage option and a built-in knife sharpener.

Plus Extra-Tall Electric Can Opener by Proctor Silex

This tall electric can opener is the perfect addition to your list of kitchen appliances. It works like a pro, smoothly opens up the toughest of lids with much ease and in the first go itself. This ability to due to the extra sharp precision cutting blade. Its features and functionalities are very easy to use. It operates silently without generating any irritating grinding sounds. Along with this, you also get a knife sharpener built in the product.

West Bend’s Tall Electric Can Opener

This is also one of the top reviewed products, and most buyers swear by it. The fact that it comes from a good brand is a reason good enough to invest in it. Besides this, the automatic operation feature, simply push down of the lever and the machine does the job on its own in a matter of seconds. It can accommodate different can sizes, even the tall ones. It has a built-in knife sharpener, and bottle opener is its additions to the list. Overall, it cuts out the lid open with ease; you can remove the lever and clean it as its dishwasher safe.


Settling for an electric can opener can be one of the wisest decisions for your comfort and convenience in the kitchen. But, if this is your first time and you wouldn’t know which is the best of the lot, find the best offering listed above. Experts handpick them, and the users simply love it.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Benefits of the Brand Cuisinart Electric Can Opener” style=”fancy”]If you wish to be the master in your kitchen, you should make sure to invest in the right set of kitchen appliances. Many times, we look at the bigger appliances and forget about the benefits the smaller ones can generate. For instance, something as compact as an electric can opener can be of huge convenience and saves time too. Cuisinart introduces innovative designs in its electric can opener range, making it close to difficult to ignore it. If you are looking for the right electric can opener, below mentioned are the best choices, either of them will offer you good long innings?


Cuisinart is one of the best brands associated with kitchen appliances. They have been in business for many years now, and their evolution speaks volumes about the innovation that they have created in these past few decades. It is not just regarding the design aspect, but there is innovation regarding features as well, ones that are in sync with the latest technology.

Specialty Products

Though this space caters to electric can openers, you will notice that there is much more to their list of the offering. The huge list is very tempting and makes you want to buy everything from under their branch. Moreover, each of their products is designed to cater to specific kitchen based needs of the users, making their worries to disappear.

Preferred by Experts

It is a common tendency among most of us to trust the experts. Be it reviews or your favorite chef’s recommendation; it is easier to trust their opinions. In this case too, given that most experts recommend Cuisinart products, it helps a lot of consumers to choose this brand over the other existing brands.


Electric can opener can be just the required appliance that you were looking for, if so, then you can settle for Cuisinart. This brand has can openers and other products of best quality, great design, and outstanding features. Electric can openers cater to the effortless opening of cans of different sizes without any hassle.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Benefits of the Brand Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener” style=”fancy”]

When you settle for a reliable brand, you are in for a lot more than the goodness of the product. You can gain some benefits from Hamilton Beach product.


The fact that most of us look for top-notch products expecting great quality, you are most certainly going to expect this in just about any product coming from HB family. The brand strives to provide its buyers with the best of the best so that they live up to the name and fame garnered through the years.


It so happens that most of us like to invest in something that is pleasing to the eyes, and for a change, we like to ditch the clichéd designs and styles for something new. This is where HB takes the lead; it offers some of the finest looking designs, ones that probably are new to the market.


When you have a combination of the finest features, you wouldn’t want to consider any other option besides that. In this case, too, HB brings forth a perfect blend of some of the best features so that it adds the feasibility and convenience of the user.
Warranty products- when you can get warranty based products for the price you are willing to pay, why not make the most of it. HB understands the consumer point of view and provides them with a decent warranty period.


