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Kids and adults love collecting the 50 state quarters series. In 1999 us mint started releasing quarters that highlighted each state in America! Each year since 1999, us mint has released 4 new state quarters. Until 2009 when the last 5 state quarters were released.

I have collected many sets of these 50 state quarters. My favorite set I bought was the painted 50 state quarters set! You can see it listed below! So grab a quarters collectors book and start collecting those state quarters!



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1999-2008 D Complete UNC State Quarter 50 Coins Set

1999-2008 UNC State Quarter 50 Coins Set

  • Complete Set of All 50 State Quarters
  • All from the Denver (D) Mint
  • Shipped in Sealed Quarter Tubes

Check Latest PriceColorful, durable U.S. map portfolio is perfect for your quarters collection!

50-State Commemorative Quarters Collector’s Map

  • Display and store your quarters in this handsome portfolio!
  • Store your quarters securely!
  • Room to collect all the quarters from both Mints!
  • Fun facts add an educational component!

Check Latest Price First 35 America the Beautiful Coins in Deluxe Color Book

National Park Quarters Complete Date Set 2010-2016

  • 7 years of National Park Quarters
  • 35 Quarters!
  • Coin collecting book and map
  • Includes Certificate of authenticity

Check Latest Price1999-2008 P Complete UNC State Quarter 50-Coin Album

1999-2008 UNC State Quarter 50-Coin Album

  • Complete Set of All 50 State Quarters
  • All from the Philadelphia (P) Mint
  • Shipped in Sealed Quarter Tubes
  • 2 separate plastic coin holders

Check Latest PriceComplete 50 Uncirculated State (99-08) Quarter Collection

Complete 50 (99-08) Quarter Collection

  • Complete Set of all 56 State & Territory Quarters
  • No specific mint mark
  • Folder Depicts all 50 states and the 6 U.S. Territories
  • Great way for kids to learn geography

Check Latest Price

Do you Collect the 50 State Quarters?

50 State Quarters are Fun to Collect

Kids and adults love collecting the 50 state quarters series. In 1999 us mint started releasing quarters that highlighted each state in America! Each year since 1999, us mint has released 4 new state quarters. Until 2009 when the last 5 state quarters were released.

I have collected many sets of these 50 state quarters. My favorite set I bought was the painted 50 state quarters set! You can see it listed below! So grab a quarters collectors book and start collecting those state quarters!

Anyone Can Start Collecting State Quarters

Although these quarters have been around for a while, it is never too late to start collecting them. You can grab yourself a bargain by scouring eBay or amazon and seeing which ones you have.

Buying a complete set at once would be expensive and nowhere near as much fun as adding to your collection gradually. Collecting is all about adding to what you already have, a bit at a time until you have a collection you can be truly proud of.

Get yourself a quarter collector’s book if you want to keep track of what you already have and what you want. Perhaps you have a friend who you want to compete with, seeing who can complete their collection first.

This is also handy if you find you have duplicates because you can swap one of your duplicates for one of theirs, and both of you end up with a better collection. Many things are more fun if you are not doing them alone and part of the appeal of deciding to collect state quarters means you can enjoy this hobby with another family member or with a friend, each of you taking pride in your collection and encouraging each other too.

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Collecting the 50 State Quarters is fun for kids!

Do you collect the 50 State Quarters?

Collecting the United States Quarters is fun because you always have quarters in your pocket and when you find one you need to fill up that book, it can be exciting!

What’s this 50 state quarters thing all about?

The US Mint tell you about the 50 State Quarter program!

Celebrate our 50 states with the United States Mint’s 50 State Quarters Program. Thanks to this innovative ten-year program, every 10 weeks you will see a new state’s quarter – released in the order states were admitted into the Union. Every coin is unique, as is every state’s design selection process. To learn more about this exciting celebration, check out the Program Fact Sheet, the Design Criteria, the Evaluation Process and The History of the Quarter.

Hawaii is one of the 50 State Quarter Collection

Hawaii State Quarter

The fifth and final quarter-dollar coin released in 2008 honors the State of Hawaii and is the 50th and last coin in the United States Mint’s popular 50 State Quarters Program. Hawaii, spelled “Hawai” in the Hawaiian language, is nicknamed “The Aloha State.” It became the 50th state admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959. The release of this quarter signals the end of the ten-year 50 State Quarters Program.

