5 Best Women’s Running Tights Reviews of 2021

Functional and Fashionable Women’s Running Tights

Are you a female runner and you like to wear tight clothing? Why not get a set of spandex running tights?

Not only will they conform to your body but they will also help you to lose weight. They are comfortable, and you can move as you need to when running.

So browse below today and find a pair of women’s running tights and enjoy your running and jogging in more comfort.

Women’s running tights are not the same as regular tights which would fall if you were to run in them. Having to pull your tights up every few minutes would drive any runner crazy!

If you enjoy jogging or running, then investing in tights especially for the exercise is a great idea because they will keep you comfortable and last for a long time.

Designed Specifically for Runners

The best women’s running tights will stretch with you and not be restrictive in any way.

They were designed by people who know all about running and the movements you make while running and working out.

These are high-quality tights which will work with you, not against you. Choose from a variety of styles, fits, and colors.

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The Best Women’s Running Tights

New Balance Women’s Go 2 Tights

These are one of the best-rated running tights you can buy online, and reviewers love their high quality, the way they look, and the fact you can run as far and as hard as you want and they do not fall.

The internal drawcord lets you get the perfect fit. One reviewer likes to wear them under running shorts on cooler days.

These are reflective and breathable, and because they are a polyester/spandex mix, they will wick any sweat away from your skin to keep you comfortable.

They offer a pocket on the back, plus another inside which is perfect for your keys.

Runners want clothing which is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and which supports their movements while running, stretching with them instead of being in any way constricting. These women’s running tights tick all the boxes.

New Balance Womens Go 2 Tight

Choosing Running Tights, You Will Love

If only picking a pair of running tights in a store or online was as easy as picking up a package which said ‘running tights’ on it, but choosing the best ones is not that simple, unfortunately.

Not only do you have to make sure you get the right size but you also need to know a few more things about this garment before making your selection.

First of all, ensure they are long enough if you are running when it is cold.

Everyone has different length legs so ensure the tights are long enough. Showing an inch of ankle might not sound like a big deal, but on a cold day this can be uncomfortable and make you want to cut your run short.

If you live somewhere warmer, Capri-length (¾-length) might be better for you. The tights should also be opaque, which means not see-through at all even when stretched over your legs.

If you are trying them on in a store, check in the mirror to make sure your underwear is not visible through them. If you are shopping online check the reviews, because if a pair is see-through for sure, someone will have mentioned this is their review (shortly before returning them for a refund).

Something else to consider is pockets. A lot of women’s running tights will have a zippered pocket on the back or a key pocket in the waistband, but you might want more than this.

Although some runners only take their keys with them, others like to have a debit or credit card, cell phone, iPod or other items.

Not only will you need more pockets if this sounds like you, but you will also want to check the weight of these items is not going to make the tights fall while you are running.

Talking of not falling, make sure you use the drawstring because it is there for a reason, and if you do not want to have to hitch your tights back up every few minutes, ensure you do use it.

More about the Fit

The most important thing is the comfort while running, but ensure your running tights fit properly and do not dig into your waist or leave your ankles cold.

The seams on them should follow your muscles so ensure you put them on the right. The seams can also help protect the muscles and support them, so do not just pull them on. Check the seams are lying right. Be suspicious about very cheap running tights.

A very low price means they are likely to become saggy or see-through after a few runs and washes. If you wear tights very rarely, you might not mind this, but if you wear them often plan on spending $50 or $60 on a good pair.

Top Women’s Running Tights

You May Like This One Better!Top Women’s Running Tights

Choose any size from extra-small to large, and enjoy the warmth these running tights will give you. The 2-way support web and 4-way stretch body fabric work beautifully, and you can machine-wash these. These are well designed and feature flat seam construction to increase comfort, enhance the fit and prevent abrasion. These contain Lycra for stretch. You will easily be able to tell the difference between poor quality tights and these. Wear these when you run, and you will experience less ‘jiggle’ which helps keep your energy up and is far more comfortable. These are certainly worth the investment and all serious women runners will love their range of benefits.

CW-X Conditioning Wear Women’s 3/4 LengthCW-X Conditioning Wear Women's 3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights, Black

These are supportive, according to reviewers, who love the way their legs feel even after a long run. Support is really important when shopping for running tights. If you live somewhere very cold, you might want to buy full-length tights, but these ¾-length ones are fine if it is not that cold, or if you just prefer to wear shorter ones. They feel snug when you pull them on, but they are supposed to because that is how their built-in support works. Adjust the piping around your knee. Choose from X-small, small, medium, or large. These running tights mimic kinesiology-taping to support your muscles, ligaments, and joints, and the support web means you get less muscle vibration which, in turn, means less fatigue. Your lower abs, hips, and back will all be supported.