Hamilton Beach is a reliable offering for not just electric can openers, but many other kitchen appliances. Due to their experience and work were done in this field, you would find it a far reliable option compared to the other brands. It is a trustworthy brand offering top quality products, and if you haven’t bought any HB product yet, it’s never too late, bring home any of the above mentioned can openers for a beautiful experience.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Benefits of the Brand  Oster Electric Can Opener” style=”fancy”]

Among the many brands catering to kitchen appliances and related products, Oster comes across as a trendy name. Its product quality is supreme and fetches you complete value for money. Oster offers a lot more than kitchen appliances, but if you are hoping to have a hassle free and time-saving experience in your kitchen. Another good thing about Oster is that it experiments with innovative designs, features, and other elements. When it comes to something new and out of the box, Oster goes synonymous with such experiences.
If you are looking specifically for electric can openers, below-mentioned options can be of great help to you. These are handpicked options from a wide range of options, one of its kind, best sellers and surely caters to all kinds of users.

Tried and Tested Products

When you choose a specific brand, and if it is renowned like Oster, you can be certain that anything that launch in the market is of good quality. This they don’t just say because they have to but because they have tried and tested it before displaying it to the buyers. Having said this, companies like Oster take their brand value very seriously; hence, they wouldn’t just launch a product that is unsafe or unworthy for the consumer.

Backed by Warranty

Speaking of being supportive towards consumers, Oster ensures that it provides warranty based products. Moreover, if the consumer is looking at extending the warranty or knowing anything related to it, the customer support is more than happy to help its customers. So, when you need them, they are always present to help you.


Oster and quality go hand in hand, no matter what kind of product you pick under this brand name, it is bound to have supreme quality. When brands like Oster have been in markets for many years now, the company takes all measures to live up to its name and reputation in the market.


Oster products are all about sharing happiness and generating good times. Among the many Oster products, electric can openers are available in multiple designs and kinds, and above-mentioned are some of the best in the offering. It caters to all kinds of can sizes, making your work more comfortable, effortless and convenient.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Operating An Electric Can Opener” style=”fancy”]

If you have plenty work to do in the kitchen, opting for the smallest appliances like an electric can opener can make a great deal of difference. It helps cut down on the stress you go through the entire process of cooking. Appliances like an electric can opener are meant to make your cooking related tasks easier. So, if you do not have one yet, it is time to bring home a suitable electric can opener. Markets have plenty options to offer and its working methodology is not tough at all. Below mentioned is an overview on how to operate such a can opener.

Operating Principle

In most cases, an electric can opener is similar to regular can openers. The major difference between the two lies in the idea that manual can openers require you to do the task on your own whereas the electric can opener is a hand’s free job. The manner in which they both operate is similar, i.e., how it is designed to cut through the can lid sharply and with clean edges is something you get in both kinds. If you notice, the outcome delivered by the two is very similar, and you get to choose how to make it easier for you, going manual or electric.

Understand the Product

If you are extremely new to the concept of can openers, be it manual or electric, you should understand how it operates. The best way to start it is by getting a feel of the product, run through all the options and get comfortable with it. Especially with the electric can openers, you cannot immediately set it up and start using without knowing a little about the lever operation and placement of the cans, etc.

Plugging in the Opener

Usually electric can openers come in the universal plug style helping it fit through any plug points currently available. Good thing is that you get help in the form of extension plug to help set it up. Once it is on, you have to place the can and work through the levers to let the can opener do its job.

Working with the Levers

Lever operation is not at all complicated, given that it is so important, some people think it to be tough, but the good news is that it is not at all complicated. You just need to understand the push and pull of a lever, pull it up, place the can and press it back down. Once you do that, you get like a sound, and that states that the can have sat well into the can opener.

Cutting the Lid

The lid is cracked open easily with the help of a cutting blade that is placed under the lever. You will notice how hassle-free it is to use an electric can opener over a manual can opener. The added advantage of using an electric can opener is that you don’t have to sit through the process, just place it under the lever and let the can opener do its job while you cater to other things. It comes with an automatic shutdown option, leaving you with no worries associated with the can.


Can opening is not a tough job at all, back in the day people managed well with manual can openers, and today they have substituted it with electric ones. The fact that you get so much of convenience and effortless job was done, it is better to go the electric way. The operating is not at all complex, above mentioned is an overview to give you a glimpse of how to make your way through it.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Using Popular Portals To Buy Electric Can Openers” style=”fancy”]Say goodbye to the struggle of opening a can lid; you can use an electric can opener instead. It works like a pro and does the task without any hassles and in the quickest time span possible. Most people have shifted their preferences from manual can openers to electric can openers and if you have not joined the bandwagon yet, its time you do so too. Such an appliance is all about convenience, feasibility, and efficiency. With everything that it can offer you, an investment in such an appliance is worth it.

