10 Best Golf Balls Review-Buyer Guide 2021

Stay at the top of your game by investing in the best golf balls on the market. Not all of us have an easy time when it comes to selecting the ideal golf balls for practice or tournament play. We understand your needs and that is why we have conducted a research on your behalf so as to come up with a list of the ultimate models in golf balls. Below are the top 10 golf balls that will help you sharpen your skills in the game of golf.

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball (12-Pack)

These are 2-piece balls that have been approved as legal for tournament play. The balls come in a pack of 12. Each ball features an attractive pink color that is visible enough to be spotted from far. The core is made of titanium. This works well in maximizing energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball. It faciliclubheadg distance trajectories in a more straight line. Like other golf balls, they incorporate dimpled patterns. These allow for longer and higher shots by minimizing drag and increasing lift.

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

Callaway SupersoftGolf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Callaway is not a new name for any golfer. It is a top manufacturer of quality golf gear and accessories. These golf balls are no exception. The balls come in a multi-colored design: White, Orange, Blue, and Yellow. This makes them visually appealing. They are more visible and can be spotted from far. The balls feature 35 compression points that render them softer than standard golf balls. They are specially engineered for speed and reduced spin. The reduction in spin facilitates long and straight ball flights. They are an ideal choice for both novice and professional golfers.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Pair of Schwetty Golf Balls

Pair of Schwetty White Balls Golf Balls

These are stylish balls that come with the brand’s name imprinted on them. They are quite appealing and classy. As the name suggests, they come in a pair featuring an attractive white color. The white color makes them visible on the golf course and much easier to spot. The balls are designed to conform to the set rules and regulations. This guarantees maximum safety when practicing with them. The balls are coated with titanium that renders them tough and durable enough to withstand daily abuse. They are soft and incorporate 396 dimpled patterns for increased aerodynamics.

Schwetty Pair of Balls

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls, Perforated, 12 Count

These are soft balls that incorporate dimpled foams. They come in a set of 12. These balls are specially designed for practice. They are a perfect choice that will ideally fit the needs of any golf enthusiast.

The balls feature an attractive yellow color. Unlike the dull colored models, they are more visible and easy to discern in the golf course. They are versatile enough to match both indoor and outdoor use. These balls are quite lightweight to help you achieve that perfect hit.

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls, Foam

TaylorMade 2017 Burner Yellow Golf Balls

TaylorMade Golf 2017 Burner Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Almost synonymous with their brand name, these balls are tailor-made to match your needs while practicing on the field. The balls come in a pack of 12. They feature a yellow color that is imprinted with the brand’s logo. Each ball is imprinted with a different number for easy identification. They feature the Iothane cover that provides a soft yet durable construction that is resilient to impact. The inner core is designed to generate maximum energy transfer upon impact. The dimpled patterns incorporated on the balls function to increase the surface area so as to deliver long-distance trajectories and reduced drag.

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Wilson SpongeBob Squarepants Golf Balls

Wilson SpongeBob Golf Balls feature excellent ratings from customers who have bought and used them. They get full ratings that speak quite a lot regarding their superior quality. The balls come in a pack of 6. They are white and feature decorative imprints. The balls incorporate a 2-piece construction of lonomer covers. This makes them softer and more resilient to cuts. The core is of titanium to generate long-distance trajectories. The balls have dimpled patterns that minimize drag while increasing spin for maximum control.

Wilson SpongeBob Squarepants Golf Balls

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Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls (One Dozen)

These balls have been rated as the number one model in Worldwide tours. They are professional quality balls that will set you at the top of your game. These balls are made to be super light yet more resistant to wind deflections while on the flight. They come in an attractive package that includes 12 balls. The balls are white in color for the purpose of enhanced visibility. They feature multiple dimpled patterns that function to minimize drag during flight. They cover the great distance on a simple hit and are made to be soft enough for handling comfort. They are durable balls designed to last for many uses.

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Srixon Men’s Q-Star Golf Balls

Srixon Men's Q-Star Golf Balls (1-Dozen)

These golf balls are unarguably the most advanced in the 2-piece ball category. The balls come in a pack of 12. They are made of an advanced material that renders them softer and more compact than typical golf balls.

Each ball incorporates a whopping 324 dimpled patterns. They minimize drag and allow for great aerodynamics. The balls feature improved acceleration that results in long, straight line trajectory. They generate minimum spin when in flight and come in a pure white color that makes them visible. The balls come in a stylish package that makes them a perfect gift idea for that man in your life.

