Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Office Workers 2021

Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Office Workers

Here are some Halloween costume ideas for office workers. Do you have a Halloween office party to attend? Dress up in the coolest Halloween costumes from the selection below!

The best selling Halloween costume ideas for office workers are featured below!

Find the top rated and the best selling Halloween costumes of the year and be the life of the party at your next Halloween Costume Office Party! Halloween is the great time to have fun with co-workers.

Need Halloween costume ideas for work? It’s an office environment so you can’t be too all out, but you want to look like your dressed up.

Here are some costume ideas for unique and office-friendly Adult Halloween costumes. Bring the tricks and treats of this particular holiday occasion to your office Halloween costume party. Send out Halloween party invitations.

Ideas for Costumes for Work

You cannot go wrong with a classic Halloween costume, and you are sure to see lots of those, whether you are celebrating Halloween at work, attending a Halloween party or simply opening the door to trick-or-treaters.

Examples of these include mummies, ghosts, witches, and cats. You can either buy these costumes or make them.

If you are on a tight budget, forget the mummy costume and invest in a couple of toilet rolls. Liven up a traditional ghost costume (a white sheet with a pair of holes cut into it) by adding your touch, perhaps buying some spooky accessories to enhance your outfit. You do not have to spend a fortune.

More Unusual Possibilities

On the other hand, you might be thinking outside the box this Halloween, and wondering what you can wear which is different, unusual or unique.

In that case, try something which is not spooky like a pirate or even Star Wars Princess Leia. A cut-throat pirate would be scary without being spooky, and Princess Leia would be fun.

Think about your favorite Fairy Tale characters, such as Snow White, Red Riding Hood or Aladdin, or pick one of the bad characters like the Wicked Witch if you prefer.

You can buy all kinds of outfits for Halloween online or even make your own and then just pick out the accessories to finish it off.

Dressing up for Halloween is better than not bothering, so even if you are not someone who enjoys dressing up, you can still do it. It is only for one day.

Consider buying a complete costume if you do not want to make your own, or just get a scary mask or costume for your head and top half of your body. If you are driving to work, you will probably want to change once you arrive, unless you mind people looking into your car to see a ghost, pirate, mummy, or whatever else you have dressed up as!

Perhaps your office is having a contest for the best costume, and that is always worth entering. Even if there is no prize or not much of one, you can impress everyone by showing initiative, especially if you have made your costume or put the finishing touches to a bought one.

Showing willingness to get involved is always good, and you can have a lot of fun while doing it. The best thing to do is start planning your outfit now because you do not want a last minute panic on October 30 when you realize you have no costume for your office Halloween party.

Halloween Office Costumes & Halloween Costume Party | Happy Halloween costume ideas for your office Halloween party.

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Headless Man Adult Costume

Office Halloween Costume Ideas

More Unusual Possibilities
Headless Man Adult Costume

This one never loses its appeal or fun factor. A headless man costume is perfect for getting a laugh out of your workmates, and this one is perfect for Halloween. The costume is a black cloak, and there is an artificial neck, so it does look like you are holding your head. Bear in mind if you are very tall you might wish to consider something else because this costume will add about 8 inches to your overall height and you might bang it on door frames! This dress is made of polyester and plastic. The quality is necessary, but it serves its purpose and will keep you looking creepy all through Halloween.

How to Celebrate Halloween at Work

Celebrating Halloween at work is a little different to celebrate it at a party at home, but you can still have plenty of fun, even if the alcoholic Halloween punch is not flowing. Have a costume parade for all the members of staff to show off their clever costumes, then get everyone to vote for their favorite, or if there are lots of you, have a prize for the funniest, a prize for the most creative, a prize for the more realistic, and so on. The winner might get a gift certificate or a bottle of wine.
A Halloween breakfast is a nice idea. If the early morning meeting usually features a pot of coffee and a few cookies in the center of the table, then switch the coffee for cider and the cookies for pumpkin pie. Decorate the office with festive Halloween decorations like cardboard skeletons, hanging plastic ghosts and anything else you can find.

You can also get each employee to go from cubicle to cubicle with treats and candies to do some trick-or-treating. This is also a nice way of getting staff who don’t know each other that well to get to know each other better. If the staff have kids, you can even invite them along for a Halloween party after work and schedule some trick-or-treating with the other employees. A lot of people live in places where you do not get trick-or-treaters, so this is a nice way to ensure everyone at the office does.

The Best Selling Halloween Costumes for Office Workers

Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Death Eater Adult Costume

Rubie's Costume Co Men's Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Death Eater Adult Costume

This is an updated manufacture review modified. You get a hooded robe with a mask when you choose this costume.

It does not come with the wand in the photo, which is confusing. It is quite basic, but if you want to be a Death Eater, it might work for you. It has a tendency of running a bit small according to some reviews.

Unfortunately, this costume seems to get a less negative review than the old one but it is still not likely to be a long lasting product but will do for a single use ok, mainly because the quality is not very good but better than the old one and you have to buy the wand separately.

If you are looking for Halloween costume. It might be better to invest in a higher quality piece, although one person made the use of the mask.

And made their robe as the mask in this one is reasonably priced as part of the set, so you will be able to wear it all day long at work and not worry about it looking too cheap (when all your coworkers are wearing better outfits) or fall to pieces.

