10 Best Backpacks for Boys -Buyer Guide 2021

Great Backpacks Reviews for Boys 2021

If you have one or more sons in school, you may be looking for backpacks for boys for back to school in 2021.

We have backpacks here for all ages of boys clear up to college age. Some of the backpacks for boys are shown here are rolling backpacks.

These are wonderful if they expect to have a heavy load of books. It can be hard on your back to carry around that weight all day. Of course, we have the traditional style of backpacks for boys as well.

Choosing the best backpack is all about picking something which is going to stand the test of time. We all know boys can be hard on their clothing and bags! Kicking the backpack along the school hall after school or throwing it across the bedroom after a tough exam is all par for the course, so pick something durable.

While girls often choose pretty pink backpacks, boys are more inclined to want something cool such as camo-print or something in a dark color.

Each boy is different of course, and you know your son better than anyone else, so have a look at the following backpacks and see which one resonates with you and which you think he will get on with best.

Everest Sling Bag

Everest Sling Bag, Black, One Size

The Everest one strap backpack for school is a good option to choose for anyone looking for a good bag. It includes two pockets at the back of the pack to help you carry the necessary items you need while on the go.

Along with this, it includes a zipper closure that enhances the look of this product. Also, the 12 inch shoulder drop provides all the comfort you need while carrying it on the sides. It has enough space to carry all your valuable items while traveling, for using at work or while attending school.

This bag is large enough to accommodate just about any size laptop that you have.

It is also available in various colors to meet your style. Because of it’s versatile use, I think it would be a great sling backpack for women or men.

Everest Sling Bag, Black, One Size

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

Red Rock Outdoor Gear - Rover Sling Pack

The stylish look is one of the biggest features of this backpack. This pack is made with sturdy straps, allowing you all the comfort along with allowing for a quick release.

The top padded handle comes with a get go style.

Apart from this, the backpack has two covered compartments with a padded back panel. It even has two pockets externally that includes dividers.

The best thing about this backpack is it holds your every day things such as flashlights, chargers, Bluetooth speakers and more.

As an added bonus, it leaves some extra space for anything else that you may need to carry. So, it is suitable for college students as well as day hikers.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear bag

JanSport SuperBreak – The Original Campus LegendJanSport SuperBreak One Backpack

The JanSport Superbreak really needs no introduction. If you don’t already own one there’s no doubt you’ll see the SuperBreak daily around campus.

Practically the simplest design possible, the SuperBreak has the amazing ability to reinvent itself with the continual release of new colours and patterns. As individual as you are.

Simplicity itself, tough 600 dernier polyester. A bewildering amount of colours to choose from!

Front pocket with an organizer section and a main compartment large enough for your study essentials. Straight cut, padded shoulder straps and a two-thirds padded back take care of things from a comfort point of view. Web grab handle on top.

The JanSport Superbreak has been the number 1 selling backpack for students around the world for more than 30 years and for good reason. Inexpensive, functional and fashionable – the SuperBreak will still be with us in another 30 years!

Lightweight School Bookbag

Different Kinds of Backpacks

There are so many backpacks to choose from, and different ones suit different boys. If your son is the sporty type and often carries around a change of clothes, swimwear or a ball for kicking around, then you might like to choose a roomier backpack or something with a waterproof pocket.

If he has a lot of textbooks and folders, something square-shaped rather than with rounded corners might hold more.

Not only can you choose the shape, size, and amount of pockets but you can also check other features on the backpacks like zippers, inner compartments, hidden zippered pockets and different kinds of padding on the back and shoulders.

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Best Backpacks for Boys

Looking for the Best Backpacks for Boys?

JanSport Classic SuperBreak Backpack

This highly functional school bag is made from 600-denier polyester for supreme strength.

Your son will be able to fit all kinds of things in there including several textbooks, a binder, calculator, cell phone, spiral notebooks and more.

The shoulder straps are padded for your comfort and two-thirds of the back panel is padded too.

An overwhelming majority of reviewers award this backpack with 5 stars because it is such good quality and you get a fantastic bag for your money.

Some reviewers have owned one of these for over 10 years, and their backpacks are still going strong.

This classically styled all-American backpack will never go out of fashion, and you will be surprised just how much you can fit in there.

JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack

Should You Buy a Rolling Backpack?

A rolling backpack is a backpack on wheels, and a lot of parents are interested in knowing whether these are a good idea.

A child should not carry more than 20% of his own weight, but since a lot of kids have to carry textbooks and other heavy items around, it can be hard to stick to this limit.

Before you invest in a rolling backpack, find out whether they are allowed at your son’s school. Some schools do not allow them, claiming them to be a tripping hazard.

Call the school if you are not sure. Although a rolling backpack is primarily designed to be pulled along, it can also be carried, especially in crowded places, so ensure the straps are wide and padded. The bag should sit a couple of inches above your son’s waist.

Check the handle is long enough too since having to stoop down will be just as bad for the back than carrying a heavy tote bag.

Something you should check is the load rating for the backpack you have in mind. Older boys usually carry more than younger ones do. Check with your son how he feels about rolling backpacks before buying one.

And he will probably want something which looks ‘cool’ rather than something his grandmother would wheel on to a plane as carry-on luggage.

