Lighted Christmas Garland

The Best Lighted Christmas Garland for Holiday Decorating

Here you will find some of the best-selling and most popular Christmas garlands to spruce up your home during the holidays, adding real charm and a natural foliage look. These unique decorations can be wrapped around your tree, used to decorate the fireplace mantel, and some can even be used outside to adorn your porch perhaps. Garlands come in different qualities, sizes and with different features, so check out some of the most popular ones and take your pick.

Whenever you are shopping for Christmas decorations, you will find so many items. You cannot possibly buy them all! So what should you buy? Well, you need a Christmas tree and some lights to go on it. Some baubles would also look good on there.

Some lights to go outside are also nice, and you might wish to look at inflatable Santas or snowmen. Something else which appeals to many people during the festive season is a lighted Christmas garland because then you get the benefit of lights as well as charming greenery. You can choose from different styles and lengths.

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9′ x 10″ Pre-Lit Two-Tone Pine Artificial Christmas Garland – Clear Lights

9′ x 10The 2-tone foliage on this is quite realistic while the mini bulbs add a charming festive glow. This is 9 feet long, and the middle is bendable wire so you can shape it however you wish, depending on where you are going to display it. There is a wire hook on each end too so you can hang it easily if you want. Reviewers love how full and attractive this is, as well as the competitive price, and would suggest you have it on your fireplace mantle. Whether you display it just as it is or perhaps adds some bows or ribbons, you can expect to be delighted with how this garland looks. Once you have got used to it being there, you will not want to take it down either! If one of the bulbs goes out the rest stay lit, which is always a great feature.[amazon_link asins=’B013GMSOB0′ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e71a21e4-8349-11e7-90e3-fd86b5e2b8e8′]

The History of Christmas Garlands

There are many rituals and Christmas attached to Christmas. This holiday is celebrated in Christian countries all over the globe, and there are plenty of revered, age-old customs. Something that is an intrinsic part of Christmas and that will come to mind when considering this special period is the Christmas garland. Did you know that early settlers to the United States introduced garlands to the country? Garlands are used to decorate Christmas trees or to decorate the room in another way. The reason garlands were so popular when they were first introduced is that people used to make them between harvesting season and Christmas, adding extra income to the household when they were sold.
Original garlands were flower arrangements with a circular band of flowers or foliage, used ornamentally. The circular form of the garland symbolized the endless love of Christ since the garlands were symbolic of Christian religious beliefs. The evergreen foliage represented everlasting life while holly represented Jesus’ crown of thorns. The garlands brought in money which was then spent on various household articles or clothing, for example. Spruce, cedar, and pine were some of the trees used to make the garlands, along with moss, bittersweet scarlet or orange pods, cornhusks, and dried fruit in some cases. They were sold not only to private homes but also used to decorate hospitals, shops, churches, and company offices.

These green garlands added not only a bright and special color to the home but also the distinctive forest aroma associated with the holidays. Fresh foliage is not so popular anymore, and we have access to high-quality artificial products, making artificial garlands an attractive possibility. Many look very realistic, and of course, you can reuse your garland every year. Not only do the artificial ones look great and make economic sense, but they also mean fewer trees being cut down in the countryside to make them, sparing nature in a way that is more important these days than ever.

Modern Garlands for Christmas

These days, garlands tend to be non-circular, unlike the first ones, and they are used to decorate the fireplace mantle. A typical modern garland is usually a long band of evergreen foliage, perhaps with some flowers, ornaments like little bells or candles, and pine cones. Many modern ones are artificial so they can be used every year. Fairy lights feature on some of them, to offer a pretty twinkle. You can also get longer garlands which you can thread through the banister rail on the staircase. Whether you are considering a garland for your fireplace mantle, banister, outside stairway, or even several to decorate the whole house, you have plenty of options.

9′ x 10-inch Pre-Lit Battery Operated Pine Artificial Christmas Garland – Warm Clear LED Lights

This 9 feet long battery-operated Christmas garlic features two-tone green foliage and 60 LED lights. The ‘warm white’ color of the lights is similar to candlelight. There is a bendable wire part in the center, allowing you to shape this garland however you wish, and each end has a wire hook so you can hang it. You get 21½ inches of green lead cord with this. If one bulb goes out, the remainder will stay lit, which is handy, and you get replacement bulbs in the pack. The bulbs burn brightly, and LED bulbs use 90% less energy than regular ones. You will need 3 AA batteries which are not included.[amazon_link asins=’B0062BH0XQ’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c5dc0a77-834a-11e7-af47-13bd989e7095′]

Pre Lit Portland Branch Garland, 100 Clear Lights

Pre Lit Portland Branch Garland, 100 Clear Lights
I had to switch out the old review and product just no point in telling you it was junk, so I looked through reviews to finds a better choice and came up with this one. It gets very good reviews slight drawback is it is shorter but team them up, and you’ll be a lot happier you did. Longer crap is still just junk so if you want quality which is what I always try and bring you this set will make it a holiday celebration, not a bah humbug. It has the choice of either elegant clear single color lights, or you can choose a set of multi colored lights if you prefer that look.

