5 Best Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven Reviews-(Updated Buyer Guide 2021)

Health And Convenience In One – Showtime Rotisserie Oven

Using a Rotisserie oven is an effective way to cut fat and carbohydrates naturally. You can cook chicken, fish, burgers, roast. And it makes your meals taste so much better. Everything comes out moist and delicious.

Like Barbecue?

Then this showtime rotisserie bbq is for you. This rotisserie oven is easy to use. All you do is just skewer the meat and turn it on. It is that easy.


Prepare delicious and healthy foods like a Gourmet with the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie.

Best Value

Ronco Inventions ST4000 Showtime Indoor Rotisserie

Ronco Indoor Rotisserie and BBQ

  • Digital display with easy-to-use
  • Lid, Drip Tray and Heat Shield are dishwasher safe and easily remove for cleaning
  • Horizontal, self-basting rotation locks in the flavor
  • 7.75” tall for easy storage in standard-sized cabinets or drawers

Best of The Best

Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition

Ronco ST5000PLGEN  Platinum Edition

  • Removable heat shield
  • Exterior handle stays cool
  • Elegant, easy to clean
  • Non-stick surface wipes clean
  • Dishwasher safe pan
  • Removable door is dishwasher safe
  • 13” tall – fits standard cabinets

Best Inexpensive

Ronco Inventions ST4000 Showtime Indoor

Ronco Digital Rotisserie and BBQ Oven

  • Rotisserie Oven for Chicken, Turkey and other entrees
  • Precise rotation speed allows self-basting
  • Glass door allows you to monitor cooking progress
  • Special Packaging includes Knife and Shear set
  • Digital timer makes easy to use & automatically turns off

This Ronco ST3001SSGEN Showtime Compact Rotisserie and Barbeque Oven, Stainless Steel is large enough to cook up to a 10 lb turkey.

Rotisserie Ovens for Home Use

Consider buying a rotisserie oven for yourself and enjoy spit-roasting whole chicken.

Who can resist the aroma of a chicken rotating slowly on a rotisserie spit, remaining juicy and delicious inside while the skin crisps up on the outside?

Rotisserie ovens are affordable, and because they are small, they do not take up much of your precious kitchen space either.

Choose a Showtime rotisserie oven and make some seriously good eats.

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Ronco EZ Store Rotisserie Oven 5250 Series, Stainless SteelRonco EZ Store Rotisserie Oven 5250 Series, Stainless Steel

Highly rated and competitively priced, this rotisserie oven is small enough to store in your kitchen cabinet because it breaks down with the parts nesting in the top, but you might want to leave it on your countertop because it is something you will want to use often to cook fast nutritious and tasty dishes.

The self-basting rotation locks in the moisture and flavor and the digital control panel makes it a breeze to use.

You get a rotisserie spit, multipurpose basket, removable drip tray, carving platform, food ties to keep your chicken legs tucked in, and oven gloves with this model, and you can use it to make all kinds of things from meat to appetizers or even desserts.

This rotisserie oven is the compact version of the Ronco classic, but it is still plenty large enough to cook whole chickens for example.

Reviewers like the searing feature because you can get your chicken skin nice and crispy without overcooking the bird.

The turning spit keeps those juices moving so your chicken ends up succulent.

If you usually buy rotisserie-cooked chickens, you will be saving money by making your own, and there is plenty more you can cook in here besides, such as fish, steaks or veggies in the multipurpose basket.

Ronco EZ Store Rotisserie, Stainless

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What to Cook in Your Ronco Rotisserie Oven

The obvious thing to cook in there is chicken, but what else can you cook?

The Ronco rotisserie oven comes with a multipurpose basket, allowing you to cook steak, salmon, vegetables or even little appetizer snacks in there.

If you only cook chicken in your rotisserie oven, you are missing out on other opportunities and not making the best use of this fabulous little machine.

Baste a cheap store-bought ham with honey and cook it in the rotisserie for half an hour. You will end up with juicy honey-cooked ham at a fraction of the price you would pay for it in the store.

Consider herb-crusted game hens, a rotisserie prime rib, or even a small turkey. Stuffed turkey is better off in the oven but why not marinate it to add lots of flavors and then you can cook it in the rotisserie, for a flavorful result.

