Top 10 Best Christmas Indoor Outdoor Rope LED Lights of 2018 – Reviews

Are You Looking for deals on rope lights for outdoor and indoor Christmas decorations  around the home? If you want to add some ambient lighting to cheer up the mood around your home, you can do so with LED rope lights. Here’s where you can buy you can buy it at discount prices.

As we all know, rope lights are tiny bulbs which are evenly placed inside a PVC plastic tube. Rope lighting cheers up the mood look and mood of the environment. They are ideal If you’re having a get-together or party or decorate your home during the holiday season then here’s what you need to know about LED rope lighting. Here we show you the different types of white patio lights, rope lighting kits, installation instructions as well as Christmas decorating ideas.

10 Best Christmas LED Rope Lights

Here you will read top 10 best rope LED lights reviews we try our best to give your fair reviews as per buyers reviews and quality of products. Now you can make a easy and good choice as per our reviews.

#10. WYZworks 150′ feet Blue LED Rope Lights

WYZworks 150' feet Blue LED Rope Lights - Flexible 2 Wire Accent Holiday Christmas Party Decoration Lighting | UL & CSA Certified

WYZworks Blue LED Rope Lights is best and flexible Holiday Christmas Party Decoration Lighting. WYZworks Rope Lights are Certified by UL & CSA warm glow and provides high intensity, evenly distributed illumination. Great for accent lighting for any occasion!. These light are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. WYZworks use highly flexible crystal clear PVC tub which makes easy to bend into any shape and fit any space. You can cut it form every 3 feet for custom fitting and size and allowing you to get that perfect length.Buy From Amazon

#9. XKTtsueercrr 300LED Waterproof Flexible RGB Color Changing LED Light Strip

XKTtsueercrr 3528 SMD 300LED Waterproof Flexible RGB Color Changing LED Light Strip, 32.8 FT, (Two Rolls)

1. 2 pcs 3528 SMD LED; 300LED diodes on a reel, RGB Color; 12V DC input voltage.
2. It is easy to install; Sticky back with adhesive tape; Ideal for home and business decoration.
3. Every 3-LEDs cutting at the marked intervals without damaging the rest strips, variable length to your own desires.
4. High intensity and a certain reliability; IP65 waterproof; Super-bright, low power consumption, running at low temperatures; Long service life of over 50,000 hours.
5. 20 key infrared LED Music Controller to control different LED light strips, including 3528, 5050, 5630; Adjusting the brightness, color change effects; In the audio mode, the color will change with the rhythm of the music (please connect the two bands as a remote receiver for better performance).

  • 20Key music infrared LED controller adopts the advanced micro control unit for controlling various lights such as point source of light, flexible light strip, wall washer, glass curtain wall light;
  • It can choose different colors (Note: white button works as a multi-color mode instead of pure white) and pre-programmed patterns, as well as adjust brightness and color speed, the color of the light will have to jump / Fade in accordance with the rhythm of the music
  • In the car and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting;
  • For home and office decoration, hotel, clubs, shopping malls, holiday, party, show exhibition;
  • For architectural lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting, back and concealed lighting, emergency lighting and safety

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#8. Lighting EVER LED Solar Power Rope Lights

Lighting EVER LED Solar Rope Lights are Waterproof and Portable best for Christmas Tree, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Garden, and Decoration. Lighting EVER LED is powered by solar energy, through which now you can save energy and money moreover environmental friendly. These Light are easy installation; you can install the light in your creative style. These rope lights are waterproof which means it can be suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration both.There is two mode of light which you can set as per your needs; you can choose full brightness mode or flash mode.
Lighting EVER LED Solar Power Rope Lights can be used for decoration, creating atmosphere, lighting show, like beautifying the fencing, plant, festival, holiday, party, etc.Buy From Amazon

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Customer Rating
Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping
Sold By NEON MART YiHong Life MEIKE INTERNATIONAL Sogrand Industry Inc
Color RGB multicolor Daylight White blue green yellow red
Light Source Type LED LED LED LED
Material Type Plastic copper wire and plastic tube Plastic Plastic

#7. Meilo Indoor Outdoor LED Rope Light

Meilo LED Rope Light total length is 16 FT best for all type events. You can use both indoor and outdoor for Home and Commercial Decoration.Meilo uses advanced LED technology which provides more shines and brightness as compared to other rope lights which available in the market these days. Meilo uses LEDs 360° in all directions you did not need to turn lights facing outward.

Thes LEDs saves 80% Energy vs. Incandescent. Easy to install hardware included which everyone could use. You can connect up to 15 ropes (240 ft). You can use indoors/outdoors on stairways, bars, walkways, patios, decks, trees, gazebos, RVs, boat and yacht, tents, tailgate, Christmas & holidays.Buy From Amazon

#6. LTROP Waterproof Flexible RGB LED Strip Light Kit


LTROP RGB LED Strip Light are best flexible Color Changing 300 LEDs Strip with IR Controller. It uses 12V 5A Power Supply to bright your home, and these are adhesive Light Strips.LTROP RGB Strip Light includes 2 reels each has 16.4ft 150leds which you can control with Remote you did not need any other accessories. Please note that it uses 12V 5A power adapter which could only load 32.8ft light strips at the utmost, please don’t increase the strip lights. LED strips are waterproof, but connectors are non-waterproof. Self-Adhesive tape can be fit on any dry and flat surface.

