6 Best Lip Gloss Palettes for Teens and Mom Reviews (updated 2022)

Best Lip Gloss Palettes for Teens and Mom Reviews


Every girl loves lip gloss from teens to moms.

Not only is it easy to apply but you can choose from all kinds of colors from peach and baby pink to red, plum and dark cherry shades. 

A slick of lip gloss can enhance your lips and make them look wonderful. 

Lip gloss is perfect for any occasion. Choose a nude or clear shade for every day wear or a dark or glittery one for a special evening out. 

Unless you want to wear the same shade all the time, it makes sense to invest in a lip gloss palette so you can take your pick from various colors, even mixing them for a unique shade.

Best Value

SHANY The Wanted Ones – 12 Piece Lip Gloss Set

SHANY The Wanted Ones – 12 Piece Lip Gloss Set

  • 12 Piece Lip Gloss Set
  • Each shade is true-to-color
  • Made with aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Sheer coverage glosses that can be built up
  • Variety of creme or shimmer formulas

Best of The Best

byAlegory Acrylic Lip Gloss
  • 12 Piece Lip Gloss Set
  • Each shade is true-to-color
  • Made with aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Sheer coverage glosses that can be built up
  • Variety of creme or shimmer formulas


SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit

SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit

  • Ultimate Color Combinations for Less
  • 168 eyeshadows, six lip colors and three powder blushes
  • Shimmer shades made of high quality materials
  • Two lip brushes and a mini blush brush

Lip gloss palettes vary, as you might imagine, and you can choose from different brands, different shades, and different sizes.

A lip gloss palette might have 2 or 3 colors, or it might have more than 10.

You can get lip gloss in tubes, pots and palette form, and some are sheer while others are opaque.

Lip gloss may be worn by itself or applied over a lipstick to add shine as well as color. Some makeup kits have lip gloss and other cosmetics too while others are just the lip gloss.

Mixing 2 shades together to make a brand new one is very easy, and you can pick out a color to suit your mood.

Different Lip Gloss Options

Most lip gloss fans will have their favorite color and brand, although some women simply like collecting different hues, so they have almost infinite possibilities, especially when mixing different shades is brought into the equation. Some lip glosses last longer than others; some are stickier while others have glitter or sparkles in there, changing the consistency. Some are richly moisturizing, a little like shiny lip balm so that you can give your lips a treat as well as a sensational look. One thing is sure, and that is lip gloss is not going to go out of style anytime soon, so check out some of the best lip gloss palettes.

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SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit – Ultimate Color Combination – New EditionSHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit – Ultimate Color Combination – New Edition

If you are looking for a large makeup kit, offering not just lip glosses but other cosmetics too, consider this one.

You get 6 lip glosses, 3 blush colors, 98 shimmer eye shadows, 70 pastel shimmer eye shadows, 2 lip brushes, 7 sponge brushes, a blush brush and a mirror, so everything you need for beautiful eyes and lips.

The price of this kit is really surprising too since you get so much in there.

What great value for money! There are plenty of different colors in here to choose from.

You can come up with so many combinations because of all the different colors you will have at your disposal.

Whether you are considering this as a gift for a girl or woman in your life, or as a treat for yourself, you will no doubt be pleased with not only the price but also the quality of the makeup.

SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit

Aesthetica Cosmetics Lip Contour Kit – Contouring and Highlighting Matte Lipstick Palette Set

Includes Six Lip Crèmes, Four Lip Liners, Lip Brush and Step-by-Step Instructions – Vegan & Cruelty-FreeAesthetica Cosmetics Lip Contour Kit

Although you can get huge lip palettes with 50 or more colors, sometimes it is nice to choose something with fewer if it is one of your favorite brands.

This kit is by Aesthetic Cosmetics, one of the best names in cosmetics, so you can be sure of getting a superior quality product.

This cute palette comes with 5 extended wear Lip colors – all 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free.

The colors are smooth and rich, and the kit also comes with an applicator brush, plus highlighter pencils and built-in mirror, both of which are great.

This is a lovely gift for someone, who is into makeup but prefers quality over quantity, or perhaps you are looking for a small lip gloss palette for yourself, and you do not need too many colors in it. Either way, this one is really good.

Aesthetica Matte Lip Contour Kit

SHANY Cocolicious Lip Gloss Set No.1 Chocolate Shades – Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, 6 CountSHANY Cocolicious Lip Gloss Set No.1 Chocolate Shades - Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, 6 Count

This set of 6 lip glosses makes an excellent gift or a treat for yourself.