Rolling backpacks work great on sidewalks and indoors but are not so good when faced with fields or snow, as well as through the aisles of a crowded school bus, so the route to school matters as well.

There are plenty of great backpacks for boys, both rolling and the conventional kind, so have a look at some backpacks online and see which ones you and your son like.

Top Backpacks for Boys in 2021

Top Rated Backpacks for Boys

High Sierra Loop BackpackHigh Sierra Loop Backpack

This is a great backpack. It is sporty, trendy and available in 19 different colors and designs. There are 4 inside pockets and 4 outside zippered ones.

The rip-stop nylon ensures the bag will not tear, even if it gets a small hole or tiny rip in it.

The bag is coated with a waterproof coating, and the compartments make organizing easily.

There is a zippered mesh pocket, a lidded media pocket, a key fob and pen pockets. The shoulder strap on this bag is padded for comfort, and the shoulder pads are non-slip, so the bag will stay in place whether being worn one-shouldered or two-shouldered.

The swivel clip at the end of the strap stops it twisting around. Reviewers praise the comfort of this backpack as well as how great all those pockets are for keeping things organized.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

Buy some of the Best Backpacks for Boys

This backpack comes in 12 designs, and it measures 16 x 11 x 8½ inches so you can pack a lot in there.

The main compartment will hold everything comfortably, and the front pocket is an insulated cooler so you can put snacks and drinks in there.

Use this as a school bag or as carry-on baggage. There is an inner mesh pocket for books, and a couple of mesh drinks pockets too.

This is a versatile and durable backpack for boys, and it can either be pulled along or carried like a backpack, which is ideal if it happens to be heavy because pulling it along is so simple.

Kids Travel Suitcase, Rolling Luggage Piece

LEGO “Mini Figures” 3D Lenticular 16″ Children’s School BackpackLEGO "Mini Figures" 3D Lenticular 16" Children's School Backpack

The perfect backpack for younger kids, this one is officially licensed by LEGO™ and features a 3D Lego design on the front.

The bag measures 16 x 14 x 4½ inches, and there is a zipper closure, padded shoulder straps, and side pockets.

Lego fans will love how this bag offers plenty of room for gym clothes, pencils, books and more.

The mesh pockets on the side are useful, and you can pop a water bottle, note cards or calculator in there. Use the webbed locker loop to hang the bag when not in use.

The fabric used to make this is durable and there are gray and light blue accents on the black.

You will love the quality of this backpack while your son will love the cool, trendy 3D Lego design on the bag as well as how comfortable it is to carry around.

Kids Travel Suitcase, Rolling Luggage Piece

Backpacks Designed for Boys

Boys often engage in more ‘rough and tumble’ than girls, so a backpack which is anything less than durable is probably going to fall apart quickly, as any mom of boys will tell you.

I have 4 boys myself, so I know all about how boys manage to break things and get through clothing and backpacks surprisingly fast! Let me tell you; it is never worth buying a cheap backpack because you are going to have to replace it every few weeks.

One reason I love the JanSport, in particular, is the value for money you get when buying this brand. These backpacks are guaranteed for years, and even the roughest of boys would find it hard to break theirs.

JanSport is known for lasting many years, and some people have had their backpacks over 10 years, which is impressive when you consider how much we cram into our backpacks regularly. This is not the only good brand of course.

If you are not sure which is best for your son, I suggest you ask him what he likes and considers the kind of things he carries around with him.

Also, consider a backpack treated with a waterproofing treatment if you live somewhere rainy. Most of the good ones are waterproofed, but it is something to double-check before you buy.

Although some backpacks only have one or two additional pockets, this suits some boys who prefer just to use the main compartment. If your son likes to be more organized though, look for a backpack offering a key fob, zippered interior pockets and mesh pockets, so there is a place for everything to go.

Of course the design and color of the bag are also important to consider. You might like to look out for a plain, classic style. After all, a Lego bag might appeal to your 9-year-old, but if that bag is still going strong a few years later you will probably find he has gone off it!

Versatile and Practical

The backpack has changed in recent years, transforming itself from a humble piece of gear into a fashion staple capable of defining fashion-conscious boys and men and sportsmen all over the globe.

Not only is a backpack ideal for carrying around school books and school supplies, but it is also ideal for a weekend trip or a day trip when you want to carry things with you.

Choose from polyester, nylon or another fabric, and choose a design which appeals to your son and which he will not outgrow. Even if your son has the back-to-school blues, he will soon cheer up when he can show off his cool new bag to his friends.

“Cool Backpacks- High Sierra Backpacks Review”

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Quiksilver Men’s Schoolie BackpackQuiksilver Men's Schoolie Backpack

This 100% polyester backpack comes in 15 different designs. It features an insulated cooler pocket and fleece-lined valuables pocket, as well as various other compartments and pockets for storing and organizing your gear.

It is machine washable and features heavy duty clips, zippers, and buckles so you can expect it to last a long time and perform well.

It is large enough to store school books and binders, or you can use it for day trips or even take it to the beach. The cool colors show no dirt and back and straps are gently padded for comfort.

While the insulated cooler section in the center might not be handy for school (well, it will keep a drink chilled) it means you can use the backpack as a day trip bag or beach bag and keep your refreshments cool in there.

Quiksilver Men's Schoolie Backpack

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