Best Homemade Beer Making Kits Reviews 2019

The Best Kits for Making Homemade Beer

What do you buy for a man who loves to drink beer? Give him the power to make homemade beer with these homemade beer making kits!

These Homemade Beer Brewery Making Kits make the perfect gifts for Fathers Day, Christmas or as a birthday present! Start your shopping for the best homemade beer making kits below. Kits from Mr. Beer, New Brewers, Coopers and True Brew beer making kits are featured for you below.

Homemade Beer is Unique

Making your beer is a lot of fun, and the finished product will be unique and therefore extra special. Anyone can buy a six-pack of beer, but using homemade beer-making kits to make your means you will get different results.

Just like home cooking is better than ready-made meals, homemade beer is much nicer than bottled beer. This gift will appeal to anyone who enjoys a cool glass of beer.

This is a great gift for complete beginners to brewing, as well as people who have made their brews before because brewing beer never gets boring! The whole process is fun, from opening the gift, in the beginning, making the beer itself, waiting for it to brew and develop its characteristics, and of course tasting the fruits of your labor. This makes a lovely gift because it is such fun to use. Anyone of legal drinking age will have fun with this kit, and of course, it will come with all the instructions necessary to make a great brew. So if you are considering one of these, keep reading to find out what options you have.

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The Best Homemade Beer Making Kits

Looking For The Best Homemade Beer Making Kits?The Best Homemade Beer Making Kits

The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit was one of the most popular home brewing kits on the market in 2013. This homemade beer making kit makes a wonderful gift for guys who love to make their beer at home.

This high rated beer-making kit is easy to use. The instructions are simple, and the components are straightforward to assemble. The mixture needs to sit in the keg for at least a week, although the longer you leave it in there, the tastier it should become. This is simple to use, and the resulting beer has a good color, flavor, and style. Not only is this kit a lot of fun to use but it is ideal for ‘the man who has everything’ because it will give him something entertaining to do and he can enjoy the results of his brewing.

How to Make Beer at Home

It can be cheaper to make your brews than purchasing them from the store, and you can also make them to your taste, sharing them with friends and family, or even entering a craft brewing contest. Choose from a variety of kits or check out a homebrew store which can package items together to make the complete kit. An all-grain kit will not come with such in-depth instructions as other kinds, so one of those would be better for someone who already has some brewing experience under their belt. Once you know how to make beer using one of these, you can then design your beer recipes instead of buying the kits.

An all-grain kit will come with grain and hops, and maybe yeast too, as well as instruction. Some kits will offer malt extract rather than grain, which gives the beer a different flavor and character. Something else you might like to consider is a kit with pre-hopped malt extract because this will simplify the brewing process, the reason being you do not have to boil the mixture or add different amounts of hops at various times. Choosing between an all-grain kit and a pre-hopped malt extract kit is something you will need to do, but it just depends on whether you are a beginner or buying for a beginner, in which case go with the pre-hopped type as your first kit.

So what do you need for making beer? You will need a big pot, at least 3 gallons in capacity, tubing and a clamp to bottle the beer, an air lock and stopper, a thermometer, bottle filler, bottle capper, bottle brush, bottle caps, and a sanitizing solution. A beer brewing kit will come with most or all of the necessary items for brewing. The first thing to do will be the actual brewing, and then you have to cool and to ferment, followed by priming and bottling. After that is the aging and that is when the yeast ferments the rest of the sugar to create carbon dioxide which will make your beer bubbly. The last step is, of course, the most enjoyable one, and that is the drinking!

A Very Rewarding Hobby

Once you have discovered not only how easy it is to make beer, but also how much fun, you will want to make another batch, perhaps the same as the first or maybe you want to try another type of beer or even a different kind of brewing system. You might be a beginner now, but you will get to the stage where you can make up your recipes and give your beer whichever characteristics you want it to have. There is nothing like sipping a cold beer at the end of a long day, especially one you have brewed yourself.

Top Homemade Beer Making Kits

The Top Selling Homemade Beer Making Kits!BSG Gold DP-GFZY-7I2K Beer Homebrew Kit with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy

Beer Making Kit by Monster Brew is a popular choice for guys who love brewing beer at home. This home beer making kit has everything you need to brew a great tasting homemade beer.

