Bridgestone xFIXx Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone xFIXx Golf Ball ReviewCallaway is renowned for their technological advances and attention to detail in golf ball technology. Being at the cutting edge of innovation, Callaway has revolutionized the games with their superior knowledge and understanding of golf.
The designer of the Bridgestone xFIXx ball most likely had recreational golfers in mind. One golfer’s interpretation was that the ball is perfect for someone who plays now and then and is approximately around a handicap of 18.

So it may not be the best ball for a low handicap golfer that gets out on the course 100+ times every year. Then again, just maybe it is. Read on to find out why.

Key Features of the Bridgestone xFIXx Ball

The core of this ball is one of the low compression gradational types. What that means is that the core differs in density from center to edge. Because of the low compression, it assists golfers that have slower swing speeds and lower distance because the ball compresses easier than others. This core additionally helps produce less side spin but a higher launch angle, and that is good news in the category of accuracy.

Go ahead; judge a ball by its cover. This ball exclusively utilizes a newly made Monomer for its cover. The cover is softer than your average ball which helps a player increase in control and the desired spin at the same time, in a shorter game. The cover differs from your average ball additionally in that it has fewer dimples on its outer surface. 330 to be exact. Some golf balls even have a detectable seam. Bridgestone utilizes seamless technology for their golf balls. We’re talking accuracy here; no one wants a seam in the way of an accurately hit ball?

What’s Good About This Bridgestone Golf Ball

Some reviewers of this ball said that, after using it, they realize how underrated it is. They walked in with relatively low expectations thinking that it would be a hacker’s ball with low performance. The reviewers, by the end of a round of golf, were exceedingly pleased and their opinions had done a full 360-degree turnabout.

They explained that the ball felt fantastic on full compression shots and full swings. Some of the golfers with lower swing speeds felt that the fact that even they could compress the ball adequately with a driver; but that the bonus was that they also had great distance and control when using their irons.

Holding it in their hand, they noticed that it had a different feel than other golf balls considered high performance. They said that it felt a little ‘harder,’ despite its softer cover. But when it all came down to it, they were ecstatic about the great control and spin they were able to achieve on short iron shots and wedge shots. One golfer was able to stop the ball extremely well inside of 150 yards.

What Golfers Didn’t Like About xFIXx

The only problem anyone ran into was that they noticed some little plastic shavings on the cover after using square grooved clubs. By picking up the ball before that all-important putt and brushing the shreds off of the ball cover, they assured themselves of a true roll that would not be affected by the rough surface with the shavings sticking up. These golfers agree, however, that it was a small price to pay for the control and accuracy that they experienced.

In A Nutshell – The Bridgestone xFIXx

For the cost of approximately $, the Bridgestone xFIXx is a decent ball. Whether you’re an average golfer or one who utilizes higher handicaps, this golf ball promises to deliver good performance and can quite possibly be a definite factor in your ability to achieve lower scores. Even golfers who consider themselves 10 handicaps or lower will enjoy this ball.

TaylorMade Penta TP Tour Golf Ball Review

So there is a lot of buzz around the courses about the new TaylorMade Penta TP golf ball, so I thought I’d take a peek and see what this thing is all about. Does it go without saying that since it is a 5 layer ball; it’s not going to be on the inexpensive side, but what great performing ball is?
Each layer of a multi-level ball, as most of you know, is designed to address and enhance specific characteristics of a golf shot. Spin, feel, and distance is the most common. What we find in a lot of 4 and 5 layer balls, however, is that although they seem to excel in some areas, they tend to lack in others, this is perhaps why most golfers use a good two or three layer ball.

TaylorMade Penta TP Tour Golf Ball, The Penta TP, has taken the flaws most commonly seen in these balls and addressed each one individually and seems to have nearly perfected every one of the 5 layers that make up the Penta. Let’s take a closer look as to why this ball may finally solve the riddles lots of higher end balls have failed to do.

Outer Shell Of Penta TP Tour Ball

We all love a ball with a soft feel that can still deliver higher spin rates while still maintaining a lower launch angle. There are a handful of balls out there that accomplish this rather well. However these balls often lack the punch, so we are left sacrificing a little distance.

The Penta’s urethane cover offers all the features you would expect in a tour level ball, with the rare advantage of not having to sacrifice distance and accuracy.

Outer Mantle Of TaylorMade Penta

The outer mantle is the balls spin layer. This layer is optimized for your short iron and rescue club game. More often than not, a ball that promotes higher speed lacks the control and distance factors; Penta has this covered as well.

Not only can you generate the spin needed for the shot you need to make, but you can also count on the Penta to achieve the distance necessary to get you where you need to be. The ball still maintains that low launch level, while giving you plenty of spin on the ball, a huge advantage rarely seen in any golf ball.

Middle Mantle Of Penta Golf Ball

The middle mantel is made from Penta’s new proprietary material, is the main function is to allow the other players to do their jobs, without sacrificing control. Besides distance, control is perhaps the most sought after characteristic we all want from our golf balls, especially when we are paying north of 40 dollars a dozen.

Designed specifically for your long iron game, the middle mantle allows you to keep the ball low to maximize distance. More often than not, balls with the features mentioned previously fall short here, subsequently leaving you ball short of its intended target, in this case, the target is the green. With the Penta TP, there will be no more ballooning or fall just short of the green into a bunker.

Inner Mantle Of TaylorMade Ball

So far it seems the Penta is only good for low-level high spin shots. We all know there are many times throughout the course of 18 holes where we need a large loft and a steep descending angle, to “plop” the ball where we want it. This issue is addressed with the Penta’s 4th inner mantle. The Inner mantle gives you the best of both worlds here, longer distance with a controllable, soft landing.

The Penta TP Tour Core

The core as we know is the heart of any golf ball. Some prefer a lower compression rate, while others are willing to sacrifice distance for more control. The Penta offers you the best of both worlds here. The core allows for high launch levels and low spin rates off the tee, which maximizes the carry AND distance, great for those heavy hitters out there.

From all indications the TaylorMade Penta TP 5 layer Tour ball is the real deal. No longer will we all have to sacrifice on the feature for another. If there was a perfect ball in all our heads, this might very well be the one guys![amazon_link asins=’B00IZGM6IA’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0e7408f2-f87f-11e7-8421-adcf7295f65e’]

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