  • Flexible RGB LED
  • 20 Colors
  • 8 Light Pattern: Quick / Slow / Auto / Flash / 7 color fade change / 3 color fade change / 7 color jumpy change / 3 color jumpy change
  • IR Controller
  • Waterproof LED strips
  • 2 reels each has 16.4ft 150leds
  • Lifespan is over 50000 hrs
  • Remote controller, power adaptor, and connectors are non-waterproof

#5. LampLust Rope Lights, 287 Warm White LEDs Waterproof

LampLust Warm White LEDs lights are one of best heavy duty and clear rope strand. It has 287 warm white super bright LED lights inside the rope. LampLust warm white plasma rope LED lights are best for different Parties events like Weddings, Fences and Christmas Home Decoration. These light are very easy to install and easy to extend.LampLust uses durable thick clear plastic tube which protects the LEDs which provide you bright light. 287 Warm White LEDs are waterproof best for indoor and outdoor use. This product is fully dimmable (when connected to a dimmer switch) || CONNECTABLE – Connects up to 7 additional strands (total of 8 strands). || COLOR- Warm White LEDs (2700 Kelvin).Distance from Plug to 1st Light: 22″ | 7.2 Watts per Strand.

  • Total Number of LEDs: 287 (per strand)
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible dimmer switch
  • Best for Indoor and Outdoor
  • You could not control color.
  • Not remote control
  • #4. LE 16.5ft, 50 Solar LED Rope LightsLE 16.5ft, 50 LED Rope String Lights, Daylight White, Battery Power, Waterproof, Portable, Christmas Tree, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Party, Garden, Lawn, Patio Outdoor Decoration (Daylight White)

    LE 16.5ft, 50 LED Rope String Lights, Daylight White, Battery Power, Waterproof, Portable, Christmas Tree, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Party, Garden, Lawn, Patio Outdoor Decoration (Daylight White)Beautifull Daylight White 50 LED Rope Lights works with Battery Power moreover these are Waterproof and Portable best for Christmas Tree, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Party, Garden, Lawn, Patio Outdoor Decoration. LE fairy LED Rope Lights are made of the durable and flexible tube due which it is very easy to shape. You could DIY the rope fairy lights in your creative way. These lights require 3 AA Batteries but include in packing you have to buy your own. It is portable and can be mounted anywhere, pretty easy to hide and used at anywhere especially some places without power supply. The rope light will automatically come on for 6 hours and turn off for 18 hours each day press the button 1st to set the Timer working mode. This LED String light is Daylight White Color that could create a light romantic and fairy twinkle effect. These lights are best for both indoor and outdoor due to waterproof, and copper wire cover with PVC tube which makes good water resistant function.It’s the perfect decoration option for all kinds of occasions.Buy From Amazon

    #3. Oak Leaf Solar Rope Lights Outdoor

    Oak Leaf 41ft 100LED LED Rope Lighting is Waterproof and made of Copper Wire best for Outdoor and Indoor Home, Garden, Patio Party, holidays Decoration. This Starry String Lights turn on automatically at night due to the light sensor. Rechargeable battery charged in the sunlight during a good day with a solar panel. Now you will save electricity cost and troubles finding outdoor power outlets. Just select a place and install rope lights with few easy steps.Light String boasts a longer length measuring 41ft, providing enough lights for lining large areas like walkways, swimming pool, windows, trees, and other outdoor objects. Now you can shape the lights as you like due to bendable PVC tubes. Both the lights and solar panel of this Solar Patio String Lights are plastic wrapped with a waterproof level of the IP65 and IP44 respectively. Rope Light String comes with a button for you to adjust the 2 lighting modes, flashlight, and steady-on light.

    Best for Indoor and Outdoor
    41ft lenth
    100 led lights
    Solar Panel
    2 Switches: Power (ON/OFF); Mode (Flashing/Steady)
    Silver wire + PVC tube
    Not Remote control
    Single Color
    Buy From Amazon

    #2. LampLust Blue LEDs Rope Lights Indoor/Outdoor

    LampLust 24 Ft. Plugin Blue LEDs Rope Lights with 287 LEDs are Connectable, Dimmable, Waterproof. Best to use for Indoor and Outdoor ideal for Backyards, Weddings and Christmas Decoration. LampLust Blue LEDs Rope Lights is one of heavy duty clear rope strand with 287 blue super bright LED lights inside. These blue plasma rope lights are best for different Parties, Christmas Home Decor, Weddings and Fences. It is very easy to install and extend. You can make your every event festive and bright.This product is fully dimmable (when connected to a dimmer switch) The 287 Blue LEDs sit in a durable thick clear plastic tube which protects the LEDs and provides increased durability. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