Where to Buy Electric Can Openers

For those who are not acquainted with different sources to buy an electric can opener, they often wonder as to where to buy electric can openers. Many stores are catering to electric can openers but not all of them. If you happen to buy from stores that have limited items, it is rare that it might cater to such an appliance too. This is where you need to start exploring. Surely, it is the task to shop hunting, moving from one store to another. Therefore, you must choose a simpler option to buy electric can openers, and online shopping is one of the best alternatives.

How to Buy Electric Can Openers Online

Online shopping is all about comfort and feasibility. You have everything flashing on your computer screen, and all you have to do is just click on the buy button. The fact that it reaches your doorstep, it makes it easier to buy online. Moreover, the other advantage of online shopping is the variety it offers. What you can find under one roof in a physical store, online store capacity is far beyond that. However, online shopping asks of some caution from you and read below to know why.

Opt for a Reliable Source

Online shopping has gained immense momentum, and over the course of so many years, many online shopping portals have established a stronghold in the market. Buyers swear by some of the popular portals like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. These are a handful of names, and if you are new to online shopping, you can blindly trust them. However, if you are acquainted with online shopping, you can add many other names based on your personal experience.

Avoiding Online Scam

As much as it is comforting to get your desired products delivered at your doorstep, you have to settle for a reliable provider. One major downside of online shopping is an online scam, and it needs to be addressed to avoid any mishap happening to you. Therefore, place the necessary caution.

How to Choose the Right Electric Can Opener

When you visit popular sites, you will find multiple options as far one product is concerned. You can go through the product reviews, see its rating and check for the brand name, by doing so, you can be certain of investing in the right kind of electric can opener. Multiple brands are launching such a product, but to get the true value for your money, settling for the right kind is very important.


Electric can openers are easily available in the markets, not just in physical stores but online stores as well. However, if you are looking at immense variety, then online stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart to name a few are very reliable in offering you good quality products. If you opt for online shopping just like millions of others around the globe, make sure you place a little bit of caution and care; you would be pleased with the outcome.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Step-By-Step Procedure To Use An Electric Can Opener” style=”fancy”]

When you shift from using a manual can opener to an electric can opener, it may feel a bit different initially, but over the course of time, you get used to it. Most importantly, you need to let go of the habit of using your hands to open the can lid, which is something that most of us are used to because many are hooked onto manual can openers for years together. Here is a systematic procedure on how to operate or use an electric can opener.

Understand the Different Components Of Can Opener

An electric can opener is a simple tool, and there is nothing complicated about it. The product comprises of a lever, handle, axle, wheel, and blades. When you place the tin, each of these components come together, does it share of the job, and the outcome is an opened lid can.

Place it Under the Lever.

The only effort you need to make towards opening the can’s lid is to place it under the lever. Usually, it works with a press methodology, apply some pressure to open the lever, place the can and leave it. Lever principle is not at all complicated, once you let it lose, it will come back to its original state, and the lip of the lid comes under it. The magnetic power in the lever helps it operate on its own without expecting you to do anything.

Plug it in

Once you have placed the can under the mouth of the lever; you should connect the electric can opener to the switch. It is advisable to place the can opener close to the plug point as the cords are not very long and it cannot be pulled to a longer distance.
Another option is to opt for those electric can openers that operate using AA batteries. It is no different in the performance or outcome. It is just that they operate using different power input but the result is the same in both the cases.

Hands-free Operation

Once you have got the electric can opener started, let it do its job, as you don’t have to involve in it. Of what has been noticed, the idea of having hands free lid opening makes the users happier as nothing can be better than effortless can opening. On the contrary, when you use manual can openers, you are constantly placing pressure on the lever to slide the wheel through and cut open the lid, and it goes on until the entire lid is off. It could work differently for different people, for instance, it is a nightmare for those who suffer from arthritis.

