9 Best Baby Play Mat and Activity Gym – Buyer Guide 2021

Best Baby Play Mat and Activity GymGetting known your lovely babies are starting to be more active and much wiggle everywhere is such good news because now they finally know how beautiful their world is.

Most of the parents want to make their kids safe, but they keep doing something fun to entertain them. From birth to children, there are many kinds of furniture that the come to be additional tools to help them develop their sensory and motor skill.

To get safest and playful toys at the same time, mothers should buy baby play mat and activity gym where it has been one of best tools for babies to keep safe and to play much. It has many kinds of types and brands.

It’ll be the daunting task that mothers should mix and match choice and variation and price at the same time since budget and needs are the rare good match, so they use to think more and make a thorough consideration in picking the best furniture for their babies including this activity gym and play mat. It’s wonderful to read many reviews and little knowledge of variety of the game mat and gym for infants.


There is nothing more exciting and interesting but seeing growing babies move and develop their motor skill. It is such blessing and rewards to see fast progress and the new change of babies. They slowly grow like a kid. They sit and roll, tumbling and sometimes they also fall. No need to worry when there has been playing mat for them.

The urgency of mat and gym of activity for babies are the good help for making them safe while playing educational toys that are so good for developmental skill both soft motor skill and hard motor skill. They are as important as furniture like baby bouncer or jumper to keep them active in moving or wiggle. Most important thing on this baby mat and activity gym is that they are specially made with high technology on baby’s purpose, so it has been specialized for baby only.

Although it is suitable for children, mostly manufacturer prefer to keep high safety that is supportive for infant developmental skill. Since there are many kinds of mat and brands, so here, are reviews and considerations to help you to choose best baby play mat and activity gym. No need to worry about safety because all have been customizing to be baby friendly carpet and toys.

Best Baby Play Mats

Baby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends

Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym - Non-Toxic Non-Slip Reversible Waterproof, Pingko and Friends, Large

Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym – Non-Toxic Non-Slip Reversible Waterproof, Pingko and Friends, Large

Well, I guess you done the right thing when letting your baby play around, laying, crawling on hand & knees over play mat surface. How you ensure they’re healthy then? Nobody sure about it, so Baby Care Play Mat releases new best baby play mat series namely Pingko Friends to help parents taking care kids. Start from designing playmats which function as the main ground where the baby lay over and spending most of their time. The stuff should be the hygienist; no toxic contains and safe. Wanna know deeper? Check this!

  • Soft floor surface designed especially for the 6-month baby who just start to crawl. It fits for any ages until they’re on VII grade, still can play. Flexibility is the key to gain these functions, for accommodating above
  • 12 years children, Pingko Friends apply the special material.
  • Waterproof, insulting liquid, dropping water or whatever which threaten the mats, easy to clean, just wipe with soft foam or brush for cleaning beverage or food.
  • Hygienic and safe, qualified by European Toy Standards EN71. Contains no toxic &carsinogen.
  • Noise and impact could be reduced easily insulting any disturbing sound; you won’t be bothered by.
  • Safe cushion, protecting children when they roll, crawl, tumble or lay.

Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

Snug Square Play Mat

Snug Square Play Mat - Large 55" Ultra-Comfortable, Plush Foam Playmat for Baby, Toddler, and Children with Bonus Carry Case (Cream-Espresso)

Snug Square Play Mat – Large 55″ Ultra-Comfortable, Plush Foam Playmat for Baby, Toddler, and Children with Bonus Carry Case (Cream-Espresso)

Everytime, your baby, playing & rolling over playmat, you’ll suddenly feel afraid of their safety. It’s not supposed to happen because notable soma manufacture seriously develops playmat which very safe and comfort for baby. Snug Square Play Mat is the special example. It has the wonderful design with hundreds cartoon figure, catchy & funny, colorful tempting our eyes, moreover, it’s safety system ensure baby to get proper material.

  • Snug states that its product is the most comfortable play mat around the universe. How come? Start from picking only comfortable & soft cushioned foam for ensuring baby from allergy, absorbing shock or shaking while they play around. Just stretch over hardwood, tiles, almost all floor types. Its durable material won’t get torn easily. Protecting baby from incidents like bumping head or collision
  • Everybody, including parents, big brother, grandpa and ma, anyone who lay over Snug mat. It happens because they can play a board game on it, singing and tapping dance, or even rolling like a baby. What else?
  • Accompanying baby from birth til they go to school.
  • Helping baby passing their developmental stage, from crawling till walking. Stimulating and protecting them also.
  • It measures 4.5 feet square of the play area; Dimension is 55″X55″. Two children at once? Still possible.

