6 Best Electric Scooters For Kids 2021

Top Rated Kids Scooters For 2021

Electric scooters are the great gift for active children who enjoy doing outdoor activities. They are a lot of fun and also environmentally friendly since they only need electricity to run.

Electric scooters give your child power and speed they just can’t get on a road bike, and today’s state-of-the-art scooters are safer and more powerful than ever.

Even riders as young as 3 years old can safely ride an electric scooter under adult supervision, and bigger kids can gain independence as they learn safe riding skills while zipping through the neighborhood on their very own electric scooter.

Whether you’re reluctant to spend top dollar on a scooter only to have your son or daughter lose interest in it after a few weeks, or you’re simply on a tight budget, a high-quality and durable electric scooter isn’t out of reach.

If your kids are smaller and you are looking for something at a bargain price, try a kids wagon instead.

We present you a comparison of the best electric scooters for the money below.

The best e-scooters under $100 are reasonably priced yet well-made and fun to ride.

On this page, you can only find TOP RATED children scooters here. Have a look. I sure hope these reviews can help you find the perfect gift for your children.

Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter

Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter

A two-wheeled scooter equipped with an 80-watt, chain-driven motor, the GRT-11 Electric Scooter from Pulse Performance Products is a top choice for beginning riders.

The scooter’s rechargeable 12-volt battery provides up to 50 minutes of continuous drive time, perfect for zipping to a friend’s house or nearby convenience store.

The sleek GRT-11 is available in royal blue with grey accents, and the durable paint job can stand up to hard riding conditions.

  • Supports riders ages 8 and up who weigh 120 pounds or less.
  • The GRT-11 can reach a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour.
  • Your young rider will be able to stop quickly thanks to the scooter’s strong rear foot brake.
  • Easy to assemble in about 10 minutes using only a screwdriver.
Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter ReviewRazor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Best 15 Mph Scooter For Kids

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Fast
Well, the manual says it can go up to 15mph but if your child weighs less than 75 pounds in can go up to 20mph. That’s fast enough for the kids to feel excited. Make sure your kids wear their helmets when riding on it.

* Sturdy
The whole construction feels well-made

* Big tires
With big tires, this scooter can go on the sidewalk, yard and various another terrain where scooters will small wheels just won’t cut it.

* Battery holds the charge long enough
Children can play up to 45 minutes per charge. That translates to 8-12 miles. Of course, this number will vary based on the children’s weight and also the terrain.

* It’s quiet
This scooter doesn’t make the annoying noise like the Go-Peds.

* Can climb hills
Some people say that this bike can’t climb hills. That is not entirely accurate. If the one riding the scooter weighs more than 80 pounds, then that could be the case. Smaller children, however, can ride the E300 uphill quickly[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * Takes 8 hours to charge the battery
Yes, it takes that long to load it, but if charge it at night it will always be ready for your children to play with in the morning.[/su_box]

Razor E300 Electric Scooter


Razor E125 Electric Scooter Review

Best Ride-On Toys For The Little OnesBuy Razor E125 Electric Scooter

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Easy to assembly
This scooter requires assembly, but the whole process is a snap. It only takes a couple of times (all you need to do is lock in the handle bars)

* Chain driven
Unlike the E100 which uses a belt driven motor, the E125 is chain driven. Overall the E125 has better performance and also durability

* Long battery life
The E125 can hold the charge for about 40 minutes that’s 5 minutes less than the E300, but it’s still long enough for kids to have lots of fun ride.

* Fast enough for smaller children
Ten mph is the maximum speed for this scooter. If you think a scooter was going as fast as 15mph is too fast for your baby, then this one should fit perfectly.

* Durable
Do your kids love to abuse their toys? Don’t worry. This scooter can hold up well. It’s well-built[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * Requires kick start
The E125 needs a kickstart to 3mph before starting. Not a big downside since kids are already used to kick the ground to get their non-electric scooter starting[/su_box]

24V Motorized Battery Powered Electric Scooter


Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter ReviewRazor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Just Like The Real Thing

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Easy to assembly
The whole thing takes about 15 minutes to put together.

* Easy to ride
Even for children who just learned how to ride a two-wheel bike this scooter is easy to master. Children only need to practice handling the speed control and brake.

* Very quiet
Suffice to say that when your kids ride this scooter early in the morning, they won’t wake up the neighbors.

* Charges quickly and easily
It comes with a wall plug so you can just plug into the wall and stick the other end to the charging slot on the bike. It only takes 5 hours to charge a completely discharged battery fully.

* Chain driven
Much more reliable than belt driven electric scooters

* Under-seat storage compartment
Big enough to store some groceries just in case you’re getting the kids to buy the groceries. Of course, your children can also use it to keep snacks, iPod, toys or any small items that they might want to take.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * Headlight is for decoration only
It’s not a big deal since you can go to a bicycle shop to install it.[/su_box]

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro 24V Electric Kids


Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter Review

What Bigger Kids WantBigger kids Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

What some kids say on a scooter is getting old. If your kids are among them, then you should get this seated electric scooter from Razor

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * Assembly is a snap
It only takes 10 minutes to complete the assembly since you only need to put three parts together.