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Bridgestone Xfixx White Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2014 xFIXx Golf Balls (1 Dozen), White

Any serious golfer ought to be familiar with the name Bridgestone. Owing to its superior quality golf products, the brand has set a name for itself among most golfers across the globe. These balls are among the finest in its long list of models. The balls come in a pack of 12. They incorporate a white color for improved visibility. The balls are made from a combination of plastic and rubber materials. This gives them a softer feel. Their dimpled patterns and lightweight construction are engineered for increased trajectory and spins while on flight.

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Bridgestone 2015 E6 White Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2015 e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

These are yet another quality golf balls from Bridgestone. As the name implies, they come in pure white color. This makes them much easier to spot from far. They come in a package of 12 balls. The balls feature a 3-piece lonomer cover. Such a multi-layered construction provides increased durability and strength. The balls have a whopping 326 dimpled patterns that function to increase the surface area. This improves distance and flight while eliminating wind resistance. The flight is straight and ideally designed to improve accuracy in your game.

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Srixon Trispeed Golf Ball Review

Srixon Trispeed Golf Ball Review

Most of us tend to stick with a conventional three-piece golf ball; for the most part, they are affordable and do what we need them to do. The Srixon Trispeed ball has created quite a stir as of late in the world of three piece construction. Retailed for just under, the Trispeed has a lot to offer for the price. Take a look at what makes this ball so good for the price.

The balls target user is for any avid golfer, within nearly every skill level, including armatures with low handicaps. The makeup of the ball uses a softer middle layer and incredibly resilient patented Energetic Gradient Growth Core that offers a higher launch angle with reduced spin, providing maximum distance. The Srixon is marketed to those heavy hitters for a reason!

Middle Layer Trispeed Ball

The middle layer of the Trispeed is made up from Rabalon blended Ionomer material. This layer is responsible for the overall control of the ball. It’s specifically designed to complement the balls excellent distance potential, without losing control of your shot.

This layer is especially useful to those golfers who consistently hit lower shots with a high rate of spin, allowing it still to create the distance necessary, even in windy, less desirable conditions.

Core Of Srixon Trispeed

The core is the engine that drives every ball, and the Srixon offers a killer one and is certainly a long balls hitters dream. This low compression core is larger than most cores on the market at 38mm, and offers incredible acceleration right off the tee, allowing it to drive through even the worst of playing conditions.

The fact that the Srixon offers such a responsive core, yet still took the time to address feel and control is rather unusual in the golf ball world. More often than not, us golfers are forced to sacrifice feel and spin to get the maximum distance from our balls.

Srixon Trispeed Outer Shell

The outer shell is comprised of 324 dimples which improve the aerodynamics and spin of the ball. The rather soft yet durable outer shell offers great feel and touches for the finesse player and with the combined efforts of the two superior inner layers, adds distance for those who would like to add more distance to their shots.

The ideal golfer who should certainly give this ball a try would be one of the following swing characteristics.

  • Slow to medium swing speed
  • Decent mechanics no matter the handicap
  • Could benefit from more distance, not just off the tee
  • Prefers to feel and touch overpower

The Srixon Trispeed Balls are also offered in a Tour Ball. The Trispeed Tour goes one step further than-than the Trispeed, providing the even greater feel and control, all the while keeping its primary focus on distance well intact. The series is also offered in a Yellow ball for those of you who prefer that style.

Sioux is so confident that you will like their new Trispeed series, they invite you to compare their ball to any one of the following competing golf balls.

  • Titleist NXT Extreme
  • Nike Juice
  • Callaway HX Hot Plus
  • Bridgestone EX 6 and 7 Series
  • TaylorMade Burner

To me, it says a lot about the confidence a company has in its product when they are point blank asking you to compare their product, to not one, but several well-respected brands. This ball is defiantly worth trying out and seeing for yourself if the ball delivers on its promises!

Srixon 2017 Trispeed Tour Golf Balls White

Callaway HX DiabloTour Golf Ball Review

Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Ball Review

Callaway is renowned for their technological advances and attention to detail in golf ball technology. Being at the cutting edge of innovation, Callaway has revolutionized the games with their superior knowledge and understanding of golf.

The advanced technology now available has enabled them to produce just about a perfect golf ball there is. It won’t automatically make you a better golfer, but you will find the Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Ball more precision-driven than any other golf ball on the market.

Key Features of the HX Diablo Tour Ball

  • Central power reaction core
  • Soft ionomer outer cover
  • HEX Aerodynamics technology

The Bottom Line With The HX Diablo Tour Golf Ball

The Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Ball is a great golf ball that has been designed with the pro golfer in mind. The soft inner core makes the golf ball sail away from the tee with a precision that is truly breathtaking. The power reaction core achieves this increase in speed. The golf ball has a soft inner that increases in firmness towards its outer edge.

