Best Christmas Coloring Books For Kids 2021

Christmas coloring books are perfect for classroom gift exchanges, stocking stuffers, or long car rides.

Every kid loves Christmas and coloring, so Christmas themed coloring books are always sure to be a hit.

Rainy days, snowy days, holiday travel days, no matter the reason, when the kids can’t get outside to play coloring books are a fun and creative way to pass the time.

About Coloring Pages For Kids

Coloring Helps Kids Develop Motor Skills, Creativity, and Much More

Coloring pages are a fun way for kids to pass the time, but more importantly, they help children develop many important skills. The skills children acquire by coloring include, eye-hand coordination, color concepts and picture comprehension, all of which provide a platform for early learning success.

In general, children who color will have an easier time learning and will do better throughout their school careers.

Why is coloring important for children?

Coloring fine tunes those motor skills your child is exploring in a fun and educational way. They learn how to hold crayons which is the first stage of them learning how to write. As they get older, their skill and hand-eye coordination develop, and they have fun while they are experimenting. Coloring does, of course, teach about color, about drawing and it fuels their imagination. Many coloring books are also educational.
But honestly, they are just fun! Even adults find them absorbing so what child wouldn’t want one of these on Christmas morning?

Coloring Books for Kids and Adults

A collection of awesome coloring books. Wow, I enjoyed putting this together, there are some superb coloring books available and coming out in 2011. Coloring books for boys and girls, and coloring books for adults too (yep, it’s okay, lots of grownups enjoy coloring in!)

Since having children, I’ve remembered how much I loved coloring as a child. I loved geometric coloring books and would spend hours on my designs. Now my boys love coloring, especially animals and dinosaurs and scenes with pirates and knights. And yes, I’ve been tempted to join in, it’s nice to sit around the table asking if I could please have the purple pencil next 🙂

I’ve chosen my favorite coloring books in lots of popular categories and a few unusual ones too. I’ve included selections for toddlers, preschoolers, little kids, big kids, teens, and adults. Coloring books make a great birthday or Christmas gifts. Usually inexpensive but giving hours of pleasure.

Buy A Christmas Coloring Book Now!

Christmas Cheer! Paperback

Christmas Cheer Holiday Coloring Book For Kids
With 300 pages of coloring and other activities, this super-sized color book is sure to delight children of any age this holiday season. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.

  • 300 pages of Christmas Coloring Fun
  • Connect the Dots and Other Activities
  • Cut-Out Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Cheer! Paperback

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Super Coloring Book


Buy Your Special 40th Anniversary Edition of This Dr. Seuss Classic
Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a holiday classic, and it’s now available as a coloring book. Your kids will have hours of fun coloring all of the characters from this Christmas classic. This coloring book is the best gift for kids of all ages

  • 64 Fun Holiday Coloring Pages
  • Kids Use Their Imagination To Color The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, and all the rest of the famous Dr. Suess characters


Here Comes Santa Claus! Christmas Coloring Book in 3-D

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A Modern Twist on This Classic Coloring Book For Kids
Kids will love coloring Santa, candy canes, poinsettias and other classic symbols of the holiday. Follow the simple coloring instructions and watch your images magically float off the page. Cool 3-D is sure to delight and amaze children of all ages.

  • 32 fun 3-D Christmas coloring pages
  • 3-D glasses included
  • Classic coloring book with a modern twist

 Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass

One of the greatest fantasy love stories ever told in coloring pages.
Just to let you know that when it says “Little” in a coloring book description that means the books are smaller than the average size coloring book.

These Mythical Creatures Coloring Pages are very nice and printed on high-quality paper, they are just little books, with translucent paper.

Here is a collection of the great free printable color pages on the internet. Hours of coloring fun for kids of all ages.

Famous Christmas Coloring Books

Buy Bestselling Coloring Books This Christmas At Amazon

3D Designs Coloring Books and Regular Coloring Books Too!

3D coloring books and free fun activities for adult and kids coloring artists to create visual optical illusions. Adding color to bring these coloring pages to life is a therapeutic form of art and joined with meditation by many colorists.

Adults and teens will enjoy creating their own 3D designs pictures from the books. Designing an arts and crafts 3D theme provides artists with an intricate approach to learning movement, composition, and contrast.

Featured are coloring books from Amazon & eBay, that adult coloring artists will find as one of the best ways to relax and meditate with coloring activities, and clip art.

Geometric Coloring Books, Patterns, CD-ROMs and Books

Geometric and 3D coloring books designs that can trick the eye with optical illusions, and are fun to color because the shapes look as if they are moving. Here you will find some free clip art coloring activities, coloring books, patterns, and CD-ROM and books with geometric 3D designs and clipart.