    • Best for Indoor and Outdoor
    • Waterproof
    • 24 Ft
    • 287 Blue LEDs
    • Not Remote control
    • Single Color

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    Customer Rating
    Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping FREE Shipping
    Sold By LAMPLUST WYZworks IzzyCreation WYZworks
    Color Blue Blue Blue Blue
    Light Source Type LED LED LED LED
    Material Type Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic

    #1. Rxment Led Strip Lighting RGB 300LEDs

    Rxment Led Strip Lights are flexible color changing Full Kit with 44 Keys IR Remote Controller. you can select your favorite color with remote with just one click .Double layer copper circuit board and copper LED frame, twice costs than other single layer copper LED strips on the market, keeps the LED strip brighter and longer life!. Each 5 LEDs has a double copper cut line (16.5cm/6.5inch between two cut line).
    Rxment Led is available in 16 multi-colored not like other companies which only provide in basic RGB(Red, Green, Blue). No color difference among the whole strips !. This 16 multi-color will help you create a romantic atmosphere and also has Pure White for illumination purpose. Rxment Led Strip Light 10 meters continuous RGB LED Strip, 24V,3A Power Supply, RGB Control Box, Remotes controller.

    • 16 Different color
    • Remote controllable
    • Select your favorite color
    • Light brightness could control with Remote control
    • Double Layer PCB
    • Unique upgrade of the controller IC
    • 3M adhesive tape
    • Super viscosity and easy installation
    • Cheap
    • Not Water Proof
    • Only Best For Indoor

    Buy From Amazon

    Different types of Rope Lights

    There are standard, chasing and mini 12V rope lights for vehicles. You can also get solar powered and LED rope lights. LED lights to have many benefits including having a low voltage, being waterproof, unbreakable as well as environmentally friendly.
    White rope lights are sold in some different ways. They are sold in spools for larger and commercial jobs. You can coil of rope lights of up to about 150 feet with splice and power cord fittings.

    Also available are premade kits for smaller jobs. They have got all the functional components that you need. It consists of a 30 to the 50-foot long coil of lights. Also included are mounting screws or self-adhesive mounting tape as well as a 120 volt power cord connector.

    You can get them in white, fully transparent or a multitude of other colors. You can choose the blinking pattern that suits your requirements like, constant blinking or steady rope lights. Prices will vary depending on the size, type of material of some fixtures used.

    In today’s rollercoaster economy, recessed and forced into the red on so many occasions, people aren’t just looking at how to celebrate the holidays each winter, but how to do so in an economic, wallet-friendly fashion. With the widespread use of more energy-efficient lighting systems, such as fluorescent lighting and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), more options for celebrating a “green” Christmas are becoming available to the average consumer.

    One such option is the use of rope-lights. Rope lights consist of transparent or translucent tubing that houses a series of lights in a series of segments that can be cut to your needs. Each segment length varies based on the amount of power in each one, according to its size. For instance, a 5-wire 120 volt (V) rope can be cut every 72 inches. A 12 V 3/8 inch rope can be cut every 6 inches. Other sizes and power thresholds exist, as well.

    Outdoor Rope Light Buying Guide
    What are Led Rope Lights
    Cheap rope lights: How to purchase
    Why go for rope lights: various issues
    Variety of rope lights available in the market
    12V Rope Lights for Entertaining or Personal Use
    Instructions on How to Cut and Install Outdoor Rope Lights

    How to Use White Rope Lights for Christmas Decorating

    White rope lights are an extremely versatile way to add a festive touch for your outdoor Christmas lighting. Rope lighting is strands of clear plastic tubes with various colored lights inside. You have a full range of colors for Christmas includes the most popular colors which are white, green and red. These LED rope lights can be programmed to either have chasing, solid burning or creative light patterns. They will last you around 5,000 hours in total. Here are some ideas for decorating your house for the holiday season.

    Benefits of LED Rope lights

    • LED rope light will save you energy since they use only .53 watts per foot.
    • Are safe to use since their cool to the touch and shock resistant
    • They will last up to 100,000 hours, and you don’t have to change the bulbs for 10 years.
    • The lights are available in spools and rope light kits. The spools are 150 feet long. The kits can be bought with pre-cut lengths.

    Accent Roof Lines and Windows

    Rope lights are great for making straight lines around the roof and windows since the lights are evenly spaced inside the flexible tubing. You can also easily wrap them around posts, porches, columns and, railings.

    Christmas Characters and Shapes

    The flexible tubing of rope lights enables them to be manipulated much easier than regular lights. Turn them into shapes of bells, candy canes, trees, stockings, and stars. Use white rope for a snowman or use a wooden frame for characters than outline them with your rope lighting. For different effects, you can paint the frame, and the lights will reflect slightly different in color.

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