Snug Square Play Mat - Large 55" Ultra-Comfortable

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Rainbow Foam Wonder Mats

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam, 6 Colors, 36 Pieces

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam, 6 Colors, 36 Pieces

Designing proper play mat for baby sometimes getting harder because lots variables should be considered.Involving safety, comfort, security, amusement & so on. Important points above could only be gotten if manufacturer works hard to create the special product. Wonder Mat realizes Rainbow Foam Wonder Mats as an answer that meets all requirements above. From safety, you won’t worry, comfort & softness anything to make baby feels safe is available. Wanna dig more information?

  • 36 high-quality waterproof mat, insulting any liquid from inserting material. The surface is coated with the special layer that protects from water or fire. Couldn’t easy be burnt, measures 12″ x 12″covering 36 square feet. Whenever baby lay down or rolling, they’ll feel safe.
  • Very friendly for baby with skin problem like sensitive skin or easily get hurt, while strong grip available, make baby hold them tight.
  • Extra thickness added to enhance protection requirement, ensuring safety & security for children whenever they play around.
  • Certified with ASTM standards, ISO and any international standard for its protection & no harm & risk substances contained.
  • It’s very lightweight so easy to pack, fold, or roll if wanna keep it. With high-density EVA foam, playing important roles in providing comfort.

EWONDERWORLD 36 Piece Non-Toxic Foam Play Mat

Fisher-Price Jumbo Play Mat

Fisher-Price Jumbo Play Mat, Pink

Fisher-Price Jumbo Play Mat, Pink

Figuring out Large Play Mat which could accommodate 4 children at once, how can? Fisher Price Jumbo Play Mat answers it. Designing jumbo playmats which considered as best thing Fisher Price gets incomparable stuff among similar product around the market. Key to get comfort is by choosing Fisher Price. Providing colorful, different theme for the surface, pick whatever you want.

  • Extra-large play space, with long dimension, reaches 5” enabling children to move freely, they can go every corner without disturbance. While for width reaches 2.5 “.
  • Stimulating children development, including rolling, pushing up and exploring around to learn new thing, no worry again letting them play alone. Even teaching baby to feed them is possible.
  • The material used is easy to clean, just wipe with the soft cloth & everything done in seconds. Having insulation material to prevent liquid inserting play mat. Ensuring baby safety all the times.
  • Great for lay, they’ll enjoy a nap or sleep, even play or tummy, anything could be done without messy.
  • When need to wake them up, just shake gently.
  • Colorful theme & patterns, very nice to see, with A pink tea party scene.
  • Five interactive toys provided to stimulate baby developmental process while laying over, a heart mirror, flower clacker, peek-a-boo leaf, plush cupcake with the jingle, teacup teether and crinkly.

Fisher-Price Jumbo Play Mat, Pink

Dwinguler Eco-friendly Kids Play MatDwinguler Eco-friendly Kids Play Mat - Polka Dots (Large)

How can play mat which usually made from foam be eco-friendly? Indeed it’s very possible. With new material called micro fiber thread on the insert, Dwinguler uses an eco-friendly product to satisfy the consumer.

Letting baby play around without exposed by risk or danger. A potential place for children to grow, learn many things while you busy with doing the job.

  • Soft, elastic, and slip resistant. While using the auto protective material, baby won’t get slipped, even when they roll over and over, it’s safe. Moreover, baby can practice with available toys.
  • Innovative cushioning and embossing designed for extra protection, preventing kids from dangerous like hard impacts on the ground or bumping head.
  • Dwilunger uses only earth safe and eco-friendly material, with none toxic, recycle-able and could be composed into organic thing. It’s called as Phthalate & microfiber thread made 100 percent from cotton.
  • With microfiber thread, enabling waterproof protection, insulating liquid for injecting play mat. Easy to clean, just wipe or brush, or spread with anti bacteria serum, ease your daily work.
  • Absorbing noise and make baby play cheerfully without being disturbed.
  • Its weight is only 26 Ibs, while dimension reaches 90.51 x 55 x 0.6 inches.
  • Automatically folded if the lock released.

Dwinguler Eco-friendly Kids Play Mat

Best Baby Gyms

Infantino Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Infantino Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball PitPreparing certain spot for baby exercising would be easy than going to baby treatment center all the time. Taking less cost, saving many times, while you are doing the daily routine. Infantino Grow-with-me releases its best baby gyms namely Activity Gym and Ball Pit. Where Infantino concern more on multi function place which provides lots of tools which able to stimulate our baby development.Including motoric, sensory & cognitive.