Each one contains botanicals, vitamin E, and aloe vera to soothe and protect the lips.

Whatever your skin tone, this is a great set of lip glosses to invest in, because there are gorgeous colors for everyone.

You get pretty pink, coral, gold, chocolate brown, rosy red, and dark red, so you can see how these would suit any complexion or be fitting for any occasion.

These lip glosses also boast a rich chocolate aroma to make your lips smell good enough to eat as well as look pretty.

One dip is enough for a full coat of this gloss, and the color lasts and lasts, according to reviewers.

SHANY Cosmetics SHANY Cocolicious Lip Gloss Set

Luscious Lip Gloss Tips and Tricks

The first thing to do, if your lips are not already smooth, is to exfoliate them. Instead of using an exfoliating scrub, which is probably too rough for your delicate lips, you can use a dry wash cloth or soft facial cleansing brush.

A clean toothbrush can also be used. Apply some lip balm or a lip moisturizing treatment before going to bed. When you are ready to do your lips, the first thing is to use a lip pencil in a natural shade, one that matches your natural lip color, to draw around the outline of your mouth. Do this and then fill your lips with the same color. Check you have even coverage.

Top your lips with a lip balm. Something wax-based is best. Alternatively, you can use an anti-feathering lip base. This will help seal the lip liner and also create an excellent base for your lip gloss to stick to. Use a lip brush if you have one, for the best results.

Finally, it is time to apply the lip gloss. Begin to apply it in the center of your lips and then blend it outward. You do not need to take it right to the edge; in fact, it is best to stop just short of the outside to prevent bleeding.

Although you can use the wand provided with the lip balm, you will find a lip brush offers a more professional looking result.

Lip gloss comes in different types of course. While a liquid gloss can be applied in a circular motion using the wand or a lip brush, roll on lip gloss should just be rolled over your lips until you have even coverage.

Next rub your lips together to distribute it evenly. If yours is in a tube, just put some on your fingertip or a lip brush, then apply. Perhaps you want to apply lip pencil or lipstick first, in which case do so, then blot on a tissue, and finally apply some lip gloss on top.

Something else you can do is apply some petroleum jelly and lip balm before the lip gloss, to make it go further.

Which Lip Gloss Suits You?

You can choose various shades and finishes from tinted to shimmer or transparent. A good tip is to choose a shade that suits your coloring. Complement fair skin with a soft nude color.

A copper shade is good for olive or medium skin tones while cocoa shimmer looks pretty on the dark skin.

How about pinks? Try a cool, sheer pink on fair skin, a warm pink on medium skin, or a bright deep pink on dark skin.

If you prefer a berry shade or plum color, try rich plum on dark skin, cool berry shimmer on the olive or medium skin, or pick a light berry shade for fair skin tones.

Frola Cosmetics Pro 134 Colors 6 Layers All-in-One Makeup Palette Set Combo

Eyeshadow Lipgloss Concealer Blush Contours Face PowderFrola Cosmetics Pro 134 Colors 6 Layers All-in-One Makeup Palette Set Combo

This is more of a complete set than just a lip gloss selection but sometimes it is worth getting a full set even if all you were first after is one of the components as a full set is designed to all work together to give a full spectrum of coverage and address everything at once.

This is just such a set it has all your makeup needs in one package, so you will be able to do a complete makeover in one sitting.

This also helps coordinate your color palettes, so they are all harmonious with each other which is sometime a problem getting the colors to work together on their own they might both be great, but together they just don’t work so well.

Beauty Treats Darling Diamond Lip Gloss Set 6 ColorsBuy Beauty Treats Darling Diamond Lip Gloss

This has to be one of the prettiest lip gloss sets of all. If you like girly pink shades, you are in luck because this set offers everything you need for cute, shiny lips.

These glosses have a sweet aroma, and they are easy to apply. The shades are true to the photo, according to reviewers, and the colors include some sparkle too, so your lips will look fuller.

Each tube of lip gloss is decorated with shiny gems, making this a lovely choice if you want to give the set to someone as a gift.

Because of the pretty decorated tubes and the feminine colors, this would be a good gift for a teenage girl who is into everything girly and cute, although to be honest these pink shades would suit a woman of any age with just about any skin tone.

