Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets for PC

Whether you are enjoying your game online or offline, the hardware that you use greatly determines the experience that you will have. For many people, this user experience comes from the game controllers and headsets that they use. If you are thinking about buying a new headset for your PC, then below are some of the top gaming headsets available for you in 2016.

#1 Logitech G933 Artemis SpectrumLogitech G933 Artemis Spectrum – Wireless 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset – Multiple Platform Compatibility – Personal Customization – Advanced Audio Drivers – Black

Logitech is an influential name when it comes to some PC hardware, and again, it shows up here in the headsets lists. This is a wireless headset that justifies its price range. It comes with a USB receiver and several wired connection options. It has extensive equalizer settings that you can customize and even create game profiles on your PC. It even has colored lighting that you can customize according to your gaming preferences. If you are looking for something with an excellent sound quality and sturdy, comfortable design, then this is the headset for you. Unfortunately, it does not come with a case or stand.

#2 Astro Gaming A50 Wireless HeadsetA50 + Base Station Wireless Gaming Headset

Both sound and the ability to communicate with your allies and enemies are important to any gamer. Even though it is one of the most expensive headsets out there, its price range is justified when you look at the experience it offers. With controls just under the ear cups, it delivers excellent sound quality. It comes with a mix amp that acts as a receiver, transmitter, and charger. It is also intelligent enough to turn off when no sound is coming through after a few minutes to save the battery. Unlike the Logitech G933, thus, one has a stand for both the headset and mix amp.

#3 Plantronics RIG SurroundPlantronics 202180-01 RIG Surround PC Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound-Enabled USB Amp, Black

Plantronics is also a renowned headset manufacturer, and that is why this list must have the Plantronics RIG Surround. What is interesting about this headset is the price tag and the quality of sound it gives. Priced just Out of stock, it is comfortable with an excellent microphone. It has an added benefit of a mixer and a connection that easily lets you switch between voice chat on your game and calls on your phone by pressing a button. Lastly, it supports a 7.1 channel audio surround system.

#4 Skullcandy PLYR 1 Gaming HeadsetSkullcandy PLYR1 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset, Black (SMPYFY-003)

Skullcandy headsets are known for their quality bass output, and this is no exception. Apart from that, it has an optical audio pass-through feature. It has a charging base that doubles up as a stand when the headset is not in use. Even though it does not deliver the true surround audio, it is not easy to tell it apart from monsters like the Astro A50.

#5 Razer Tiamat 7.1Razer Tiamat Over Ear 7.1 Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset

This is another headset that was manufactured to fix a common issue with most gaming headsets, lack of bass. It boasts of 7.1 channels surround sound and excellent bass response. Its microphone is hidden under the left ear cup and lacks controls on the headset itself. Instead, it has an inline control box with numerous buttons. It also stands out given the quality of sound it delivers when playing at maximum volume.

Gaming headsets can be the difference between enjoying your games and just passing time. Luckily, now you know the top headsets available on the market that will go a long way in making you a better gamer.

How to Choose a Good Sound Card

A good sound card is necessary for a computer to play quality music. With a wide range of sound cards in the market, it is really difficult to select one that is suitable for you. The guide here will teach you what to look out for when choosing a sound card.

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Things to look for when choosing a sound card

Before you buy a sound card, first ask yourself what do you do on your computer most of the time. If you only use it for word processing, checking email, surfing internet, etc.? then it might not be worth it for you to get a sound card.

However, if you are an avid gamer or heavy multimedia user, then getting a good sound card is a must.

The following factors will help you differentiate between a normal sound card and a good sound card.

16 bits or 24 bits?

Sound card using 24 bits encoding and decoding will give a better and clearer sound quality than using 16 bits. For basic user, 16 bits sound card will be sufficient

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)

The Signal to Noise Ratio measures the ratio between the noise and the sound signal produced by the sound card.
In general, the higher the SNR, the better is the sound quality.

Sampling Rate

Sampling rate determines the distortion of the digital sound signal from the original analog signal. The higher the sampling rate, the less distorted the sound signal and hence the better sound quality. The highest available sampling rate now is 96kHz, and this is equivalent to DVD-audio quality. The following table below shows a guideline of the sound quality you can expect from the different sampling rate.

44.1 kHz – Audio CD quality. Also used in VCD, SVCD, and MP3
48 kHz – Digital sound used for digital TV, DVD, DAT, films and professional audio
96 kHz – DVD-Audio, and HD-DVD (High-Definition DVD) audio tracks

Surround Sound

For gamer and heavy multimedia user, a sound card with surround sound will certainly add to your enjoyment. Currently, the sound card can support up to 7.1 channels surround sound. Before you make your purchase, make sure that it is certified by Dolby Digital, DTS, THX or EAX.

We hop this helps with your decision, let us know if you think we have missed anything with a comment.

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