As you would expect Callaway spend all of their time devising and developing techniques to improve the golfing game. This flair and passion are reflected in the simplistic but revolutionary equipment and accessories they produce. Their extensive testing procedure ensures that the latest technology is employed to its fullest use before release. This ensures that all new products are at the top of their range regarding optimum performance, technology, and construction.​

Callaway HEX Diablo Golf Balls -Pack of 12

Nike One Vapor Speed Golf Ball Review

Nike One Vapor Speed Golf Ball Review

A golf ball is a golf ball, right? How many times have you heard a non-golfer asking that? That’s kind of like saying “a frying pan is a frying pan” to Emeril Lagasse or Rachel Ray (both have their own line of cookware).

No, a golf ball is not only a golf ball. To the non-golfer, probably any golf ball will do. But for the avid golfer, the right golf ball can bring the game up a notch, and most would agree that this particular golf ball should be one that avid golfers take an interest in.

The Nike One Vapor Speed Golf ball comes from a long line of one of the best-known names in sports of all kinds. This ball features technology that was tested and validated on tour. Consistency and added length to your drives are the results of combined science and technology. Amateur players (and professionals alike) looking for longer distance after teeing up will appreciate the ball’s reformulated core which is responsible for its increased speed.

Key Features

  • Manufactured for maximizing distance
  • Tour-validated and tour tested
  • Optimized for amateur players
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Increased ball speed

Nike One Vapor Speed 1-Dozen Golf Balls

Why purchase from an online store?

Golf Balls Review

Best Golf Balls

Driving ranges and private sellers don’t specialize solely in the sale of used golf balls. However, many online businesses make all of their money solely on the sale of used golf balls. Therefore, they are going to ensure that not only they have the best-used golf balls but also that they can sell them to you at a very agreeable rate. Many golfers also only wish to use the same brand of golf ball, and many also think that they would never be able to find those used. That could not be further from the truth.

Do online stores have the good selection?

Whether it is Titleist, Nike or Callaway, you are sure to be able to find your brand of gold ball at a reduced rate. The best-used golf balls are found online because there is a vast array of brands available, and the golf balls are almost surely refurbished in some manner to ensure the best quality.

Cheap Golf Balls

Cheap golf balls (even new) can be perfect golf balls. In fact, if you are an average golfer (15+ handicap) using a cheap golf ball is not a wrong decision. Many brands of balls are inexpensive that will play about the same for you. If you play to a single digit handicap, you may be more partial to a particular brand and ball type.

Inexpensive balls do not need to be new or used. The second you hear the term cheap golf ball, you probably assume it’s a used golf ball. There are dozens of brands that are new but inexpensive, so take your pick! Just remember the cheaper the golf ball, the less the performance.

Cheap Golf Balls – New

New balls that are cheap are good balls but have several characteristics you need to be aware of. Most of them are very hard. What I mean is the coverings give the ball less feel when hitting wedges and putting.Then again if you are an average golfer, you really won’t know the difference, and it won’t affect your golfing performance one bit!

Cheap Golf Balls – Used

It’s a “no-brainer” that used golf balls will be cheaper. But what you want to pay attention to used golf balls is the coloring, scuff marks and overall feel. There are a ton of used balls that look okay, but when you hit them they go nowhere!

Trial and error is the only way you’ll find out what ball works for you. Whether it is new or used, it all depends on how you like it when you hit it on the course.

What’s the Best Way to Find Used Top Flight Golf Balls?

Top Flight is one of the leading providers of quality golf balls. But don’t worry, because you can still get the same quality without having to pay the same price.

Combining distance technology and years of service

Top Flight has been bringing their exceptional level of service and professionalism to the game of golf for years, and they keep on amazing their loyal customers. Many of the top golfers trust Top Flight to help them improve their score, but a lot of amateur golfers don’t wish to pay the full price for a new set. Therefore, used Top Flight golf balls may be the perfect solution which could take strokes off your game while keeping money in your wallet. You may think it ‘s hard to find quality used Top Flight golf balls, but it isn’t as difficult as you think it is.

Where should I look for used Top Flight golf balls?

If you are looking for a particular brand, such as Top Flight, then your best bet would probably be to head to the Internet to find the best deals on the most widely used golf balls. Top Flight has such a wide variety of different golf balls to choose from, but most of the online stores make it very easy to find the exact golf ball that you are looking for. There are convenient search options and drop down menus that allow you to select the exact model that you are searching for, and they will also provide you with a quote on some golf balls you may need.

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