This is a good quality kit and comes with everything required to make your first brew. The directions are simple, and the book has lots of handy tips in it. You can make delicious beer and then either keep it or distribute it to friends and family so that everyone can appreciate the yummy flavor. The ingredients kit will make 5 gallons of beer, and you get hops, yeast, and malt, as well as everything else you need to make fantastic homebrew. This is a top quality homebrew kit rather than a gimmick novelty one, so if you are looking for quality, consider this one.

Popular Homemade Beer Making Kits

Buy one of the best Homemade Beer Making Kits there is!Beer Brewmaster’s Select Home Beer-Making Kit

Check out the Mr. Beer Brewmaster’s Select Home Beer-Making Kit. This home beer making kit has everything you need for home brewing the finest tasting beer you can make yourself. Become a beer master with the Mr. Beer Brewmaster’s Select Home Beer-Making Kit.

This is a great brewing kit, and you can brew 4 gallons of beer. You get 2 all-malt refills, a 2-gallon fermenter and 8 bottles which you can reuse. The bottles come with caps and labels. As well as this you get a t-shirt and baseball cap, 2-pint glasses, a sugar measure and a thermometer. The tutorials and instruction sheet are concise and easy to follow, and you can also purchase extra refill brew packs for use with this brewing kit. This is sure to delight any beer fan because it is a pleasure to use and the resulting beer is going to taste amazing. Everyone knows at least one person who would love this for Christmas or a birthday.

Different Kinds of Beer

Beer dates back to Ancient Egypt and is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world. It is still one of the preferred beverages of thirsty people today, and there are lots of different kinds to choose from. Different factors affecting the style of beer include the flavor, color, and aroma. Different countries boast their distinctive brews, and a beer enthusiast will enjoy sampling different beers from different places made in a range of ways. You can break beers down into two main styles, and those would be dark beers and ale. A dark beer is dark in color and offers a fuller flavor. These may be served chilled or at room temperature.

Porter is one kind of dark beer which is made by mixing 3 different ales together. The full aroma and rich body of the dark beer are created by roasting malt barley. Stout is another type of dark beer, and this is usually black in color or very dark brown. Guinness, for example, is famed all over the globe for its distinctive look and full flavor. This deep black beverage is topped with a creamy head and found everywhere, especially in Irish bars. Ale is made with top-fermenting yeast which accounts for the stronger, darker beer that older generations seem to enjoy. Ale is fermented at a higher temperature than other kinds of beer, and it is faster to produce. An ale often has a distinctive fruity or nutty flavor, and that makes this a popular beverage for the cooler months.

So, what about larger? Lager is brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast, and it is lighter than other kinds of beers. During fermentation, cooler temperatures are used, and this means the larger takes longer to make than sales or other beers. Because of this, lager is refreshing and therefore popular during the summer months. The color and flavor are both lighter. For the best flavor, larger is best served cold. Whether beer, lager, stout or ale is closer to your heart, beer is certainly here to stay, as classic brands and flavors continue in their popularity and new types are launched.

Beer for All Occasions

A cold beer is wonderful at the end of the long working day when you are meeting friends in the bar for a catch-up, or you can even serve it at a dinner party. Beer goes better with a curry or Asian dish, for example than a lot of wines would. It is also a good drink for cooking with. A splash of dark beer in your next beef stew will enrich the flavor while making fish batter with beer and flour yields a crispy result.

Videos To Help You Learn How To Make Homemade Beer

YouTube Videos for “Making Home Made Beer – Gordon Ramsay.”

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Brew Like a Pro: Make Pub-Style Draft Beer at Home

So apart from the brewing kit, what else do you need to make a great brew? The answer is this helpful book which teaches you the secrets of pub-style beer brewing, including plans for a home brewing system you can fit in 18 feet of available space. There are also recipes in here for classic, all-grain brews which will stay fresh for months in the kegs, so you do not need to bottle. This is a clear, easy to follow the guide, and it is well written to keep you enthusiastic and interested. The book starts with an overview of the typical pub brewery and then goes on to explain how to replicate the process in a much smaller space with fewer components. Next, there are illustrations to help you, as well as a selection of tempting recipes for you to try out.

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