4 Best Shaving Bowl Reviews (Updated 2021) Buyer Guide


Shaving bowls are as much as a decorative piece as they are a shaving accessory. First and foremost you want it to work well in helping you get a quick, thick lather.

To do this, you want something wide enough so that you can work the shaving brush easily. Usually, something with a diameter of around 5 inches does the trick. Half an inch less or more works well.

The other thing is depth. You want it to be tall enough to keep the lather as it builds. Something in the vicinity of 2 inches, a little taller or a little shorter works well.

Regarding style, some people prefer using a shaving mug while others the bowl. This boils down to what you prefer. Our top shave bowl reviews below offers a nice mix of the different options around with some made from stainless steel, others wood and also porcelain.


Key Features


AKStore Men's Durable Shave Soap Cup

AKStore Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size:High: 57mm/2.3″
  • Diemeter: 82mm/3.3″
  • Antiskid design bottom
  • Heat Insulation
Henry Cavendish Ceramic Shaving Soap

Henry Cavendish Ceramic Shaving Soap

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Ideal accompaniment for wet shavers
  • Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle
  • Large enough for 2 or 3 pucks
Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl with Lid Dark Wood

Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl with Lid Dark Wood

  • Material:Dark Wood
  • Size:1.5″ high (1.75″ counting lid) x 3.8″ across OD, 3.5″ ID
  • Includes a loosing fitting lid that makes it perfect for travel
  • It conducts heat very well
Colonel Conk Model 111 Santa Fe Shave Cup

Colonel Conk Model 111 Santa Fe Shave Cup

  • Santa Fe Shave Cup with Soap
  • Southwestern style pottery cup handcrafted
  • Size:4″ OD x 2″ High. ID inside the bottom approximately 2.5″
  • Retain the heat
Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

  • Material: Stainless Steel Bowl with Lid
  • Perfect Size for Popular Shaving Soaps 3.5 Inches
  • Great gift!
QSHAVE Shaving Scuttle Mug

QSHAVE Shaving Scuttle Mug

  • Handmade Pottery Cup
  • Keep Lather Always Warm
  • Extra deep bowl generate enough lather for 3-pass shaving
  • Large handle for comfortable and safe grips

Best Shaving Bowl Reviews

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shave Soap Bowl With Handle

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Ivory Shaving Bowl with HandleThis Edwin Jagger shaving bowl can be considered a top choice for someone looking for a superior shaving experience. It has an elegantly crafted, polished porcelain surface with a knobbed handle. This makes it perfect for either holding in hand or sitting on the counter, depending on a user’s preference.

The knobbed handle also makes it easier to grasp when swirling the shaving brush to develop a thicker lather for shaving. You can argue that this is more of a shaving mug than a bowl, but it doesn’t really matter much since it does a great job.

Because of its weight, the thick-walled porcelain retains heat well, and if you soak it in warm water beforehand, it gently warms the lather for that one-of-a-kind hot shave experience. The design of the mug shows familiarity with the needs of those who use traditional shaving gear.

A puck of soap fits snugly at the bottom, while the 3 bumps at the bottom help develop a thicker lather more quickly.Buy From Amazon

Colonel Conk Santa Fe Shave Cup

 Colonel Conk Model 111 Santa Fe Shave Cup with SoapSome of the qualities that make the Colonel Conk bowl one of the top shaving bowls in our reviews include its proportionality and shape.

Especially in the morning, trying to hold a shaving bowl before being fully awake can be an exercise in coordination.

If it’s not designed to fit firmly in hand, it can be a bit awkward to grip firmly without slipping; this bowl is well designed in that regard.

The Colonel Conk bowl features a wider base to accommodate a larger range of shaving soap puck sizes (and in fact comes with shaving soap in a variety of fragrances that the user can choose). It’s a useful and smart looking addition to a classic shaving setup.Buy From Amazon

SimplyBeautiful Deluxe Chrome Shaving Bowl

GBS Stainless Shaving Soap Bowl CupLooking for the best shaving bowl is very much a matter of personal preference. Some of the factors to consider are design related, while others have to do with shaving style and simple personal preference.

SimplyBeautiful’s very own Deluxe Chrome shave bowl looks elegant on a counter with any style of décor.

It is a smaller, more lightweight option in the shaving bowl market.

However, it does hold most standard size shaving soap discs with ease.

Because it’s a little more lightweight, it’s an ideal shave bowl choice for someone who wishes a traditional shaving experience but isn’t able to hold an earthenware type of bowl when getting your morning shave, such as someone who is elderly.Buy From Amazon

Kingsley Wooden Shave Soap Bowl

Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl with Lid Dark Wood

If you’re looking for a truly masculine bowl for shaving, the Kingsley Shave Soap bowl is among the top choices you can find.

It is a darkly lacquered wood bowl that is the perfect size for accommodating most shaving soap pucks. At the same time, it fits nicely in hand.

Not too heavy and not too light, it has a perfect heft to it that makes it pleasing to hold during the morning shaving routine.

It includes a cover – an uncommon feature when it comes to shaving bowls.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was that repeated exposure to water doesn’t seem to affect the wood, thanks to the well-lacquered surface.Buy From Amazon

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