Best Stimulate Hair Growth Methods

Your hair can be stimulated very well by the use of natural ingredients rather than spending thousands of dollars on modern gimmicks that claim to fight the conditions of baldness and thin hair.

There are some products available on the market that boast of being very effective in increasing rate of growth in roots, but they are all found to be filled with chemicals and disastrous ingredients that are not considered to be good for the health of your hair, and therefore their use should be shunned immediately.Stimulate Hair Growth

People, especially women who are looking to increase the number of healthy strands on their head and to do so at a very fast pace, should always make use of ingredients that are available in their natural form.

Natural ingredients are not only useful, but they have been found to be far more effective in comparison to the commercial products that are available on the market.

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that some of the most commonly found natural products work wonders in the field of quickly growing hair and providing a great lush and thick feeling to it as well.

Some of the simplest natural ingredients that can be used for increasing your growth are mentioned below:

Olive OilOlive Oil

Olive oil possesses the great ability to Stimulate Hair Growth and is also considered to be very beneficial for the health of the hair.

Olive oil should be used for massaging the scalp which helps with getting rid of scalp irritants and debris that can have a huge impact on the growth of hair.

Debris and scalp irritants tend to get deeply embedded into the pores of the scalp where the follicle roots are located. The debris and scalp irritants mainly get accumulated because of the shampoo that is used by an individual and even the different types of hair care products used by people, such as gels and sprays.

It is imperative to make sure that olive oil is left on the scalp for at least one night and then rinsed off properly in the morning to stimulate the growth of hair.

On this topic, it is also worth noting the important role played by herbs and vitamins in benefiting the efforts of an individual fighting the unfortunate condition of alopecia.


Garlic is known to have various types of health benefits for the entire body of an individual, and this even includes the benefit that will stimulate hair growth.

Garlic extract helps with getting rid of the dangerous toxins within the body, and at the same time, it helps by increasing the rate of blood flow to the scalp.

Proper blood flow to the scalp is considered to be very helpful in bringing the most important nutrients to the hair roots, which help in nourishing the hair strands, further strengthening the hair and stimulating hair growth.

Garlic extract can also be mixed with shampoo for the relief of itchiness and flaking. Garlic extract is also known to strengthen hair strands and provides a very healthy shine to the hair.

Another great method that can be used for getting the proper circulation of blood to the scalp is massaging garlic extract directly on the scalp before bed.

The massage of garlic extract on the scalp makes it easier for important nutrients to reach the roots of the hair and therefore feeds the hair strands.

The body does much of its growth during the night, and with a fresh source of garlic to use, hair growth can be greatly improved.

It is important to wash the hair thoroughly on the morning after because small chunks of debris that are created by movement at night can get stuck in the pores where hair follicles are located. If left in these pores, the chunks will reduce hair growth by a large margin.

So in a sense, this method can greatly help you if used right, but can also hurt you if used incorrectly.


Onions can also be used to stimulate hair growth because they possess sulfur. Sulfur is believed to help in increasing circulation.

Sulfur also possesses certain anti-inflammatory properties that are a great help in preventing hair shedding. The juice of raw onions should be used for massaging the scalp, which can help thicken the hair.

This juice has also been found to reverse grey hairs as well. This ingredient has been used for centuries throughout the world to treat thin and grey hair.

When used on individuals suffering from hair loss, in as little as six weeks, over 80% of them had shown significant increases in hair growth. Onion juice is best when it is fresh.

Therefore, buying store brands of the juice is not recommended. It’s best to just buy fresh onions and use the juice right after it has been removed from the onion.

Storing the juice for any amount of time will also dampen its effects. There are various other natural and simple ingredients that can also be used for treating hair strands and roots to stimulate hair growth.

However, it is always important to test such products before using them on hair because they can cause allergic reactions in some people.


These first few methods may be seen as time-consuming or even uncomfortable for some people. Many different alternative ways work just as well as these, and some even work better.

There are menus at the top and to the right that will lead you to more superb methods that might now require you to smell like garlic or an onion all day. Both natural and synthetic methods of stimulating hair growth can have positive effects.

It is understandable that some individuals might want to stay more natural or stay away from expensive procedures. For these users, many great methods are provided.

The other groups of people who want fast results or have a little bit more cash to spare can benefit from the alternative methods of hair growth stimulation provided.

There should be no barrier to anyone who seeks to stimulate their hair growth because of the vast amount of options available in today’s market.

Natural? No thanks!

Sure, everyone wants to lather their hair in a natural oil or product and wake up with longer, healthier hair. The sad truth is that this is just not reasonable.

With hair already growing at such a slow pace even when healthy, these natural methods can only do so much. But, in this day and age, faster is better. How can you get faster results you might ask yourself.

Well, we’ve put together a page dedicated strictly to alternative methods that can stimulate your hair to grow faster than any natural method ever could.

We are not endorsing these methods as the best way to grow hair, rather the quickest.

Laser TherapyLaser Therapy

This technology is not exactly new, but now it produces results. This is geared more towards men and women who are suffering from hair loss.

If you have a good head of hair already and are just looking to grow it faster, this is not for you. Studies have shown that just six months of laser treatment can reduce hair loss by up to 40%.

Most of these treatments are done via in-home products that can be purchased online but can be done for a much higher cost in a clinical environment.

Don’t just run out and buy one of these bad boys though. Do some research on the most effective and FDA approved laser therapies first. This is also quite a large investment.

Cheap laser treatment products will set you back at least $500. Although, many women and men suffering from hair loss would surely trade this kind of money to cure their problem.

So how does it work? Typically hair does not just stop growing for no reason. Hair stops growing mainly because the follicles become obstructed or damaged.

The waves of light emitted by laser hair therapy are specifically designed to target these follicles and reduce any swelling or blockage that may have occurred over a period of many years.

Once the follicles are cleared to grow again, many of them will start growing at a slow rate. It is possible to have damaged the follicles past the point of return, however.

These hairs will never grow again. Many elderly people will see these types of follicles, but the majority of hair loss sufferers will not. Just search for the millions of success stories on the internet if you are looking for proof before you invest.

Hair Growth Vitamins/PillsHair Growth Vitamins/Pills

Many of these products do contain healthy vitamins that can be found in all the natural ingredients mentioned on this site.

The difference between those products and these is that the pills also add other ingredients that haven’t quite been proven to work.

That’s not so saying that they don’t work, but the ingredients just haven’t been tested enough. Some may be quite effective.

We recommend reading as many reviews as possible on each product before purchasing them. Luckily, these pills are not extremely expensive, so getting a bottle that doesn’t will mean wasting large chunks of money.

These products do take some time to kick in, so expecting quick results like the laser therapy is just not reasonable.

That being said, when these products are effective, they can be much faster than typical natural ingredients that you would use on your hair.

Anti-fungal Cream 

Now we know what you’re saying right now. Anti-fungal creams? That’s right. This method is an underground method that women have started using. This is by far the most untested method on this site.

There are no scientific studies on this. However, women have been claiming that this method is the single most effective way to stimulate hair growth. When we say anti-fungal cream, we mean stuff like Neosporin or vaginal creams.

The way that these creams help grow hair is still a mystery. But the majority of users claim that the results are so fast that you can almost “feel” your hair growing.

The side effects are still random, and there doesn’t seem to be a large pattern of one particular side effect.

Some women complain of headaches, and some complain of the strange “crawling” feeling on their head.

Nothing serious has been noted yet. If you are looking for a crazy fast way to grow your hair, and don’t care about how you do it, this is your method.

If you do decide to use this method, please drop us a message and tell us how it worked. Who knows, maybe this is the future of hair growth.

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