Another popular meat is pork tenderloin, and this can be marinated in Jamaican jerk seasoning, beer and mustard, lemon and Greek seasonings, or anything else your heart desires.

For those with a sweet tooth, rotisserie cake might appeal to your imagination. Typical in the Basque region, rotisserie cake is traditionally made in front of the fire.

A cone lined with wax paper goes on the spit, and then the batter is poured over the cone slowly, allowing one coat to cook before adding more, then the batter will slowly transform into a cake.

Another idea is a meatloaf, and you can use any ground meat (perhaps veal or lamb, for a change) and any herbs, spices, and seasonings to get a unique flavor.

Even More Mouthwatering Ideas

Vegetarians will be able to use the multi purpose basket to cook their vegetables and perhaps some meat substitute too.

Your rotisserie can be trusted to get on with cooking your food, and you do not need to watch it all the time, so you can get on with making side dishes or simply relax until your meal is done. You can even cook ribs in there.

Stop the rotisserie and pull on the meat. If it is falling off the bone, or at least easy to pull off, it is ready.

Do you like a duck?

This is a naturally juicy meat because of the fat (at least, on domestic birds, a bit less so with the wild varieties) and rotisserie cooking is a great way to cook this meat.

Whether you are in the mood for Peking duck or you want to try a blackberry or pomegranate glaze on your bird, the result should be amazing.

Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum EditionRonco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition

This rotisserie oven is capable of cooking not only chicken but all kinds of delicious dishes, and it uses a third less energy than a regular oven thereby saving you money on electricity.

The nonstick surfaces can just be wiped clean while the pan can just go in the dishwasher, along with the removable glass door.

This means cleanup is a breeze and you will not be scrubbing this for hours. This Ronco model tenderizes the inside of your meat which browning the outside. Just put the chicken on the spit, set the timer for 15 minutes per pound, and let the meat cook to juicy perfection.

Choose from the no-heat rotation, normal rotation or pause and sear to get the perfect finish.

The heat is not adjustable, but because you can choose what kind of rotation or searing you are using at any one time, you can control the outcome of the recipe.

You get everything you need to make meat, fish or vegetable dishes, and an overwhelming majority of reviewers are happy to award this one 5 out of 5.

At just 13 inches tall you can store this rotisserie in the cupboard when not in use.

Ronco ST5000PLGEN Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition

Ronco Showtime ST4002WHDRM White Rotisserie And Barbeque Oven with Bonus Accessory KitRonco Showtime ST4002WHDRM White Rotisserie And Barbeque Oven with Bonus Accessory Kit

So you do not want a compact rotisserie oven but something a little bigger?

In that case, this one is worth considering. Capable of cooking a turkey up to 15 pounds in 3 hours or a pair of 4-pound chickens, this rotisserie is perfect for people who want to make juicy, succulent meat and end up with perfect results every time.

The glass door enables you to watch your food cooking, and you also get a 5 piece knife set with this oven.

The rib basket with hooks and 4-inch lobster spit basket are sure to give you, even more, ideas, and if you want to use this rotisserie as a barbecue, you can do that too.

This one is compact and small yet full-featured and a worthy addition to your cooking appliances.

Because the fat drips off while your meat or fish is cooking, this is a healthy cooking method as well, and the rotating spit ensures you food cooks evenly on all sides.

You get elastic ties with this oven so that you can tie the chicken wings and legs out of the way.

Ronco Showtime Standard Rotisserie 5500 Series, Stainless SteelRonco Showtime Standard Rotisserie 5500 Series, Stainless Steel

This comes with a rotisserie spit, multipurpose basket, nonstick drip pan, oven gloves, food ties, and carving platform, as well as a DVD which you should watch before using the machine.

Preparing fresh, nutritious food is easy with this Ronco rotisserie. It has a 3-hour automatic timer so you can put your food in there and just let it get on with cooking it. You do not have to watch it all the time.

There is a horizontal cooking position option as well as the spit with precision rotation speed.

A 6-pound chicken takes about 90 minutes to cook to perfection and because of the fat drips off the meat as it cooks that means a healthier result.

This one has a dial rather than a digital timer, which some people might prefer and others might not.