  • Providing action-packed inside the unique gym, full of toys which intended to stimulate baby developmental process including playing. Sea of balls, the dozen of balls available to play, some hanging toys, some dolls which safe and not causing choking. While baby feels thrilled, parents could stay calm.
  • Sit and play: it features combination between playing while sitting. Using challenging arch play pit with balls which make them enjoy every time. Helping them acquiring early skills like recognizing items, colors even smells. So what else you expect?
  • Lay & play: It features hanging toys which are colorful, contains no toxic, no risk and very safe material to make toys. Hanging toys easily stimulate our newborn baby to grow some cognitive skills and motoric, they’ll try to reach & pull them down.

Finally, it’s a complete amusement along a single place. Dare to buy?

Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym Providing comfort place where the baby could get some activities inside can easily realize with special Play Gym. Baby Einstein Caterpillar is encouraging special arch which amuses along with educational intention & many activity simulations which effectively makes your time precious. This product designed well, including advanced technology inside for ensuring our baby development run well on the right path.

  • Start from material to build, Einstein Caterpillar uses high-quality Polyesterfor mat, while very eco-friendly advanced recycled plastic for the frame also rubber which safe for children as toys.
  • Star shaped electronic toy lights to stimulate baby sight development, they’ll enjoy lights playing which shines in different colors, and 8 classic melodies to give soothing nuance for baby every time they play. For the newborn baby, stimulating the brain by listening to classical music like Beethoven or Mozart which also provided.
  • Sewn in mat loops which have function to hang toys, linked to a hanging which enables us to install more toys
  • Mat is machine washable, just remove and put on the washing machine, easy indeed.
  • With colorful toys, baby learns to recognize items & colors, they’ll improve cognitive skill fastly beyond your imagination.
  • 2 years warranty included for ensuring consumer from bad product or defection.

Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat, Multi
What can parents do for baby when busy with daily activity to take care home while growing up a baby? Giving them multi purpose place which features educational stimulation also the place to get rest, laying, crawling even rolling. Skip Hop Treetop make it real by releasing activity gym with complete features. Helping parent to keep baby stay happy, safe & has no risk to let them alone.

  • Skip Hop Treetop design several activities around the mat, including squeaker flower, crinkle leaves, tree trunk baby safe mirror, holding & pulling hanging toys
  • Recommended for a newborn baby until they’re 1 years old, with specific items designed for stimulating some skills, including motoric, sensory & cognitive.
  • 17 developmental activities to support that stimulation, everything could be done in single place, special activity gym for baby.
  • 5 playful multi sensory hanging toys with the colorful design, catching their intention while beaming their smile.Baby learn to recognize different colors and knowing items.
  • Oversized round mat surface, make them safe, and comfort, no slipped risk, materials used are safe, no toxic contains.
  • Nature-inspired graphics and textures, soothing nuance with deep ambiance. Completed with nature sound makes it special play gym.
  • 2 years warranty

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Baby Play Mat

Fisher-Price Shakira First Steps

Fisher-Price First Steps Kick and Play Piano Gym, White
Doing some fun, playing music, grabbing anything, many more amusements are available on Fisher-Price Shakira First Steps. The fisher-price design special play activity gym contains play mat for baby, some toys inside, motoric stimulator activities also safe & comfort for baby anytime they use it.

While having fun, baby learn some skills, what a beautiful play gym. With advanced technology, Fisher-Price has anything baby needs inside.

  • Four ways to play, providing different modes for baby, namely: sitting & playing, laying & playing, rolling & playing or standing & playing. All models have the different activity that could be played. Just set them to ensure that baby gets what he needs.
  • Keyboard with two musical instruments, music really helps to stimulate brain growth, Piano mode and Continuous Play mode which always plays for 2 hours. 8 different music available, including nature sound, mommy womb, the classical instrument like Mozart & Beethoven.
  • 4 linkable activity toys, adding a dozen toys for them when they need different toys, provide a large self-discovery mirror for encouraging cognitive skill in recognizing the self image.
  • Extra soft & comfy padded mat, insert made from cotton, surface uses silk & cotton, very soft on their skin, doesn’t make itchy or skin problem, if needed, add the additional layer of wool.

Fisher-Price First Steps Kick 'n Play Piano Gym

Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity GymTiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym, Animals

Tiny Love Gymini helps us defining what lies behind play activity gym. With new Gymini Move & Play play gym series, they seriously made advanced progress on designing play gym.

