Decorating Your New Bedroom with Decorative Lights

Lighting is an essential element in any room. It can either make or break the room; hence lighting has an important place in home decor. It sets the ambiance and enhances the room’s allure. Good lighting makes the room more bright, warm, presentable and inviting. The lighting of the room should complement the interiors as well. Lighting does not just have a functional facet, but it also creates a visual space dynamically.
The lighting in the room enhances furniture, flooring, paintings, etc. Without proper lighting, the interior decor would not be highlighted. Make a statement with your lighting. Highlight the best area of your room. Improper lighting will cause your room to be gloomy and set in a dull mood. Balance plays an important role in lighting for home decor.
Types of lighting that can be used to create beautiful interior designs. They all need to work in harmony to bring out the perfect balance of lighting for the room.

Ambient lighting

This refers to the natural light in the environment. Ambient lighting can make your room glow with brightness. Ambient lighting is also used in photography and is called as low-key lighting. Ambient lighting is a light reflection from various surfaces or directions that produce single illumination. Lanterns and wall sconces are the types of lights that can be used. Ambient lighting can be provided for indoors as well outdoors.

For indoor ambient lighting the fixtures that can be used:

  1. ⦁ Chandelier
  2. ⦁ Ceiling mounted fixture
  3. ⦁ Wall-mounted fixture
  4. ⦁ Recessed fixtures and down-light
  5. ⦁ Track light
  6. ⦁ Floor lamp
  7. ⦁ Table lamp

For outdoor ambient lighting the fixtures that can be used:

  1. ⦁ Spotlight
  2. ⦁ Hanging fixture
  3. ⦁ Post lantern
  4. ⦁ Wall lighting
  5. ⦁ Recessed fixture used in overhanging structures

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas or objects of the room such as artworks, sculptures, plants, bookcases etc. Hence it is also called as highlighting. It helps to create visual interest in the room. The most common examples of accent lighting are seen in movie theatres. The lights installed on the stairway in theatres shines a light for highlighting the direction. Sconces, floodlights, etc. are the types of lights that can be used. It also provides the impression of a larger space than usual. Recessed lights have adjustable fittings to drive even to a small object.

Types of fixtures that can be used:

  1. ⦁ Track light
  2. ⦁ Directional recessed fixture or downlight
  3. ⦁ Wall-mounted fixtures

Task lighting

Task lighting refers to increasing the brightness in a room but also keeps contrast in mind. Task lighting is mostly lights that are used to facilitate daily tasks. Aesthetic lights are a piece of decorative artwork. Hanging lights, recessed lights, etc. are the types of lights. Task lighting, when used with aesthetic lighting, are a perfect combination for any home decor.

Types of fixtures that can be used:

  1. ⦁ Directional recessed fixture or downlight
  2. ⦁ Pendant lighting
  3. ⦁ Portable or desk lamp

Upgrading your rooms with decorative lights requires proper planning and selection. You need to understand the decor being used like the furniture in the room, artifacts used, etc. You can decorate your room with fixtures or hanging lights or even use a combination of versatility.
The types of fixtures that can efficiently decorate your room:

Surface mounted lights:

Surface mounted lights are those fixtures that are mounted either on the wall or ceiling. The ceiling mounted fixtures are usually bound by chains or metal rods.


Chandeliers also are known as girandole, candelabra lamp, or least commonly suspended lights are branched ornamental lights designed to be hanged on ceiling and walls. They use fluorescent lights and LEDs (recently). Chandeliers vary in sizes but grander the better. The size to be used depends on the size of the room and ceiling. Before buying any chandelier, get in touch with your interior designer or at the interior showroom for the type that would complement the decor.
Miniature chandeliers are perfect for bedrooms. There are three types of chandeliers: classic, contemporary and modern.

Classic chandeliers have a hanging array of prisms or bulbs that illuminate the room. They are hanged through a metal rod on the ceiling. Refracted is used to brighten the room. It contains multiple lamps. Classic chandeliers have vintage designs which can provide a vintage feel to any bedroom.

Contemporary chandeliers are minimalist designs without the array of prisms. They illuminate the room with direct light. Sometimes they are equipped with translucent glass covering each lamp.

Modern chandeliers have more modern designs that use LED bulbs. They are a combination of classic and contemporary chandeliers. They are equipped with refractive crystal prisms or small mirrors. They provide a more sophisticated optical illusion that will leave everyone in awe.


These lights are used especially to highlight artworks, architectural details, etc. but can also be used for lighting. They are used in hallways and even as overhead lights. They are mostly pinned on the wall, and the light is usually directed upwards but not always. Modern design sconces are also called as wall lights if covered by glass. Sconces can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The sconces are installed at a three-quarter distance from the floor. Swing arm sconces can be installed near the bed for task lighting. There are many vintage designs for sconces available.

Tracking lights, cabinet lights, emergency lighting or exit sign, display lights, etc. also can be used. Mostly the bulbs used are fluorescent lights that can be used or switched on only when required. These lights are useful during emergencies or in the dark so that chandeliers or other big light fixtures need not be switched on.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are also called as suspenders or drop lights that hang from a ceiling through a single metal rod, chain or pipe. They add a chic look to any room. They come in a variety of sizes and vary in material, i.e., concrete, plastic, glass or metal. They are usually used in a cluster (of two or three). Pendant lights are energy saving models that require less voltage and use either fluorescent, LED or halogen bulbs. Pendant lights can be dimmed as per convenience.

Light fixtures

A light fixture (US English), light fitting (UK English), or luminaries is an electronically used lamp. It can be controlled with switches. Light fixtures have a fixture body and a light socket to hold the lamp and allow for its replacement. They are electrically handled.
Table lamps and desks lamps are portable hence can be shifted according to convenience. Light fixtures have additional reflectors, aperture, outer shell, power supply and shade to diffuse the light. Table lamps, office task lamp, and standard lamps all come under light fixtures. Table lamps can be used even on side tables or at a particular position to highlight any decor. Light fixtures also have the option of being dimmed. It can be used to increase or decrease the brightness as per convenience. Dim lights are used to set the mood during dinner or movies etc.

Spotlights can also be used in bedrooms to highlight paintings. They are focussed to illuminate a certain point. Mostly fluorescent bulbs are used. They sometimes need to be used in a pair with proper focus. You can even choose modernized designs to uplift your room.

Recessed light fixtures

This type of fixtures is fixed on a wall or ceiling, and only the lights are exposed, i.e., a hollow opening in the ceiling. The ceiling mounted lights are called as a downlight. These lights are also used are installed near the floor called as up-lights. They can be considered as safelights for those who fear the dark. They are also called as pot light or can (canister) light.

When installed the appearance is of a light shining from a hole in the ceiling like a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight. Pot lights or canister lights when used implies a circular hole with a cylindrical fixture resembling a pot or a canister.

There are three parts of a recessed lighting fixture: housing, trim and bulb.

The trim is the visible portion of the light. It is the bulb seen while looking up into the fixture, and also includes the thin lining around the edge of the light. The housing is the installed fixture that contains the lamp holder. Some bulbs can be used with recessed lights and are energy efficient.
The above images are some of the decorative lights that you can install in your new bedroom. There are a variety of decorative lights to chose from that vary in shape and sizes. You need to plan exactly how many fixtures you would require in your bedroom. Do not clutter your room with too many light fixtures. The best way to plan your bedroom is to keep it simple yet elegant.

Remember to make the right choice and keep the room bright.

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