Whether you want to save money by cooking your chicken on a spit rather than opting for the store-bought kind, or you are interested in the health benefits of this cooking method, this rotisserie is affordable, works very well, gets consistently good reviews, and cooks food to perfection.

Solosong, Stainless Assolar ST5500SSGEN Earphone Earbuds

Ronco Showtime Standard Rotisserie and Barbeque Oven White

This rotisserie is standard size, and it also has a barbecue option. Choose from the no-heat rotation, regular rotation, or pause-to-sear. You get a rotisserie basket which is nonstick and a drip tray.

The parts are dishwasher safe, and the dial timer is simple to use. This rotisserie measures 18 x 13 x 15 inches so it does not take up a lot of room in your kitchen, and it comes with a 6-month limited warranty.

Your favorite food will taste even better when it is cooked in a rotisserie oven, and you can choose from the rotisserie spit or the multi purpose basket depending on what you are cooking.

You get an instructional DVD with this one, along with a carving platform, oven gloves, non-stick drip pan, and food ties. Roast any meat.

The sky is the limit here. If it fits in the unit, you can roast it in there. Try a whole turkey in there, or just a turkey breast if there are only a couple of you.

Cook your meat or fish to juicy perfection in here, or use it to cook vegetables or anything else you fancy.

Ronco Showtime Standard Rotisserie and Barbeque Oven

Top Tips for Rotisserie Cooking

A rotisserie oven will come with an instructional DVD, an instruction/recipe book, or perhaps even both, but it also pays to discover a few rotisserie tips along the way so you can ensure everything comes out perfect, or as close to perfect as possible.

A rotisserie spit is often used over a grill or barbecue, and that is indeed a great way to make an aromatic, juicy dinner without overheating the house.

However, what do you do when the weather is not up to barbecuing or if you do not have a back yard?

In that case, it might make sense to invest in a compact rotisserie oven for the kitchen. Cooking on a rotisserie is easier than roasting or grilling. The meat is turning all the time by itself, which means it bastes itself too.

Extra basting is optional, but you do not have to keep an eye on the meat all the time like you would on a grill or barbecue.

You can cook all kinds of things on there, things you have already considered like chicken, duck or pork, or even fruit. Try cooking a whole pineapple on a spit. The results are fantastic!

Ensure you truss any loose bits of your bird before cooking because you do not want wings or legs flapping about and burning. Keep the door closed to keep the heat in, so the convection currents in the oven will cook your food all over evenly.

Of course, you can open the door to check if your food is done but there is no need to do this more than just at the end of the cooking time since the food is rotating constantly and therefore does not need to be flipped over or basted.

Something else which is important is to let your cooked meat rest for about 15 minutes after cooking. This applies to every cooking method, not just rotisserie cooking. This means the juices will redistribute and your meat will stay moist and juicy.

Drip Tray Ideas

The drip tray is handy for collecting the fat which drips out of your meat, but you can also fill it with vegetables, then make a gravy using the vegetables and drips which have collected.

Another idea is to fill the drip tray with beer, fruit juice or wine, to give the bird more flavor when it evaporates and infuses the meat.

All of these tips are good ones, but the most important thing is to ensure you have everything you need and read the manual (or watch the instruction DVD) before you begin! That way, you are all set for a great result.

Ronco ST3001SSGEN Showtime Compact Rotisserie and Barbeque Oven, Stainless SteelRonco ST3001SSGEN Showtime Compact Rotisserie and Barbeque Oven, Stainless Steel

This compact rotisserie barbecue oven is easy to use and comes with a great cover, drip tray, nonstick rotisserie basket, spit loading base and rotisserie spit.

The parts are dishwasher safe, and there is a 2-hour auto timer feature too.

The rotisserie oven measures 12½ x 11 x 14 inches so it can sit on the countertop without taking up much space.

Cook a pair of 3 lbs chickens, a 10 lb turkey, 4 hamburgers, 3 Cornish game hens, or 4 big steaks or fish filets in this deceptively roomy rotisserie oven, and then enjoy the easy cleanup.

This rotisserie oven works well, and you can use it to prepare a healthy dinner for the whole family.

Barbeque Oven White

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