Tiny Love Gymini provide self-awareness, intended to accompany baby in their developmental process, helping them by providing what they need & indirectly teach any skills. Tiny knew as baby stuff manufacturers who produced great toys, so they know what to do in designing toys for play activity gym.

  • 5 in 1 multi positions, including standing & playing, rolling & playing, crawling & playing, laying & playing, sitting & playing. Each mode has the different activity, just set based on their need, let them play & learn with great toys.
  • Adjusting based on baby’s developmental stages, Tiny Love Gymini will follow baby development, fits what they need also stimulating some skills at once.
  • Providing 7 toys which are safe, comfort & contain no toxic. Also, Electronic light and music enabling them to enjoy amusement while developing brain growth, 7 melodies including lullaby, classic music. Extra large mat provides wider space for accommodating baby movement.
  • 2 years warranty, including free mat replacement if there’s a defect surround.
  • Colorful toys with the different themed surface.

Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym

General Features

This carpet and special toys are made of safe material, and they are specially made for babies that have high safety and good technology in manufacturing the carpet. Although this is special for an infant most of the manufacturers claim that it’s able to use till they grow until becoming a kid or child. Mat is to protect babies from the hard surface of the floor, so there will be no hard crash when they are making wiggle, falling and rolling. Imagine when there is no mat but infants are so actively moving there and her. It has the high risk of the crash.

That is why mat has a special thickness to keep them soft and safe. Play mat has different size, and it depends on need and how your babies’ habit when they are playing. Activity gym is to support their motor skill. Most of them are made of safe material and soft. There is no need to worry when infants are chewing or playing around. Mostly this carpet comes entirely package with activity gym, and most of them are guaranteed safe to play. Since there are many brands available in the market so here, we come to make a little review and buying guides.

Baby Play Mat & Baby Gym FAQ

What is Baby Play Mat?

The play mat is kind of carpet that is made of soft fabric and has a certain thickness. It’s specially manufactured for keeping babies safe from injuries but keeping them to play in a good way. Play mat usually has a standard thickness around half an inch where it is made of foam or rubber that gives high softness and good protection. Mostly it comes with toys that are usually called as activity gym. Mat and toys are in one package, but there are some parents that buy it separately.

No matter how it’s always good to remember that to choose it should make thorough considerations. Commonly, to consider whether it is best or not, play mat and activity gym should have a good combination on a feature like to protect babies from injuries but they still accommodate them to develop their skills. All developments are started from there.

Most of the experts also recommend choosing safe but playful toys with tons of educational benefits for babies. Users don’t have to worry about the budget since number one consideration is safety and available joyful toys. There is no big deal when it’s been related to infants’ safety and happiness.

What is Baby Gym?

The baby gym is usually come up with play mat but it is also bought or sold separately, but mostly they come with the mat as one full package in mat buying. Most of them are made of safety material, and they are in the form of toys but have a different purpose on the development of infants. Skill on soft and hard should be started from activity gym. Although it has come with the mat when you have to add more toys and activity gyms, just go to buy and consider many things before meeting regret. In certain case, age restriction is really important.

That is why some toys have a warning on age classification. To make sure it’ll be safe or not for babies, ask customer service and get yourself understood about any details and feature so parents do know what babies must do and what are the benefits of those toys coming around their children. Many manufacturers claim that almost all their products are safe but to make you believe and willing to buy, reading whether it has been tested in European Toys Test or not to make more quality and safety standard.

Combination between Play Mat and Baby Gym

Most of the parents don’t want to get complicated business in choosing them separately since there have more times to consider whether it’s good for babies or not. To make it simple, they usually give away this business to customer service and manufacturers that sell in one package of mat and activity gym. Why are those two things combined by many manufacturers?

It is because of simplicity where it’ll lead parents to believe in one maker in term of safety and playful activity gyms. Combinations are good, but when there has been chosen well-preferring buying separately, it’s good also. To see activities are effective or not, parents should read manual guide to see the measurement of developmental skill in the gym.

It also works on another additional toy. When they are growing, toys have to be different since different age needs different shape and development also. That is why many manufacturers also provide more activity tools for infants that’ll be great to their potential. We believe that once combination mat and gym is good so it’ll give many functions and essential learning for them.


The main benefit of the mat is to protect them well, so there is no need to worry about injuries made by the floor on your house. However, there has to be more aware of parents to watch their kid when they are playing although it has been covered by the mat. Indeed mat has half an inch thickness, but some movements are not as good as predicted.