I like this collection has fun coloring activity books, clipart, and something for all ages! Certainly, it has been fun for me to research and find the best to feature

Challenging Geometrical Designs To Color

Coloring Designs For Kids & Adults To Enjoy

3D coloring page designFor design coloring books fans who like challenges, here are some entertaining, demanding and delightful illustrations in coloring books. There is an intriguing assortment of 3D and abstract designs, interlacing designs, clipart drawings, and abstract configurations that can be colored or painted in bold hues or soft pastel colors, or your favorite muted earth tones for completely original results.

I like using watercolor pencils and coloring in layers to get the effects that I want. I go through a lot of cotton-swabs, I use different size brushes and paper towels for mopping and dabbing. – 3D Pictures:

Knights & Dragons, Mythical Beasts & Warriors Coloring Books, Coloring Pages

I love the coloring pages in the Poster Coloring Books – Knights & Dragons, I saw some of them on Dover. They are fun coloring pages kids activities. I think the book would make a great gift idea and is educational. Children will enjoy coloring or paint the pages and then put the posters together for a wall display.

The free coloring book pages are adventures with mythical beasts and some fantasy warriors, and knights fighting legendary dragons…Oh, the beasts are wild creatures, so get out those colored pencils and art markers for creating colorful masterpieces.

Dragon and Crystal Ball Line Art Post To Color

Are you looking for gift ideas for children? What about slipping one of these dragon coloring books into their Christmas stocking? This page features the best selling coloring books featuring dragons, gargoyles and wizard. Watch your child learn about color and fire their imagination at the same time. Coloring is educational and fun and will keep them occupied for hours. Look out though – everyone will want to have a go.

The scene is inside a medieval castle, and the crystal ball is of most interest.

You can use this free image of the “Dragon and Crystal Ball” to color for personal use or commercial use. To get the poster page, scroll on down and take a look around. I love mythical creatures, the era of the knights and dragons, and am especially fond of the stained glass coloring books. Stained glass coloring activity pages are something special and fun for all ages if you like. At age 7 one granddaughter is making them look pretty nice already, with practice it will only improve. Let the kids practice on them, please. Kids love it when they see there finished masterpieces (wink;) glowing in the light.

Tipi’s Tip: I take the stained glass coloring books apart, and cut them down the middle of the fold with a paper cutter, big sharp scissors, or knife. Then you can work on each page, much easier to hold up to a light to see how it looks.

Three Headed Dragon To Color

A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that feature in the myths of many cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons: the European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, and the Chinese dragon, with counterparts in Japan, Korea and other East Asian countries.”

Game Of Thrones Color Book

Knights and Dragons

There is a reason that the topic of knights and dragons, in general, are so popular. Hollywood has romanticized this era of time with fantastic cinematography and the ability for the viewer to expand their imagination.

Knights and Dragons are some of the more popular topics for boys because it pushes their minds to dream big! Dragons are humongous and noble knights are the fighters of injustice. Boys and girls become enamored with these contexts because they see classic scenes on television and in film.

Adults tend to resonate towards these topics, thanks to amazing storylines and great production values in popular television series like Game Of Thrones.

Prismcolor Scholar Woodcase Color Pencils

48 pencils only a few $ more than 24

These are excellent color pencils for some of the more detailed coloring books. This case of 48 color pencils is only a few dollars more than buying 1/2 the number of pencils at this update. These are the same pencils my son used while in art school, and that I am using now.

If you’re looking for mandala coloring books then you’ve come to the right pace!

Mandala coloring books are great for children and adults alike, and can be a fun rainy day activity or spiritual exercise.

A cheap way to reduce stress, coloring mandalas is a form of self-guided meditation that anyone can learn.

Mystical Mandala Coloring Book (Dover Design Coloring Books)

This vibrant collection of drawings was inspired by the hypnotic appeal of the mandala. An ancient form of meditative art, mandalas are complex circular designs that draw the eye inward, toward their centers. These 30 dazzling mandala designs will captivate colorists of all ages, challenging them to create kaleidoscopic effects.

Mandalas Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Design Stained Glass Coloring Book)

Popular among designers and crafters, the circular symmetry of mandala designs also makes them fun to color. This eye-catching collection of “stained glass” illustrations invites coloring book fans to apply their hues to a variety of these intriguing patterns, complete with centerpieces of human faces, florals, mythical creatures, and abstract designs.

World Mandalas: 100 New Designs for Coloring and Meditation

Beautiful and enlightening, these classical mandalas include rose window designs from the cathedrals of Europe, Navajo sand paintings, Hindu yantras, traditional Buddhist thangka scroll designs, and motifs from illuminated Celtic manuscripts. As a symbol of the spiritual journey, the mandala expresses our yearning for the sacred and for knowledge and experience of the infinite.

By coloring mandalas, we become focused on their complex symmetry and come to contemplate the divinity at our own center. With detailed directions on coloring techniques – either on the page or the computer screen-as well as charts explaining Chinese and Hindu color symbolism, this collection offers an irresistible invitation to a rewarding creative activity which is also a rich meditative experience.

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