Removal of the Lid

When the cutting of the lid is done, the electric can opener automatically shuts down, leaving no worries for you. In fact, most people let the can sit in the electric can opener until they finish their necessary tasks as such can openers come with a fantastic option of automatic shutdown. Plus nothing will affect the contents of the can as the can opener only cuts through the can lid, and until you remove the lid manually, nothing will enter inside the can.


For someone who is using a manual can opener for the longest time, it takes a while to settle down with the electric can opener. You can get used to it, but it requires some time and getting a little hang of it. The process is very simple, and as you have read above, there is nothing complex about it. Just a little practice and you will love to use only an electric can opener.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Factors That Make The Best Electric Can Opener” style=”fancy”]

Among the many kitchen appliances that you should own, can openers be one of the important items to be on the list always? However, to add the extra convenience and comfort, you should opt for electric can openers instead. Certainly, they are a bit pricey compared to manual can openers, but the convenience electric can openers, offer, it leads to an entirely different experience. If you are planning to buy an electric can opener, make sure you settle for the best and to know what comprises of the best, read below.


It is not true that every electric can opener has the same set of functionalities and features. Surely, the prime function will be the same, i.e., to operate using electricity to cut open the lid. However, some additional functionalities and features enhance the experience even more. Hence, it automatically comes under the category of best electric can openers because of the more convenience to the user, the better is the product.


A very important and highly considered factor by most users in buying not just an electric can opener but also any product is the price. If the price is by what is being provided to the user, it becomes easier for the buyer to invest in such a product. Certainly, if the outcome were just as expected, paying the asking price would not be such a hassle. But, paying more for something mediocre, it is not worth it.


As you know, markets are filled with innumerable designs as far as electric can openers are concerned. The designs may vary based on the material used in its construction, color, structure, base, height, as taller the can opener means easier to open any, can size, etc. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the best design largely adds onto making any product the best product.


Some brands that manufacture electric can openers, a handful of them are renowned brands. Trusting a renowned brand blindly can help you believe that whatever they provide is of the best quality. Based on the experiences of most people, such a statement stands corrected because if you start comparing the different kinds of electric can openers, you will notice that a fair amount of benefit is given to the type of brand. If the makers are not considered as the best, how anything coming from within their branch can be found as best.

Choose What You Like

Though they might be different considerations towards making any electric can opener the best of its kind, you should make sure to choose a product that suits your requirements. Given that, there could be a list of the best electric can openers, but you cannot obviously bring them all home. Therefore, what is vital here is to settle for a kind that is based on your expectations from the product. While some buyers look for specific requirements and them, find in at least one of the best, but you need not have the same set of requirements. So, be a smart buyer and choose the best but also considering based on your liking too.


Electric can openers are available in innumerable designs, and you can further divide them into different categories, some of which are mentioned above. These categories or factors are what define any product as the best of its kind. So, make sure to consider them and in the end choose a product that you feel is going to be of help to you. A wise shopper is one that settles for the best and knows how to buy the best.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Best Electric Can Opener Brands For Housekeeping Purpose” style=”fancy”]

If you want to have the utmost comfort of cooking, you need to make sure you have a well-equipped kitchen. There is indeed a delight to work in a kitchen that provides you with immense comfort and convenience. It is not always about the big kitchen appliances as much as it is about the smaller ones as well. Something as small as a can opener can be of immense convenience, but of course, you will gain the most from an electric can opener only. At times, it can be quite a task to use the manual can openers, which is why you need the electric ones.

Umpteen Options

When it comes to electric can openers, markets are filled with innumerable options. Of what has been noticed, markets are filled with such options simply because the demand for such a product is high. Surely, you will always find a product of this kind but what matters is the brand you choose. Every maker strives to offer something different so that it pulls enough consumer flow towards its product. But the prime thing to remember is that a good brand always offers a good quality product.