That is why mothers have to keep an eye on babies’ move. Another benefit besides protection is to save more budgets for mat since usually kid carpet comes with high flexibility in case of age, so you don’t need to buy a new one to make your kid safe in playing. Some carpets are made of rubber, but some are made of foam. It influences price but chooses best one.

While protecting your babies from floor injuries, activity gym comes for compliments as it provides stimulation for infants to move around toys. Different age needs to have different toys too since it has a various benefit too. One thing to consider when the benefit becomes one of the considerations in buying gym activity is to get known every step developmental skill in every toy, so it’ll be more effective to buy it.

Age Restriction

Age restriction is important because not all infants are good with certain toys. Baby under 3 years should not have small size activity gym because most of them tend to eat small particle that will endanger their lives. Not few cases of swallowed toys happened on babies.

That is why age restriction is really important to make the clear limitation on toys. Although under 3 years babies are more highlighted, there is a more important thing when your children are growing fast, so developmental toys have to follow age. It’ll be boring when your kids have to play the same thing. Some growing babies play with tactical and strategic one. Snake and Stair, books and more advanced toys are good for a baby under five.

However, age restriction has an essential purpose to make them focused on what they should develop naturally with toys. To keep it good and well, some manufacturers give clear age restriction and recommendation to make it as best helps to stimulate educational activities. Some of the kids just enjoy but they also unconsciously learn many things from age restriction guides.

What to look for when buying and comparing Baby Play Mat & Baby Gym

If you are asking what to look for before buying a baby gym and play mat. There are material, the thickness of the mat, variety of play gym and size of toys.

There are considerations to choose best one since it’s a matter of longevity and quality to save future time in case of budgets and needs. Here are our tips to choose best play mat and activity gym for babies ranging from birth to children. It’s important to classify age though to make focused on developmental skill.


In term of material, there are various materials too, but most common and recommended material is of foam and rubber. It is the safest material as it gives enough softness and protection. Some manufacturers come with different ingredients to make the best mat, but since standard has been made, foam and rubber are number one consideration to choose kid carpet for playing.

The material of activity gym should be made with high safety. Some Chinese toys are having serious issues on safety, but it’s not all kind of toys. To get safest one is to see whether it has passed European Toys Test or not. It’s important.

Thickness of Mat

The thickness of mat is half an inch, but there have been various thicknesses too since some mats are made of different material too. Some of them are just more than but it should provide enough softness too. It’ useless when you have chosen thicker one, but it’s hard to walk, roll and tumble.

Baby needs good softness and thickness. It’s because of many of them are much in wiggling. Injuries are so risky when the thickness is not in line with softness. Mattresses are indeed soft, but there is another issue too on this thing. Not all soft mats are good for toys. That is why we should consider thickness and softness balance.

Variety of Play Gym

A variety of play gym is a must because it’ll be boring when babies are playing with same toys. Go with 17 developmental skill toys that give them a chance to let them make good and fast progress in playing, so age recommendations work well in activity gym.

Although not all mats come with toys for the gym but buying separately is also fine. Many manufacturers offer various toys that are good and great for the development of infants. Different age needs different toys too, so it’ll be such a good and forwarding movement.

Size of Toys

The size of toys should be in line with age too. Small size gyms are not good for less than 3 years baby. We all know that infant under 3 years usually eats small size thing like toys. It’s bad when we have to let them play with improper toys because it’s risky for their lives.

Swallowed toys are far more dangerous than poison since there is no emergency medicine. It’s getting worse when parents are not aware of first emergency help for swallowing cases. That is why size does matter due to serious issue on safety.

Our Pick

Best Baby Play Mat: Baby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends

Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

Baby Care Play Mat – Pinko FriendsThis play mat comes with the best thickness and soft material. It has been number one secondary soft floor for babies to play. It is good for infants and children to play in safe place.

What makes it special is its waterproof surface. No need to worry wet mat because it has been already fixed up by the technology of mat. It’s also easy to clean.

Mothers just need to wipe with wet soft cloth for drink and food. It has been tested by ETS as hygienic and safe mat for playing. It gives an absolute reduction in noise. No need to worry when your babies are rolling and tumbling since it has cushioned surface.

Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym


Whether you will choose low budget to play mat and gym activity or not, it is all back to your decision and desire for your kid. No matter how you will not be that kind of mother that is careless about safety and playful toys for babies because the main point in choosing best play mat and activity gym is to make your kid safe but they still get their space with high safety, so you don’t have to worry about them. That is why making good consideration before buying is really important. Reading above paragraphs might help you to be an expert in choosing best one.

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