State Series Quarters Collector Map

This Quarter Collection Folder is a Great Way to Introduce Kids to U.S. Quarter Collecting!Quarter Collection Folder is a Great Way to Introduce Kids to U.S. Quarter Collecting

This map is a nice size, and you can view which years the different States launched their quarters on the back. Open the map using the Velcro seal and read some fun facts about each State. Next to the facts area is a huge color-coded map of the whole of the United States. Each State has an opening where you can put the corresponding quarter from the State. This is an enjoyable tool for people of any age, kids or grownups, to use when collecting State quarters. Once you have all the quarters, you can either display the map by standing it up on a table or shelf, or you could get it framed and hang it on the wall so you can showcase your whole State quarters collection. When the map is open it measures 37" by 13" inches. The folded size is 13" by 12" inches. This is ideal for collectors of State quarters because there is somewhere to put each quarter, and then you can admire the whole collection.

50 State Quarters

Will 50 State Quarters Ever Appreciate in Value?

The State Quarters program is one of the most popular coin series in American history, and about 140 million people are believed to be collecting them. Whether or not they appreciate in value has a lot to do with the state of the economy in the future.If people need to cash in those quarters because they need the money, the market is going to be inundated with them, and that will push their value down, yet that would also mean fewer collectors.

The value would depreciate because there would be a greater supply of the quarters available to collectors, but this depreciation would not be permanent.

On a national level, this scenario is fairly unlikely, and fluctuations are usually brief and modest. Also, coin dealers have a fair bit of control over coin values, so if a lot of state quarters hit the market suddenly, these coin collectors would snatch most of them up. This would be a good thing because they would be removing the excess coins from the market, thereby pushing the prices up.

People are putting away their complete uncirculated sets since experts believe the answer to the question " will 50 state quarters ever appreciate in value" is a definite yes, although it is not known for sure when this is likely to happen.

As with any collectible, it is worth completing your collection and keeping them safe until the price does rise, and then you can decide what to do with your collection when the time comes.

Best Reasons to Collect State Quarters

Collecting is always fun, no matter what you happen to collect. Some people only collect things so they can sell them in the future, but for others the main pleasure is collecting the quarters and either trying to make a complete set or taking pride in the complete set of 50 state quarters they already own; the price of their collection is secondary because they do not only collect in order to sell.

However, if you do invest in rolls of state quarters whenever you have some spare cash, and keep them somewhere safe, by the time you wish to retire or use the money, it is a safe bet that they will have appreciated in value.

1 S 1999 thru 2009 US Proof Sets – 11 Set Combo Deal Proof

A wonderful gift or something for you to collect, this set offers all the coins from 1999 through 2009, and you get 127 coins in all, so a complete set and something to be proud of. The set includes all the San Francisco Mint ‘S’ mints plus the 6 new territories. The 4-coin Lincoln Commemorative Cents from the 2009 set is included too, and you can be assured this set comes with government packaging with the US Mint Certificate of Authenticity. If you would prefer to buy the whole set rather than collecting the individual coins, or you want to present this to somebody as a fascinating gift for Christmas, their birthday or another occasion, this is a great buy.

The 50 State Quarters program for Kids!

Encourage Kids to Start Collecting the 50 State Quarters!Collecting the 50 State Quarters can be educational and fun for kids! 50 State Quarters Program is a hit with kids! Thousands of children are collecting these unique coins-one commemorative quarter for each state in the Union-and learning more about their country’s history and heritage. Bring the excitement of this historic event to your classroom with FREE 50 State Quarters Program lesson plans. Designed by teachers for teachers, each lesson plan includes everything you will need to create stimulating learning experiences for your students!

50 State Quarters Game

Individual 50 State Quarters

Take a look at the currently available state quarter coins and see which ones you want to add to your collection. Perhaps you are only 1 or 2 coins away from a full set, or maybe you want to get some of these as gifts for a collector in your family or group of friends. Either way, you know what you are going to get when shopping online for these collectible coins. As time goes on they are going to become more rare and collectible, so grab your chance to get the coins you need now, and you can take pride in your patriotic collection. The availability of these coins changes too, so keep an eye on this page (perhaps bookmark it) and then check back to see when your most-wanted coins become available.

What is Error Coins Worth?

As an alternative to collecting state quarters (or if your collection is complete and you are looking for a new coin challenge!), you might like to look out for error coins. When coins are minted, various errors can happen, and the coin not looks right. You can buy these or just look out for them in your small change.

Plating Issues

Cents made later than 1981 are struck in zinc and copper. Zinc is plated with copper for the coppery appearance, so the coin looks like solid copper. Sometimes the metal is not plated along with the nickel, resulting in silver-colored coins. Coins like this are worth up to $10 each.

Quarters, dimes and half dollars are made of nickel and copper, and the nickel is used for a silver appearance. If the metal is not plated properly, then coins will look like copper instead. Expect to make between $5 and $20 for one of these coins.

