Why You Should Choose A Perfect Ceramic Flat Iron?

The advent of technology and new innovations in the world of hair pampering and maintenance has led to the introduction of the ceramic flat iron. This is a device that enables people to manage and style their hair with curls and waves. It is gaining popularity among people who are conscious about their hair by adding easy to do styling techniques that can be done at the comfort of one’s home or salon.

Choosing the best ceramic flat iron can be a difficult task. There are lots of market variations in the specifications of the ceramic flat irons market. You may be out in the stores looking for a ceramic flat iron that maintains even heating all through the time you will be working on your hair. Maybe you are on the lookout for a ceramic flat iron that retains heat for a long period of time Ceramic flat iron is the way to go.

The ceramic material of the flat iron is mixed with other essential materials to maintain the shape and the hardness of the flat iron. What’s more, the ceramic material ensures that you get an extra smooth surface for the heating plate. It also prevents any damage to the hair strands that are super delicate and fragile.[amazon_link asins=’B001MA0QY2,B01GQ1VFU0,B004NHVTJW’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e0372337-a733-11e7-bb8b-8f6fe6b718d8′][amazon_link asins=’B0009V1YR8,B01CJ6SO6O,B00CFQ22AS’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e7328e1c-a733-11e7-8680-ddac093ef2ca’]

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ceramic Flat Iron

Be on the lookout for ceramic coatings

An effective and efficient ceramic flat iron is made up of real ceramic material and not a ceramic coating. The ideal flat iron consists of solid ceramic plates that give it the shape and hardness that is required. Ceramic coated irons are composed of aluminum impurities that are covered by a layer of ceramic. Flat irons made of this coating are usually of low quality. They get hot unevenly and are characterized by various extreme hot points that can burn your hair.

If you fall prey of this highly imitative ceramic flat iron, don’t be surprised when you see the coating chip off. This happens after using it for a few years. The chipped plate can damage your hair adversely by causing it to break. Cheap is expensive, go for irons that are made with ceramic material that is mixed with titanium which makes the flat iron to be long-lasting.

Check on the Plate SizeCheck on the Plate Size

Choose the ceramic flat iron that has correct sized plates that goes well with your hair type. Ceramic flat irons heat up within few seconds. Having the rightly sized plates enables easy hair styling.

It is advisable for those with short hair to go for ceramic flat irons with smaller plates. The width of the small plates should be roughly one inch. Those with long and thick hair should opt for irons with wide plates.

When using a wider plated ceramic iron don’t run the iron twice on the same spot. This causes hair damage due to more heat exposure and increases the time spent during hair styling. Excessive heat is not good for your hair since it weakens the hair strands making your hair unhealthy.

Shape of the Flat IronShape of the Flat Iron

Since ceramic flat irons provide options either for curling, straightening or making the hair wavy, the shape of the iron greatly influences the use for which it was intended for. If you want ceramic flat irons for creating curls and waves in your hair, then go for those with rounded edges. They are known to give countless hairstyles.

Don’t go for flat irons with flat or straight edges. This is because they are famous for causing kinks on people’s hair. If looking for a diva look it is advisable to get the ceramic flat iron that has rounded edges.

Temperature Adjustability

The best ceramic flat irons are those that have options to adjust the temperature. The flat iron temperature is an essential factor in the choice of ceramic flat irons. Extremely hot irons can damage hair strands, warm ceramic flat irons are not effective as they don’t generate the desired results. Ceramic flat irons with a variety of temperature settings are the best since the temperature can be adjusted to suit your hair type.

High temperatures are advisable for people with thick and curly hair. Low temperatures are preferable for those with thin hair. The maximum temperatures that flat irons reach range from 300-400 degrees F. whatever the hair type, do not exceed 350 degrees to ensure that your hair is not damaged during the styling process. As a matter of fact, always style your hair at temperatures less than 350 degrees.

The lifespan of the flat iron

When thinking on what flat iron to settle for, go for the one with a long lifespan. These long lasting flat irons are accompanied by warranties. This gives you the consolation that should any defect occur within a year, you are assured of a replacement or free repairing services by the manufacturer.

Many high definition ceramic flat irons have a warranty period of 12 months. Products that lack warranties are deemed low quality and imitations and as such don’t give you value for your money. Buying items that have a warranty cushions you of the potential defect in the product upon use and offers you with a free remedy to counter those defects at no cost at all

Be knowledgeable and wise enough to know that quality things come at a price. Cheap is expensive after all low quality has cheapness attached to it.

This cheapness may seem highly attractive but may cause you more harm than good in the long run. Hair styling tools are essential items in your hair styling therapy. They should be worthy investments that aim to give you value for your money while achieving their intended purpose.

Cheap products are not durable enough and have damaging effects on the hair. Go for affordable ceramic flat irons that are mixed with titanium and have attractive features like patterns and coloring on them.

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