Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas and Buyer Guide

Outdoor Lighting Ambiance

Romance, mystery, and delight; all can be created with outdoor lighting! There are so many choices today, which there’s no reason you can’t create a romantic lighting environment under just about any circumstance.

Featuring romantic exterior lighting pictures and recommended products and instructions including outdoor Christmas lighting ideas for the front door and interesting lights for parties, decks, patios, pools and ponds.

Large Metal Outdoor Candle Lanterns

Uber Modern Outdoor Lighting

Casting their enchanting glow, the flames from the candle lanterns shimmer across the deck and pond. They have modern styling yet with an eclectic design. They’re situated on a deck, adjacent to a pond with large river stones, and their romantic glow is cast softly upon the water. The 6 black metal baskets are placed on either side of the wooden deck passageway along the house and will look impressive during the day also. This is an excellent way to create elegant lighting when you plan to have parties or dinner guests over for the evening, and you want to create cool, yet mysterious outdoor ambiance lighting. Contemporary pond and pool lighting ideas by candlelight for added drama.

Romantic Outdoor Lanterns for Candles

Create Ambience along a Walkway

Hanging Solar Lights

Wireless Outdoor Lighting Solar LED
Here are very beautiful hanging pendant lights, with the brighter lighting effects of LED, yet with a nice Cornet shaped design that will add a lot of ambiances. Hang them on Trees, Balconies, Porches, Pergolas and Gazebos. They’re also highlights for parties and romantic outdoor dinners on the deck or patio.

These hanging corner lights are a great way to create romantic tree lighting. They were originally designed to hang off tree branches, but as you can see from the photo, you can hang them off wrought iron hooks and arbors.

White lights are the safest bet for dual purposes. So many people have wanted solar LED lights that give off good light, well here they are.

Sets are available in quantities of 3, 6 or 9.

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Romantic Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Party

Romantic Lighting on the Cheap
1. If you want to create a romantic setting for your next outdoor party, but you have an area that has little to recommend it, such as open space, grass, and a few trees, then pull together a great get together with table and chairs, poles, sheer drapes and string lighting. With a little ingenuity, even the barest prospects can be transformed into romantic and fun festivities. Outdoor party lighting ideas don’t have to be expensive. Home D-zine shows you step by step how to create this romantic retreat.

2. If you want good bright lighting for long canopies or large umbrellas, then consider this commercial string lighting kit with the table in a bag. The string lights are in a European style.[amazon_link asins=’B01EIO0XZA,B01KNV6FYA,B001V70WEA,B01J0ZV2IE,B01COUI0EG,B01COU5BXY’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4bde6d18-411b-11e7-8d45-bfb893b4ca44′]

Lighting Ideas with Garden Lamps

Romantic Evening Lighting Al Fresco

If you like to sit out in the evening, then consider adding romantic outdoor lighting right in your flower garden. The garden Lily lights would be perfect for an outdoor Calla Lily Wedding. These lights can be used in the garden or as unique and colorful path lights.

Garden Terrace and Path Steps

Romantic Outdoor Terrace Lighting

This outstanding garden terrace has white stucco walls, beautiful landscaping and outdoor lighting strategically placed throughout the garden terrace to highlight trees and bushes and along the center stairway. At the top of the steps is a large white fountain. If you have a terrace, particularly one with steps then what better way to enjoy the evenings then to see your garden all lit up and be able to walk the steps with no worry of falls or missteps.

Solar Pavers

Solar LED Pavers in Cool White, Blue, and Warm White
Ideal for paths, driveways, walkways, in the garden and steps.

Romantic Outdoor Path Lighting for Parties

For CelebrationsRomantic Outdoor Path Lighting for Parties
Overhead there are white string lights in the trees bordering the path and numerous Luminary Bags, which border either side of the path. And isn’t this simply enchanting and romantic outdoor lighting illumination for Christmas, parties or as Wedding path lights for a memorable evening.

Uber Contemporary Lights

Modern Outdoor Lighting

This modern pebble patio has added drama with the shiny black slate stones leading to an entrance of the house and the cone shaped lights in the background. The light wood patio furniture contrasts beautifully with the dark shutters of the home.

Exterior Walls, Patios, and Decks
Here are some interesting designs in exterior wall sconces that are ideal for lighting decks, paths, fences, and patios.

Hanging Pendant Light for Garden Arbor

Hanging Pendant Light for Garden ArborWell lit Walkways and Outdoor Structures
Consider hanging a pendant light under your wrought iron arbor. It not only will add ambiance to your arbor and garden path but will also provide lighting for evening walks. Hanging pendant lights can be placed under pergolas, trellis, and gazebos too!

Antique-Look Solar Hanging Door Lantern

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Here is a wireless LED Hanging Solar Pendant light which can be hung separately, such as under a tall arbor or as a path light as it includes a Shepherds Hook Post. Use it for lighting for fences and outbuildings such as sheds, pergolas, and gazebos.

Driveway Portico Lighting

a Well Lit Driveway Entrance to the Front Door
It’s a good idea to have outdoor lighting in a driveway portico so that residents and guests can see their way around in the evening. A large hanging outdoor pendant light that complements the Mediterranean style of the portico makes an impressive statement. Outdoor light fixtures can provide added security to your home too.

Modern Deck and Pool Lights

Illumination for Decks and Pools
Lighting is placed on the deck and splashes great light on the white exterior wall adding ambiance to the deck and pool area. Great lighting for around the pool![amazon_link asins=’B01IBXN6XA,B01HCQL17U,B01D1H89DI,B01MYQ7VAA,B01HSJQUFO,B01FISP9KY’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]

Outdoor Pool Lights

Colorful Pool Lighting and Surround

Magical outdoor pool and surround lighting can be quite stunning and dramatic. It certainly adds to a romantic or party atmosphere.

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