14 Exercises Shoulder Muscle for Men

Shoulder muscle exercise is one of the exercises to become the more toned body. Whether practicing at home gym or the fitness center, you just made 14 shoulder muscle exercises for men below will get toned shoulders14 Exercises Shoulder Muscle for Men

14 exercises shoulder muscle for men

  • Do you know the upper part of the body to become more athletic, they must need to have broad shoulders toned muscles?
  • Do you know the scapula and shoulder muscles greatly impact the creation of the chest and abdominal muscles not even?
  • Do you like the guy’s shoulder looks very masculine u no?
  • Do you want to make a solid shoulder to lean on each time girlfriend sad or happy?
  • If you like the area of a body-hugging T-shirt, in addition to the chest and abdomen toned, muscular shoulders as “u” makes you more to be muscular, strong breeze seemed his manhood, do you want it?

Shoulder muscles are very important for confidence men showing muscular body and facilitating the exercise moves to the other body. You need the black-body impact on us, body lifts, body joints, and scapula muscle groups to build three important roles (front, back, and the shoulder). In addition to strengthening the upper body portion and the bone underneath, you need to protect the body from damage. You will quickly become one who forces, which all men should aspire to and makes the ladies have bedeviled coveted. Best Home Gyms would share 14 shoulder muscle exercises effective for men of all time; all you men will feel extremely satisfied!

Single weight lifting over

Place the barbell on the frame 1, behind weightlifting, hands shoulder width, grabbed the barbell. Lift off the frame and keep the shoulder. Forearms perpendicular to the floor. Grasp barbell, abdominal muscle strain. Push the barbell over his head pointing forward and your mouth careful when lifting weights over his face.

Kettlebell movements fly

Two hands are holding 2 kg, placed on either side. No leaning, the body uses to make the two weights up over a few centimeters. Arms and torso inverted V formed. This action is like lifting weights position with inertial force.

Cable pulled shoulder muscle exercises face

Place one hand at the top of the cable pulley of the cable pulling equipment. Each one first grip handles with palms facing each other. Step backward to stretch the cable. Pull the two handles on the front so that the palms facing the ears and the back of people on the backstretch.

High weights dragging

Each lifting kettlebell movements

Prepare 1 kg unit on the floor, behind a quintal. Two hands grabbed the barbell, broad shoulders and raised double the previous lap. Buckled knees and hips so that the barbell kept on the pillow. Boosting two hip posture as jumping up and pulling weights up to shoulder height bar, elbows outstretched either side as the rowing posture straight up.

Each lifting kettlebell movements

High weights dragging

Two hands are holding one kettlebell, sit on a bench top set. Keep your lower back straight, lean forward. Straighten the body and barbell shrugs when two forearms raised high. According to inertia to rotate the wrist so that the two quintals remained right shoulder height.

Lifting movements

Put 1 high chair set slightly upwards, lying on his back, chest benches to 1 first, 1 quintal each application handles and palms facing each other. Thu two shoulder blades back, then straight past the back lifting weights for arms aligned with the body.

Weight lifting

Standing two feet shoulder width. Lower back slightly arched, hips buckled backward to lower body and held a barbell with both hands shoulder width. Stretch your hips to lift the barbell off the floor. Once past the knee, jump, and swing so that inertia barbell lifting it up and you hold the barbell across the shoulders. And upright abdominal muscle strain. Push the weights straight over.

Do not forget to practice pilates 7 ultimate male role for men to have the best performance and the most beautiful shoulders!

Dragging weights back stoop

High weights dragging

Pose lifting weights, but two wide grip barbell shoulder doubled. Promote barbell up to chest and forearms parallel to the floor. Try to push your chest out while lifting weights and stretching onto the bar.

Movements zipper sides

Stand up each end here, so that cross-foot X-shaped wire forming the body. Raise the arms at an angle of 90 degrees to either side until your arms parallel to the floor. This action also 6 pack abs exercises effective for men.

Lifting wire moves forward

To exercise this male shoulder muscles, standing on two wires, both hands holding the other end. Raise the arms to the front body, horizontal shoulder height.

Lifting movements of the two sides back bent wire

Standing, right foot on the line and the left one on the other end. Repeat for each of the two hands grabbed the line. Backward curved hips until body nearly parallel to the floor. Two wire tension. Pressed together two shoulder blades and lift forearms laterally.

Lifting movements wire W

Keep wires to something secure shoulder height horizontal and diagonal hands holding each end of the line. Standing on the back to stretch the two wires. Squeeze the shoulder blades together and pull the two wires to the shoulders, elbows back toward the sides and forearms form character W. Hold for 2 seconds.

Note: Best Home Gyms encourage you to develop the shoulder muscles to the extreme, do not ignore the role assignments, which aggregate all the way collective action as well as to improve basic words that you can apply use at home or the gym!

Push-ups on the wire moves

Insert two wires into one fixture on the top and lower the legs down two horizontal handles knee height. Push-ups pose two feet on the handle and hands shoulder width, put on the floor. Abdominal muscle strain, lower the body until the chest close to the floor and then push back up. Curved hips and lifting people up until your torso upright. Body stretched back. That is one iteration.

Y movement lifting wire

Both hands, grasp the handle two wires, standing two feet shoulder width. This gave thanks to the wire after 45-60 episodes, abdominal muscle strain. raising his hands and facing the Y-shaped form with palms facing each other. Your body upright, but do not let the shoulders relaxed. Body weight transfer from heel to forefoot.

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