Blank Coins

A planchet is a blank metal disc, and you get those when the disc escapes the mind. A blank on is worth $1 to $4 depending on the condition, but you are unlikely to find one of these in your small change.

Misprinted Coins

Sometimes coins will have a feature missing if there was some grease between the planchet and the die, or another kind of foreign object in the way. This happens a lot, so these coins are not worth much more than their face value, although you are more likely to discover one in your wallet or pocket if the error is very small, since most people will have overlooked it.

Off-Center Minting

Do you have a coin which has been minted off-center? If you can still read the 4 digits of the date, the coin is worth more than if the date is smudged or obscured. The more off-center the strike, the more you can sell the coin for, as a rule, and the date makes a difference too. Most of these error coins are worth $1 to $10 depending on these factors.

National Park Quarter Archive Map HardcoverNational Park Quarter Archive Map

If you are looking for a collector map to display your collection of state quarters, you might like to find out more about this one. Featuring 56 openings for the National Park quarters, you can really show them off in here. The back, front and inside of the album are glossy, and the covers are 1/8 inch thick, so it is nice and sturdy. The coins fit snugly, and there is a list on the back cover which tells you each quarter’s name and year. Inside there is a page telling you when each historical park, national park, national forest or national refuge was established. Each opening shows off one side of the coin only, but if you do not mind that, then you should like this album because it is reasonably priced, good quality and ideal for anybody who likes to collect state quarters.

The Official U.S. Mint 50 State Quarters 1999-2008 (P and d Album)

This hard cover album is archival quality, and it has thick cardboard pages with reinforced edges. There are 5 pages, and each one holds 20 coins. The quarters fit snugly and do not fall out because there is a thin sheet of plastic between the coins and the page to hold them in place. You will find a space for both Pennsylvania and Denver coins and the album is well-made and seems very durable and professional. There is a short history of the quarters on the inside cover. There is no page for territory quarters, so you will need to put those elsewhere. This is a nice buy whether or not you have completed, or already begun, your 50 State quarters collection.

Baseball Legend TED WILLIAMS US State Quarter Colorized 3-Coin Set *Licensed*

This is perfect for anyone who likes to collect state quarters, and it also makes a wonderful gift. You will get Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Ted Williams, all immortalized on state quarters, and these are collectible and should increase in value over time as long as you take care of them. Collecting coins is a popular hobby because once you have finished collecting one set, you can begin with another, swapping and adding to your collection until it is complete, and getting the satisfaction that finishing a set brings you. Coins take up very little space too, so you do not need a large room to begin this hobby. These coins are unusual, and they are a good purchase.

Fifty State (District of Columbia and Territorial) Commemorative Quarter Folder: Deluxe Edition (Official Whitman Coin Folder)

Fifty State (District of Columbia and Territorial) Commemorative Quarter Folder: Deluxe Edition (Official Whitman Coin Folder)Sometimes when people collect State quarters they also seem to accumulate a range of folders and albums, wanting the best one to showcase their collection. This sturdy, attractive folder is great for your State quarters. It is not a multi-page album, but you can fit the whole set in there, including the Denver and Pennsylvania quarters. This folder costs much less than the multi-page kind, and the coins can be displayed without touching one another. Open out the folder to admire your whole collection. There is other information about the States printed on the folder too. This is a great budget choice.

50 States Quarters Platinum Paperback

This trifold book is a great way to show off your collection, and you can fit all the coins in there and admire them all at once without having to turn a page. There are lots of 50 States quarters albums, books and folders to choose from, so it pays to take your time and make sure you choose something you are going to be happy with. This one is nice for a child who wants to collect State quarters, but it is also a good choice for an adult too. The quality is good, and the book displays the coins nicely.

State Quarter Map

Colorful 50 State Quarters Map

U.S. Commemorative Quarter Collection Map makes collecting these quarters fun for the kids! U.S. Commemorative Quarter Collection Map, Every year through 2008, the U.S. Mint will be releasing five specially designed commemorative state quarters in the order that the states joined the Union. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to begin collecting all 50 coins in this incredible map display.

The open display board is a beautiful U.S. map measuring 26-inch wide by 16.5-inch tall, and each state has a pop-out where you will place the new coin when it is released. The back showcases the 50 state flags along with the year each quarter is to be released. Features sturdy construction and elegant artwork with gold foil stamping.