Under Armour, Women’s Charged Cotton® Ultimate 28″ LeggingUnder Armour Charged Cotton Ultimate 28" Legging (1239189), Grey

These are budget tights compared to some of the others on this page, but we include them in case you are looking for running tights to wear occasionally, perhaps just a few times a year during the extra-cold times. These have a 28 inch inside leg seam, which is handy to know because you can measure yours to determine whether this will be a good fit. These feel soft when they are on, and wick away sweat. The wide waistband is designed for comfort, and the cotton/elastane means they will stretch over your contours, but some reviewers say these fall more than more expensive running tights, while others say they do not, so perhaps try these and see for yourself how they feel?

Under Armour ColdGear Compression Leggings – Women’sUnder Armour ColdGear Compression Leggings – Women’s

Available in all sizes from X-small right up to X-large, these women’s running tights have excellent ratings and reviews. They have an ergonomic waistband which covers your back to keep it warm and protected, and an inseam length of 27½ inches. They are made from polyester/elastane, so they will not fall while you run, and the 4-way stretch construction allows you a good range of movement. The inside is brushed and cozy while the outside is slick and fast-drying, so you have the best of both worlds with these compression tights. They even incorporate anti-odor technology. These running tights are worth considering if you want something comfortable, durable and warm. Compared to some of the higher end ones, the price is very competitive too.

CW-X Women’s Stabilyx TightsCW-X Women’s Stabilyx Tights

Reviewers love these running tights. They are made from Coolmax/Lycra and feature Support Web, a technology that reduces muscle vibration, meaning it takes you longer to tire out. This technology mimics kinesiology-taping. You will find a review for the Capri-length CW-X tights higher on this page, but these are full-length so you can wear them even if the weather is cold, and they will keep you toasty warm. The Coolmax fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, and the flat-seam construction supports the hips, back and lower ads, channeling power through your core and allowing you to be active longer and recover quicker. These are a wonderful investment for women runners because they are comfortable and they will not become saggy or fall while you are running.

What Beginner Runners Must Know

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and every runner was once doing his or her first run. If you are new to this sport, there are a few things you must know before buying all the gear and dashing out the front door for your first run. Whether you already exercise regularly or you are choosing running as your only form of working out, you should consider spending a couple of weeks doing regular exercise (swimming, walking or biking perhaps) before you start walking, to warm your body up and give you some stamina.

Combine running with walking too, when you begin, so walk some and run some. It is a mistake just to go out there and run as fast and as long as you can. Do that, and you will be sore and hobbling around for the rest of the week! Begin by running for 2 minutes and walking for 2 minutes. The next week you can add a minute of running, then change it every week, as you become fitter and your body becomes more used to running, and you will be able to do a long run without getting too tired. Running too fast and too far is the main cause of running injuries. There is no reason to overdo it, and you will enjoy the sports way more if you take it easy until your body is used to it.

You can expect some soreness and pains, whether you are a beginner runner or someone who is adding more time or speed to their runs, but any sharp pains or one-sided pains are something you might want to see a doctor about because those are not part of running. Some people run on the treadmill while others run in the woods or on the road. This depends largely where you live. If you live in a city, it might be better to use a treadmill at the gym, while if you live next to a large park, that is where you will probably wish to begin.

What Clothing Do You Need

The number one priority when running is a good pair of running shoes. Those are something you should buy from a specialty running shop. Never skimp on your running shoes. You will also need sports socks, or at least something comfortable inside the shoes, maybe with some padding (look out for ‘running socks’). These shoes should be replaced about every 400 miles, else the protection they offer will begin to decline. Consider some women’s running tights too, because these not only help keep you warm and wick moisture away from your skin, but they also help support your ligaments and joints, and that means you can run farther without tiring. Finally, consider some top and, depending on the weather, a lightweight jacket as well.

Videos for Women’s Running Tights

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Roxy Women’s Standard Tight

These running tights are made from Nylon/Spandex which is quick-drying and feels very much like cotton, only stretchier. There is a zippered pocket at the back of the waist so you can keep your keys tucked safely in there, and the flatlock seams ensure you will not get chafing. The inseam measures 29½ inches so unless you are especially tall you should not have any exposed ankle. These are machine washable and will air-dry by the next day if you want to rinse them out after every run. The waist is not a drawstring so you cannot adjust the fit, but that means you just have to pull them on and you are good to go. One reviewer wears these for added warmth while snorkeling, so perhaps you have more than one sport you do where you can get good use out of these. The material is opaque and good quality, and these running tights should last for years.

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