Headless Man Adult Costume

The Top Rated Halloween Costume Ideas for Office Workers

California Costumes mens Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume

California Costumes Men’s Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume
You will be impressed with the quality of this Halloween costume, as well as the finished look.

If you want to be a scary pirate for Halloween this year, then this is the outfit to choose. You get a shirt with front lacing, a head tie, pants, belt, wrist cuffs and boot tops, to transform you into a cutthroat pirate from head to toe.

The sizes are accurate too, so even if you are a big guy, the large size ought to be roomy enough.

You will need to pick up a plastic cutlass or sword from somewhere, and black boots also look fantastic with this outfit.

An eye patch would look good too, but this costume is a good price so you can afford a couple of dollars for the other accessories.

Why not be a pirate this Halloween? This is certainly a fun costume.

Adult Sized Cutthroat Pirate Costume

Star Wars Princess Leia Deluxe Adult Costume

Star Wars Princess Leia Deluxe Adult Costume

Office Halloween Costume Ideas
Star Wars Princess Leia Deluxe Adult costume with a white dress, belt, boot covers, and wig, you can transform yourself into Princess Leia this Halloween.

The material is good quality, and certainly thicker than some other Halloween costumes, although you might still want to wear something white underneath so as not to reveal more than you intend to.

This is ideal for any Star Wars fans out there because the character is instantly recognizable. The dress is quite long, so that is something you should consider if you are short.

You might need to pin or tack it up a bit. Otherwise, it is quite a good length and fit for most. This is a standard Leia costume rather than one of the sexy versions.

New Hope Deluxe Princess Leia Costume

Pick the Best Halloween Costume This Year

Halloween costumes are all about dreams, fantasies, memories, or simply fun, and this holiday gives you the change to dress however you like. There are possibilities for men, women, children, and even for babies and pets. Comfortable costumes will keep you warm during the cool October weather and also look great. You can stand out in a crowd with something eye-catching, or choose a classic favorite if you prefer to blend in.

When looking at Halloween costume ideas for office workers, you still have plenty of choices, but anything too sexy should be avoided since you are at the office and it is not the place for flashing areas of skin usually kept under wraps unless you are at the beach. That means bikini tops and hot pants might not be such a good idea, which a short(ish) skirt or plunging neckline might be OK. Marilyn Monroe would work, for example, since that is a classic look.

If you want to match costumes with a group of friends at the office, then how about thinking up a theme? A group of four or five friends could all go in as different pirates, or you could be the main cast of the Wizard of Oz, for example. There are lots of group themes that office workers can consider. Alternatively get creative and design something unique. You can buy an inexpensive costume online and accessorize with your shoes, belt, jewelry and makeup to create something as beautiful or grotesque as you wish!

Plus-Size Halloween Outfits

What about costumes for bigger guys and gals? That is no problem either, since finding plus-size Halloween costumes is easy.

Try going into work as a vampire, witch or wizard. You don’t have to choose tight costumes either – a lot of the classic spooky choices have layers of material which will complement your body shape.

A Halloween party is not a fashion show, but if you feel comfortable in your costume, you will enjoy it all the more.

California Costumes Women’s Sexy Swashbuckler Pirate Costume

Be the life of the party at your Halloween Office Party!
California Costumes Women’s Sexy Swashbuckler Pirate Costume Available in sizes from small to 2XL, this is a great costume.

You get the skirt, sleeves, top, hat, and belt, and this adventurous costume would not look out of place on the high seas. The trimmed bodice is pretty, and the skirt is longer at the back for the sake of your modesty.

Pair this with fishnet or opaque stockings to complete your look. You might also like to find some buckle shoes or make some oversized swashbuckler style buckles for an existing pair.

The quality of this outfit is pretty good for the price, and you will be able to wear this to Halloween parties as well as to the office on Halloween, and you are sure to get compliments on it.

Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

Realistic Robin Hood Costume

California Costumes Robin Hood Adult Costume

California Costumes Men’s Robin Hood Costume
Although most people think about the ghost, witch, and zombie costumes when Halloween rolls around, others prefer to show off their individuality with something a bit different.

This Robin Hood costume is really good. Not only will you be instantly recognizable as the character you are dressing up as, but this costume offers a comfortable fit, and you will love how it looks when you are wearing it.

The sizes are quite accurate, although some reviewers suggest ordering one size larger to ensure comfort.

Pair the boot covers with formal black shoes, and bear in mind the costume does not come with pants, so you will have to add your own.

Any plain black or dark brown pants would be perfect with this outfit.

Best Robin Hood Costume

Be a Glamorous Witch This Halloween

Buy California Costumes womens Glamour Witch Incantasia Costume

California Costumes Women’s Incantasia, The Glamour Witch Costume

This costume is ideal for the woman who wants to dress as a witch for Halloween but look glamorous as opposed to sexy or crazy.

Dressing as a sexy witch might be more fun for a party on Halloween night, but it is a bit risqué for a fancy office dress, so this glamorous witch costume is a better choice for such an occasion.

You get the black robe with lilac neck, sleeves and buckled belt, and a matching hat in typical pointy black witch style, and that also has a matching lilac band with buckle.

Because this is a longer garment than some of the flimsy Halloween costumes for women, you can wear other clothes underneath if the weather is chilly – perhaps a tight black sweater and some black tights or leggings for warmth.

Add some high-heel pointy black boots to the ensemble, and you are ready to impress your colleagues with your glam witch look.

Best Witch Costume

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