* Comfortable
Not all children like to stand on their scooter. This seated bike is comfy, and your kids can control the motorcycle much better while sitting.

* It’s fast
The product specification says it can go as fast as 15mph but some reported that this scooter could go up to 18mph (checked with radar gun).

* Big tires
These big (and wide) tires ensure smooth and stable riding in various terrain.

* Very well built
Since this scooter is meant for bigger and heavier kids the wheels, fork, and handlebars are made sturdy.[/su_box]
[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * Not for smaller kids
The seat is quite high so children less than 5’3″ tall may have some trouble getting their feet on the ground. Of course, if your child insists on getting this scooter you can always skip mounting the seat during assembly.[/su_box]

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter


Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter Review

Seriously Fast Scooter For Big Boys And Girls!Seriously Fast Scooter For Big Boys And Girls!

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#88fe41″ title_color=”#040404″] * powerful
The motor is no joke! This scooter can carry a person up to 350lbs easily.

* Seriously fast for an electric scooter
If your kids enjoy riding a 15mph bike, then they gonna love riding this one. This thing can go up to 25mph and up to 18miles on a single charge. If you don’t want your kids to go too fast, you can follow the instruction in the included DVD to “tone it down.”

* Rides through (almost) everything
This scooter can go on gravel roads, through yards, on the pavement, up and down hills, and over rocky paths. Makes it a perfect bike to take when your kids go camping.

* Fairly quiet
It’s not as quiet as the small scooters listed above, but it’s still pretty quiet for such a powerful electric scooter.

* Excellent customer support
Everyone runs into a problem sooner or later, but whenever it may arrive, you can be sure you will receive a five-star customer support. The seller (Super Cycles & Scooters) is that right.

* Removable seat
If your kids feel like sitting put the seat on and when you feel like standing just pop it out. It’s that simple.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#fe6c78″ title_color=”#040404″] * It’s heavy
Well, it’s a trade off actually. If you want a very sturdy scooter, then you need to compromise on weight. Anyway, since it got wheels the weight isn’t much of a problem (unless you need to take it upstairs)[/su_box]

[amazon_link asins=’B001TA9KKG’ template=’BuyButton’ store=’faizee-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1d17a39b-7037-11e7-b8a3-c77f7fa1fee2′]

How Fast is a Fast Electric Scooter?

A fast electric scooter is much faster than it was just a few years ago. Of course, gas scooters are still quite a bit faster, but the gap is steadily closing. For some enthusiasts, fast electric scooters have more speed than is necessary, but for others, nothing seems to be fast enough for their tastes.

Whether you own an electric motor scooter or gas powered scooter, they will both get you from one place to another. The big difference between the two is their travel times. The gas scooter will usually get you there quicker, but electric scooters will get you there at a much lower price.

Depending on how far you need to travel and what types of roads you are driving on, a fast electric scooter can often be just as efficient as far as time is concerned. If you’re driving on streets or highways having higher speed limits, you will probably want to get a gas powered scooter as they can be much speedier.

There are two things that most scooter buyers look at closely; top speed and out-of-pocket expense. Gas scooters will allow you to travel at speeds more than 100 MPH which should be more than sufficient for just about everyone. Driving to work at 65 MPH is a breeze with gasoline power, but impossible with electric power. However, if you will be using your scooter to do errands close to home, riding to school, or needing transportation for other close-to-home activities, electric may be the best way to solve your needs.

Red Electric Scooter

The big advantage of electric scooters is their low maintenance and operating costs. Since they don’t have a gas engine, they will be much more dependable since gas-powered motors have more problems. There are far fewer things that can break down or malfunction with an electric scooter. This also means the maintenance costs are a lot cheaper. Also, since the power comes from a high-tech battery, there is no gas to buy. This can mean huge financial savings because making trips to the gas station will never be necessary.

The biggest benefit of owning a gas scooter is their faster speeds. However, this can become a moot point if you are only using your vehicle to travel short distances from home. Not too long ago most electric scooters could only hit top speeds of about 20 MPH. The newer versions coming out today are hitting speeds more than 30 MPH, and these top speeds will surely increase shortly. The increase in speed is mainly due to improvements in battery technology. When you think of a fast electric scooter, 30 MPH may not seem very fast, but it will get you where you want to go if you are traveling near your home.

If you are trying to come to a decision about which type is best for you, it normally comes down to speed and money. If you are traveling long distances and need higher top speeds, it is almost a necessity to get a gas powered scooter. If your main goal is to save money by eliminating expensive fuel costs, and you will be taking short trips in the vicinity of your home, an electric scooter will usually be the better choice.

It may seem hard to believe, but gas scooters are usually a bit more expensive than electric scooters of comparable size. For about the same price you will get higher speeds from similarly-sized gas vehicles. One other important thing to consider is the distance each scooter can travel. Gas scooters will allow you to travel virtually any distance because you can always stop and buy more fuel. However, electric models need recharging after 30 or 40 miles, so they are not ideal if you are traveling longer distances.