  • Begin collecting all 50 state coins in this incredible map display
  • Display board is a beautiful U.S. map measuring 26-inch wide by 16.5-inch tall
  • Each state has a pop-out where you will place the new coin when it is released
  • The back showcases the 50 state flags along with the year each quarter is to be released
  • Features sturdy construction and elegant artwork with gold foil stamping

50 State Quarters Collection

Take a look at these 50 state quarters collections and see which one matches your requirements. Some people already have most of the quarters and just need 1 or 2 more, while others prefer to begin with a small collection of several pieces and then add to it, and others just want to purchase the entire collection as a souvenir or gift without actually having to collect the coins separately. Whichever sounds like you, have a look what is available today and see which tallies with your existing coin collection. Buying coins online is easy, and it means you can see at a glance which coins are available and what the current price is. Some of these come with folders or display books.

50 State Quarters Collector’s Folder: 1999-2008 Denver & Philadelphia Mints

50 State Quarters Collector's Folder: 1999-2008 Denver & Philadelphia Mints50 State Quarters Collector’s Folder: 1999-2008 Denver & Philadelphia mints it’s a coin collector’s dream folder, with space for every state’s newly designed quarters–arranged according to the year each was minted–along with dozens of fascinating facts. When Congress passed the "50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act" in 1997, which led to the creation of quarters honoring every state in the union, its members especially hoped that young people and their families would collect these memorable tokens.

More about the State Quarters Program

State Quarter Collection for Me for You

5 quarters were released each year between 1999 and 2008 by the United States Mint, and the reason for this was to spark interest in the country’s legal tender as well as in the history of the United States. One-quarter was released every 73 days, and each one came out in the order in which the state joined the Union.Each state has its own specially designed quarter which reflects its personality and accomplishments, and collecting all of them is something which appeals to adults and kids alike.

What’s on the Head and Tail Sides?

The heads side still has George Washington on, but you will notice that his portrait is smaller than on regular quarters. It says ‘quarter dollar’ at the bottom of the coin and ‘The United States of America’ (instead of Liberty) at the top. At the left, it says ‘Liberty, ’ and at the right, it says ‘in God We Trust’ so the portrait is smaller to make room for the text.

On the tails side, there is something to do with each state. The governor of each state decides what goes in the quarters and the citizens of that state often help.

Ohio quarters, for example, has a spacesuit and the Wright Brothers’ airplane, and the text ‘Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers’. The New York quarters feature the caption ‘Gateway to Freedom’ and the Statue of Liberty.

On the whole, this program has been hugely successful and more than 100 million people have either shown interest or are actively collecting the quarters. Not only is collecting state quarters something for avid collectors but it is also educational and will teach you more about the history of the United States and what each state is most proud of and most famous for.

Quarterama: Ideas and Designs of America’s State Quarters, Pocket Change Edition

Quarterama: Ideas and Designs of America's State Quarters, Pocket Change EditionThis paperback book with its color illustrations is a fascinating way to familiarize yourself with America’s state quarters and find out more information about them. Each one of the 160 pages is sure to grab your attention and curiosity, offering a wealth of facts, dates, maps, mintages, and more. Whether or not you already have a full or partially completed collection of state quarters, this is a great book to increase your interest in the topic and offer plenty of useful information. This book makes a great gift for any coin collection or anyone interested in collecting coins. Even if you already know a lot about coin collecting and America’s state quarters, this book is sure to give you some more knowledge about these collectible coins.

A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America–One State Quarter at a Time

A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America--One State Quarter at a Time HardcoveA Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America–One State Quarter at a time one of the most successful and ambitious programs the US Mint has ever taken on is that of the fifty state quarters. The project has been well received by the public and thus has become extremely popular with collectors both old and young alike. The programs last minting occurred in 2008 and with the relapse of the last coin gave everyone in America a chance to have a unique coin representative of the fifty states of the union. This book looks at the history of the fifty states and what went into the discussion making behind each states personalized coin. It tells of what went into the design and how each state set out to make its mark in the collection. The book “A Pocketful of History” takes the reader on a journey of fascinating history behind the whole project and is a snap shot look at America’s rich and full history and changes itself.

Learn about the 50 State Quarters by Following These Links!

Links to websites that have information about the 50 State Quarters program.

50 State Commemorative Quarters Designs The winning images and proposed designs submitted for inclusion in the U.S. Mint 50 United States commemorative quarters program scheduled for release every ten weeks from 1999-2008

50 State Quarters An introduction to 50 State Quarters program, its history, the coins already released, and more.

50 States QuartersIn 1999, the United States Mint began an ambitious program to create a special Quarter Dollar for each of the fifty states, to be released in groups of five coins each year until the series is completed in 2008. The public’s reaction to this program has been overwhelmingly positive and millions of new coin collectors have been created.

50 State Quarters DatabaseFind pictures, explanations, links, a timeline, statistics, and more information about the US Mint’s 50 State Quarters Program and the history of the US quarter dollar coin.

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