Top 10 Accessories To Enhance Your Drone

For drone enthusiasts, there is always something new coming out regarding performance and enhancement.

Drone accessories can be purchased separately, giving your drone all kinds of different add-ons and capabilities.

There are lots of different products available and choosing the correct ones can be a minefield for even the most experienced drone operator.

Below, we have added a list of the most important accessories with a short description of why we think the product will enhance your aircraft:


1. Carrying Case

While we are on the subject of traveling, it is imperative to have a carrying case, especially if you are traveling a lot to capture your images. As mentioned earlier, arriving at your location only to find something has broken in transit, is one of the most frustrating things when it comes to flying drones. Be safe, get yourself a carrying case.


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2. Propeller Guards

As we touched on the fact the propellers are very fragile previously in the article, it would be a great idea to not only purchase an extra set of propellers but invest in some propeller guards.

Propellers will always break, it is one of the unwanted facts of flying drones, no matter how experienced the operator is. Buying some propeller guards with definitely, save you money in the long term.


3. An Extra Set of Propellers

Although they are not strictly associated to your camera footage, purchasing an extra set of propellers can save you a lot of unnecessary stress. Let’s say you travel to a place to shoot some videos, and 5 minutes into it, one of the propellers breaks and you cannot continue, you will have to either find the nearest gimbal store and hope they have a compatible set, or worse case scenario, travel back home without your footage. We all know how delicate the propellers can be, so save yourself from future headaches and pick-up some extra sets.


4. Spare Batteries

Most drones are operated by lithium-polymer batteries or (LiPos) and normally only give you around half an hour of flying time. Therefore, it would be a good idea to pick-up an extra supply of batteries.

A lot of drones will give you the option to add extra batteries to your drone to give you more
flying time. If you are looking to shoot a video for longer than 30 minutes, then you will need an extra supply onboard. Keep in mind that extra batteries will increase your payload, so be sure that your drone can manage the weight.


A GoPro Camera

GoPro Hero cameras are other important additions you can purchase for your drone for quality picture shots and videos.

Many GoPro cameras are designed to be connected to your drone, as they made with really lightweight material and are robust enough to survive and crash landings you might encounter. There are many different types of GoPro cameras, therefore, ensure that your drone is compatible before making the purchase.


6. A Drone Gimbal

If you are looking for beautiful smooth camera images, then a GoPro gimbal for your drone is a must.

When flying your drone, there are many different things that can make your camera work look like something out of the old movie flick The Blair witch project.

Nobody wants to see wobbly camera videos that make you feel nauseous after watching the footage for a few seconds.

Whether it’s the weather conditions, the drones vibrations or even the operators flying technique, an onboard gimbal will always level out the camera, delivering beautiful, silky smooth camera work.


7. FPV Goggles

With the world of virtual reality changing the world as we know it, why not take your filmmaking to the next level?

What can better vantage point there be than filming from the sky, through your own eyes?

FPV goggles are new to the drone world, but we can say that the experience is unforgettable and something you will want to do again and again.

The screen is split between what you can see on the ground and what your camera sees in the sky.

You can easily switch between screens so that you don’t bump into things on the ground. View the world from your drone, becoming as one, is breathtaking.


8. Drone LED Lights

Drones don’t normally come with lights. Therefore, you will need to buy some if you are going to any location where the lighting could be compromised, or there is a chance the sun is going to set.

Drone lights come in all different shapes and colors. Flyers tend to choose LED lights for their drones as they look great when in flight, and are easy to see from the ground. Keep the colors in mind when making your purchase, because if you have some professional shoot, bright green and yellow lighting might not be the best choice.


9. Memory cards

Memory cards are a must for serious filmmakers and photographers. Imagery storage is extremely important, not only to keep your work together but nowadays you need to upload and download data on a regular basis.

Having a memory card or a few memory cards, helps you store much more data that a GoPro can hold and more importantly, they give you the option to carry easily and transfer your images.


10. Drone Collapsible Sunshade

Filming with your drone when the sun is blazing can prove to be a very difficult task. We all know how it feels to have the sunlight directed in our eyes and it’s no different to your camera.

You will have no idea that the sun’s glare has affected your images until you land your drone and look back at the footage. It is a good idea to invest in a sunshade, so you are not leaving your important camera shots to luck.

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