Benefits of an Electric Power Scooter or Mobility Scooter

An electric power scooter will mean different things to different people. For young people, it’s an economical and easy way to get to school, perform errands short distances from home, or visit their friends. Plus, a fast electric scooter can be just plain exciting to someone in their early teens. To older, and possibly disabled people, it’s a way to get their legs and mobility back.

Most electric scooters are designed with two wheels and are used as a low-cost way to travel short distances. Since gasoline is not required for the power, they are very cheap to operate. Additionally, gasoline-powered engines break down more often and are more expensive to repair, and therefore an electric scooter will cost less to maintain. Their only expense is the small amount it costs to recharge the batteries.

In addition to the two-wheel varieties, there are many three and four wheel types, mainly for use by the elderly or disabled. People with limited mobility, hence the term mobility scooters, can get their mobility back. This makes it possible for individuals with limited mobility to feel less reliant on others, which gives them a sense of freedom. Some mobility scooters not only have a seat for the operator but have an extra passenger seat as well as space for cargo.

In addition to being used by the elderly, some types of three and four-wheeled scooters are found in airports, factories, malls, resorts, and many other places where they can be used to transport people or cargo from one place to another. In these cases, gasoline-powered scooters would not be acceptable due to their excess engine noise and pollution. However, an electric power scooter offers virtually silent operation and no hazardous emissions. Gas scooters are great for outdoor operation, but the indoor operation is usually reserved for electric scooters.

The disadvantage to mobility electric scooters is their range. They can only go so far before needing a battery recharge, a limitation that gasoline power does not have. However, by having spare batteries, one can be recharging while another is being used. This will make sure that you always have power when needed and that you won’t be stuck during an emergency. With the advancements in technology, current batteries, especially gel-sealed batteries, provide more power and longer ranges. As the power and range increases it may eventually make it unnecessary to own a spare battery, but until then it’s a wise choice to keep a spare.

Mobility scooters for people with limited mobility will provide many benefits. For some people, it takes a lot of energy to go from one place to another. Some wheelchairs can be very tiring to operate. However, an electric powered scooter can get these people around easily and effortlessly, saving much-needed energy. Electric wheelchairs can make it easier to move around for some people, but some mobility scooters have a range as high as 35 miles. If you have a greater distance to cover, a wheelchair just won’t cut it in many circumstances.

Going for a walk with grandchildren, or doing some errands on your own, can be a great benefit to a person who previously had no way to get around. With all the benefits of electric mobility scooters including their low cost of operation, cheap maintenance, reliability, and quietness, it is easy to see why they have become so popular.


Electric Scooter Charger

How to Find the Right Electric Scooter Charger Replacement

If you own an electric scooter, you will also need an electric scooter charger. However, if you should ever lose track of that charger, what can you do? The obvious choice is to buy a new one, but would you know which charger is the right one for your scooter? Would you know which replacement battery charger would be compatible with your electric scooter?

Obviously, the easiest way to solve this problem would be to buy your scooter manufacturer’s recommendation. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy thing to determine if you have lost your manual or bought your scooter used and never got a manual. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, you may have to do a little homework to figure out which charger you should purchase.

When choosing a battery charger, there are three main factors that must be considered if you expect to buy one that’s compatible with your scooter. These three elements are the connector type, output voltage, and output amperage.

The connector can be one of the several types depending on the manufacturer. The most common type of battery chargers uses 2-port and 3-port inline connectors. They are typically found on most Chinese scooters including Razor, Rad-2-Go, Boreem, E-Scooter, Scoot-N-Go, Scoobug, X-Treme, Viper, and many others.

3-Pin XLR connectors are often seen on 12 volts, 24 volts, and 36-volt electric scooters. Some manufacturers using these connectors are Schwinn, Mongoose, Tiger, Bladez, E-Boarder, Currie, GT, and many others.

Coaxial connectors are usually seen on smaller children’s electric scooters with 12 and 24 volts. 2-Prong connectors are found on scooters manufactured by Classic, E-Boarder, Zap, and others. They are typically seen on 12-volt models. 3-Port House connectors are usually found on 24 volt and 36-volt electric scooters.

The output voltage is the next factor and must match the voltage of the scooter. The voltage on the motor, controller, and battery will all match identically. Almost all electric scooters to buy for toddlers are either 24 volts or 36 volts. If you are unsure, you can find out by counting your batteries and adding the voltages together. For example, if you have two 12-volt batteries you have a total of 24 volts. If you have three 12-volt batteries, you have a total of 36 volts. You can also take the easy way out and simply read the label on your controller or motor.

The final factor concerns the output amperage or the current. The battery output should be matched with the size of the battery. If you try using a charger with a small output of power, it can take a long time to charge a large battery. On the other hand, if you use a charger with a high output of power for a small battery, the battery can overheat, causing damage and risking explosion.

The following table contains approximate output amperage (current) for electric scooter chargers:

Battery Size (Ah)Output Amperage (Current)
3.5 – 6
31-35 (U1)
50 – 55 (22NF)
0.4 – 1.0
1.0 – 2.0
1.5 – 2.0
1.5 – 4.0
1.5 – 5.0
3.0 – 8.0
5.0 – 8.0

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