[amazon_link asins=’B00OCF9K2I’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1195b8ce-834b-11e7-aa11-c3ce0b37feef’]

Good Tidings 84605 Garland Green Pine Roping 50 GE Multi-Colored Lights, 3-1/2-Inch by 12-Foot

The green pine roping offers 50 multicolored lights for a charming, festive look. Use this around your banisters, around the hearth or on the wall. The garland is 12 feet long and 3½ inches wide. Reviewers say this garland does not look cheap and is not flimsy. It makes a beautiful Christmas decoration, works well and is very affordable. Try wrapping this around your front porch railings and lighting candles in the window to give your home a festive welcoming look.

[amazon_link asins=’B074QRQ9Y3′ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a902d411-834b-11e7-bdd2-1f3bfe099b98′]

How to Decorate an Artificial Garland

Although you can get many types of garlands, some with pine cones, bells, artificial berries, and more on them, you can also get plain green ones which you can then decorate yourself. Doing this means you can create the perfect look for your home, perhaps color coordinating the garland to match your décor, and it also means you get to have a different look or color scheme every Christmas instead of being stuck with the same one. If you are making a garland for the mantelpiece, consider adding votive candles in colorful jars to complete the look. For a long garland wrapped around the banister, what about making bows to decorate the garland?
One idea is to make a sugared cranberry garland by tossing berries with crafts glue, then adding white sanding sugar. Toss to coat, let them dry and then thread them on to baker’s twine with a tapestry needle. Cranberries are a symbol of Christmas which is another reason this idea works nicely. Something else to consider is using succulent plants in your garland, securing them with pieces of wire. Keep adding more and wrapping them until your garland looks finished and is long enough.

Wire each one individually and do not let the garland get too heavy in any one place. Wire and removable hooks allow you to hang it on the mantel. Mist the garland every 2 or 3 days with water to prolong the life of the succulents. You might want to add some metallic tones to an evergreen garland, perhaps using silver and gold spray paint on leaf-shaped cutouts, then attaching them to the garland. Little vases and votive candles can then be used to adorn the finished piece. If the kids want to help, what about making snowflakes out of paper and hanging those on the garland too, or letting the kids collect berries or leaves with you, then you can make it into a group project when you get back home.

How to Make Matching Chair Swags

Although the main garland is going to be on the fireplace mantel or perhaps the banisters, depending what you prefer, consider making some matching chair swags to decorate each chair around the dinner table. These will be hung on the back of each chair, so they do not poke into the sitter, and you can make them by selecting some foliage and then adding a small decoration such as a ribbon bow, pine cone or a couple of flowers. Each matching swag is tied to the back of a dining chair to add more greenery and festive charm to your home.

National Tree NF-9ALO-1 9′ x 10″ Norwood Fir Garland with 50 Clear LightsNational Tree 9 Foot by 10 Inch Norwood Fir Garland with 50 Clear Lights

This 9 feet long Christmas garland is 10 inches wide. It comes with 50 clear lights and can be strung indoors or outdoors if you prefer. Some reviewers are surprised by how thick and healthy this garland looks, which is always a good thing. Have it on the mantle or even on the table as a centerpiece, maybe coiled around with a large candle in the center. You can use this one outside, and it is rain-resistant too. This garland is realistic, resembling a natural garland made from fire. In fact, the only thing you don’t have is the evergreen aroma but get some scented votive candles, and you can change that. Consider a couple of these if you want one on each side of the stairway.

[amazon_link asins=’B00BWU8XOC’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2126bfd1-834c-11e7-8b25-319a3c3fa9b9′]

Holiday Light Installation
Holiday Light InstallationLove having the house and yard decorated for the holidays but find yourself overwhelmed by it all? Well with this service Amazon will have a professional install your Christmas lighting selections for you and guarantees you’re happy with the job.

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