There are plenty brands catering to electric can openers. If you wish to settle for the best, here is a list of some of the renowned brands. Below mentioned is a short overview of the best brands for such a product, you can blindly trust either of these brands as they are all about the good quality product and immense feasibility. Keeping in mind the housekeeping purpose, these brands offer products that are perfect for your house.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is one of the best brands not just for this type of appliance, but they have a variety of other options to offer. You will be surprised to see their range, and they have managed to have a strong hold on the market for so many years due to their immense experience. Speaking of their electric can openers, they come in a very good design and outstanding features that help you be done with the can opening task in a matter of seconds.


Oster is another very reliable brand, one that speaks of performance, quality and durability. Every product from under their brand name reflects all these aspects ensuring that none of their customers are ever disappointed in their products. Electric can openers from Oster display outstanding performance, its precision cutting blades and magnetic setup for the levers ensure safe and smooth cutting of the lid.


When we speak of Cuisinart, all we can think of is style, performance, and power. The products are very appealing to the eyes, and the same can be specifically quoted about their electric can opener range. They come in different designs, styles, and colors; sometimes they make use of chrome tints, stainless steel just to give that extra edge to the entire design. Besides this, the features include neat cutting of the edges, no sharp edges, making it safe to remove it from the can.

Black and Decker

Among the large assortment of brands, Black and Decker is a common name that pops up, not just for an electric can opener but many other appliances too. Sometimes, all it takes is a name, and the case is similar with this brand. The makers ensure to provide its consumer base with something new in the offering, something that is reliable, durable, safe, stylish and catering to its purpose of design.


Above mentioned are some of the most beautiful brands, and if you wish to include an electric can opener to your kitchen to improve your housekeeping skills, any one of them is bound to help you. With the trust that people have in these brands, you certainly will not be disappointed in either of their offerings.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”An Overview On Commercial Electric Can Openers” style=”fancy”]

When you look out for kitchen-based appliances, often you are asked the purpose of usage. Because most makers design products are catering to the industrial as well as private sector. Right from the biggest to the smallest appliance, you find them in different sizes and specifications so that it is for good for the designated sector. Similarly, in case of an electric can opener too, you can find the different ones, based on industrial or domestic usage. The thing about commercial electric can openers is that they are nothing like that of the domestic ones. It differs on multiple levels, below mentioned is a quick overview of the commercial kinds.


It is noticed that the size of a regular or domestic purpose electric can opener is smaller is size compared to that of the industrial or commercial purpose electric can openers. It is not a major difference, but for the task and operations that run through such a kind, you cannot expect a small and compact size appliance to be of major help. This is one of the reasons why the makers ensure that the design differs from one kind to another.


The design is also slightly different, while the domestic purpose electric can openers come in basic tall designs, there is a difference in the commercial kinds. It usually comes with a single tall rod on the top of the appliance, and it uses the bad help, bunker type design. The can needs to be placed in the right spot, and you need to press a knob to get the motor started. Once you do so, the lid is removed just about immediately.


When you compare the pricing of a domestic purpose electric can opener to a commercial purpose one, you will find a bit of price difference. The price range does not differ as much but it does so to a certain extent, and this is sole because of the purpose of usage and its functionality. So, based on what purpose you need a can opener for, choose the right kind and pay the right price.


While there are some significant differences between the two kinds of electric can openers, you must note that both these kinds can be fitted according to your preference. While you place a small compact sized domestic purpose electric can opener on your kitchen counter, you can do the same for the commercial kinds as well. All you need to do is place it wherever you find it comfortable or fit it against the wall, under the cabinet or the counter.

Less Human Input

One of the best things about not just commercial electric can opener but any electric can opener is that it requires less or no human input at all. This is the reasons why this product works like a charm, especially in busy sectors like hotel industry. Working for hotels, restaurants, bars, etc., requires you to be on your toes at all times and while people are pulling up in huge numbers, catering to all quickly is the prime requirement. In such times, relying on such electric appliances that make your life easier is very useful and is highly recommended too.


Commercial setups require appliances that do the task efficiently and quickly. While you are catering to a huge crowd, you need to be quick and relying on electric can openers solely designed for commercial purpose does the trick. They may be slightly high priced compared to the rest of the options, but a good quality product is bound to be a worthwhile investment, saving you on both time and effort.[/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

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