Beauty Treats Darling Diamond Lip Gloss Set 6 Colors

Coastal Scents 32 Lip Color PaletteCoastal Scents 32 Color Lip Palette (PL-009)

This is one of the biggest lip palettes we have seen. You get 32 colors which mean a look for any season, skin tone or occasion, and you can mix the colors together to make your unique shades.

If you are into makeup, this makes a wonderful addition to your cosmetics collection.

All the basic colors are provided, so you will have lots of reds, pinks, corals and berry tones, as you would expect, and there are also whites, golds, purples, and even blue tones to experiment with.

Try mixing a little blue into deep red – this makes your teeth look white.

Or try a plum base with a little white shimmer in the center of your lower lip – this makes your lips look fuller.

Coastal Scents 32 Color Lip Palette

The History of Lip Gloss

You probably already know lip gloss is used to make your lips look glossy and sometimes also add color. You can get it as a soft solid or a liquid. Unlike lip balm, which is used medicinally or to soothe the lips, lip balm is cosmetic.

You can get lip gloss in many colors, and in various finishes like gloss, glitter, frosted, and even metallic, as well as translucent or opaque looks.

Did you know lip gloss was invented in 1930 by Max Factor? He wanted to create something that would make lips glossy and shiny for movies, so it was inspired by the movie industry – black and white films at that time of course.Women in the 1930s were inspired by the movies and used them as their inspiration as regarded hair and makeup, so whatever the women on the screen wore, other women would be encouraged to try out the same looks.

The first commercially available lip gloss was launched in 1932 and was Max Factor’s X-Rated. This formula was sold until 2003 when Procter and Gamble retired it from the shelves. Although it is usually just used as makeup, some types of lip gloss also soothe or moisturize the lips. Some even contain sunscreen to protect them from the sun and stop them drying out or chapping.

Lip gloss is perfect if you want some color on your lips, but you do not want a solid, intense lip color. It is also used as an ‘introduction’ to makeup, and it is popular with preteens, tweens and teenage girls who are just beginning to experiment with cosmetics but are too young to wear more intense shades.

Bonne Bell brought out the first flavored lip gloss in 1973, and it was known as Lip Smackers. You can still get flavored lip glosses, and teenagers especially love them. They originally came in 2 sizes, the smaller ones which were small enough to keep in your pocket, and the larger ones which came on a string to hang around the neck.

Advertising said a girl should choose which flavor to apply before a date because that would be the flavor her date tasted when kissing her lips.

Modern lip glosses come in various forms. They might be in a tube, small bottle or pot. Some come with a ‘doefoot’ applicator which is a sloped applicator want, or else with a lip brush built into it. You can also get lip gloss in squeezable plastic tubes.

Some of the modern ones are ‘plumping’ and contain ingredients which help plump and soften the lips. You can make any lip gloss plumping by adding a little ground cinnamon to it, to make your lips swell slightly and therefore look fuller.

Today we also have natural makeup companies specializing in cosmetics, including lip glosses, made with natural ingredients.

J.cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Gloss Set

Set of 36 Shades with Aloe Vera and Vitamin EJ.cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Gloss Set - Set of 36 Shades with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

J.cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Gloss Set – Set of 36 Shades with Aloe Vera and Vitamin EThese gorgeous lip glosses include aloe vera, vitamin E, and botanicals included in the gloss for a soothing lip treatment, so you can be sure of giving your lips a real treat along with gorgeous color.

There are 36 colors in this set covering a wide range of choices, and you can apply them as they are or mix the colors together to come up with your unique shades.

These are not sticky like some of the cheaper glosses out there, but they still offer plenty of opaque shine which fades down to a stained lip instead of simply vanishing.

Try these plain or paired with lipstick. If you are looking for lip gloss which offers a gorgeous look without being sticky, these are sure to impress you.

J.cat Beauty Eternal Shine Lip Gloss Set

24 Nabi Cosmetics Matte Lip Gloss Full Set 24 Premium Colors24 Nabi Cosmetics Matte Lip Gloss Full Set 24 Premium Colors

If you are looking for a lip gloss with a bit less shine this might interest you they are glosses in practicality but offer a matt finish, so they protect and revitalize your tender lips but not quite so in your face as some more shiny versions.

They feature a long wearing formula that will last you without being too over the top.

Mix and match the 24 different colors and use this to come up with some of your unique combinations that say you perfectly.

24 Nabi Cosmetics Matte Lip Gloss Full Set 24 Premium Colors

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