What Are The Symptoms and Signs Of Pregnancy?

What Are The Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

You want to know about early symptoms of pregnancy, right? Here is a list of all the signs of pregnancy that you can expect to have during the pregnancy phase:

If you’ve already missed your period, you could just bring home a pregnancy test which would be sensitive enough to indicate whether you are pregnant or not. If you are wondering how to predict when your ovulation takes place, it’s quite easy assuming that your period is mostly or always regular like clockwork. If that’s the case, you can calculate your ovulation to be between 11-16 days before your next period begins. However, if your periods aren’t regular at all, your safest bet would be to go ahead and buy ovulation tests and then determine as to exactly when your ovulation does take place.

Some of the pregnancy tests are very advanced and competent to detect whether you are pregnant much earlier than usual. This way, you don’t have to continue in your mind, the worrisome debate about the early symptoms of pregnancy.
When you have already taken a test, and it shows a negative result, it would be best to consider the result of that test as not conclusive for the simple reason that your hormonal levels may be far too low to enable early and accurate detection of pregnancy.

Needless to say, if you spot a positive result, you must follow it up immediately with a visit to the doctor.

Some women consider heartburn as one of the early symptoms of pregnancy, but the truth is that heart-burns can happen for some reasons that may have nothing to do with pregnancy. Therefore, it would be correct to state that heartburn hasn’t been accepted till now as one of the signs of pregnancy.

Another of the early symptoms of pregnancy include the problem of morning sickness. This is something that usually troubles a woman from the second week onward till perhaps the eighth week after the conception takes place. Week two and week eight after conception. For me, it was not only in the morning but all day.

When the breasts and nipples turn bigger, sore and sensitive, it is regarded as one of the signs of pregnancy.

The urge to urinate frequently is another very normal sign among the early symptoms of pregnancy, and this would start right from the very first week of your pregnancy.

When you begin to doubt that you are pregnant, it would be best to cut your intake of alcohol as well as cigarettes completely because it could affect the growth and development of your baby. Self-medication for minor or major ailments should also be avoided for the safety of your baby.

So let’s conclude the discussion on signs of pregnancy by giving you the go-ahead sign to visit your doctor at once!

Pregnancy Signs: How To Detect Signs Of Pregnancy

If you are worrying about whether you are pregnant or not, read this article on how to detect signs of pregnancy as we take you through the signs of pregnancy.

No Signs of Period:

This is not always attributed with pregnancy signs as a lot of women don’t have periods regularly. But if your periods don’t happen, it is always best to consult with a doctor about its causes, and you never know, it could be pregnant too. So without speculating too much about these pregnancy signs, the best course of action is to confirm whether you are pregnant through a home kit to determine the same.

Sore or Tender Breasts:

This is one of the main signs of pregnancy. When your breasts turn tender or sore, you would feel that even a little trickle under your shower becomes uncomfortable when it touches your breasts. This kind of sensitivity would comprise the main factors that figure in pregnancy signs.

Rising hormonal levels cause this sensitivity as well as tenderness, so don’t worry too much about this change. It doesn’t last for the entire pregnancy. This shows up only for the period during the first trimester. After this, it is most likely to subside.


You are most likely going to experience fatigue during your first trimester and feel naturally sleepy during the day. This is typical among the pregnancy signs that one becomes tired by the feeling of fatigue. This tired feeling during pregnancy is very natural as well as normal because of the high progesterone levels that hit your body during pregnancy.

Slight Spotting:

Several women get some brown colored stains or maybe slight spotting during the time of their pregnancy. This is natural when the egg gets fertilized and gets into the uterus lining after maybe eight days, so this is called as “implantation bleeding.” Don’t make the mistake of dismissing this as the usual period related bleeding.


A lot of the women feel either vomiting or some nausea after they are in the second week of pregnancy. Pregnancy signs don’t all appear at one go; the changes start turning up gradually. The feeling of nausea is often called as morning sickness which is a misnomer because women who are pregnant are likely to feel nauseous at any time of the day and not just during the mornings.

Frequent Urination:

Many of the women who are pregnant typically use their bathroom a lot more frequently than before. This happens just after they turn pregnant because of the increased levels of fluids as well as blood in the body.

Food Aversion:

The tendency to avoid certain foods become much stronger during the early stage of pregnancy. You would also be extremely sensitive to food or other odors during this time.

With these signs of pregnancy, it may take you a few more days to have your pregnancy kit test done and prepare yourself for a positive input!

What Are The First Signs Of Pregnancy?

Are you worrying about the signs of pregnancy? Maybe you aren’t aware of the first signs of pregnancy? Is it possible that you didn’t take note of the first signs of pregnancy? It is indeed natural that you’ve been too caught up with work or other related things so that you didn’t see anything amiss when you felt nauseous during the day or experienced fatigue as well as the desire to sleep in the middle of the day.

To help you understand the first signs of pregnancy, we have put together a simple list of signs of pregnancy:

No Period: If your periods didn’t happen at all for more than a month, it could be possible that you are pregnant but if your periods have been quite irregular, don’t jump to this conclusion till you check through some of the other symptoms as well. To be very sure about this, it is best to do a simple home pregnancy test and get your doubts confirmed!

Swollen breasts: One of the main signs of pregnancy includes soreness or swollen feeling around the breasts due to hormonal changes in your body that are very natural.

Fatigue: Are you feeling tired a lot of the time though you always prided yourself about your high levels of energy to work? No, don’t let this depress you but fatigue during the phase of early pregnancy is natural. Due to progesterone levels increase, it is natural for you to experience sleepiness as well as fatigue quite often.

Fatigue takes place during the early stage of pregnancy.
This is mainly because you an increase in the level of progesterone hormone would cause you considerable sleepiness. During this time, your blood pressure would tend to dip, so this would lead to low levels regarding blood sugar to induce fatigue easily. However, don’t let the fatigue cause you too much anxiety because this would change for the better once your second trimester begins. Then, you won’t be too troubled by this till the last months of pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding: A few women suffer some light bleeding that is called as implantation bleeding or vaginal bleeding which continues for about two weeks after the conception takes place. If there is a pain, you must let your doctor know because this may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy so don’t ignore it.

Mood swings: – When you undergo a lot of irritation or maybe fluctuating mood swings several times a day, it could be due to the changes caused by hormones.

Nausea or vomiting: Most women experience the problem of nausea or morning sickness after one month of the actual conception. A queasy feeling is very uncomfortable so you might experience vomiting tendency too. Pregnancy-related nausea, as well as vomiting, is natural so you should understand these as
signs of pregnancy.

With these tips of first signs of pregnancy, you would be able to figure out whether you are pregnant or not without too much difficulty.

Signs Of Pregnancy: What Are The Signs Of Pregnancy?

Is it possible that you are pregnant? Are you wondering whether the signs of tiredness and nausea could be signs of pregnancy? Don’t wait too long to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. Here are some signs of pregnancy that are commonly found in women but this doesn’t mean that these signs are unique to pregnancy alone. If you do have these signs, but you discover that you aren’t pregnant, it could be your body’s indication that you aren’t as fit or well as you imagine yourself to be.

There are several signs of pregnancy, and among these signs are missed a period. However, the earliest signs and symptoms of pregnancy might include the following which is listed below:
Tender, swollen breasts. Early in hormonal pregnancy changes might make your breasts tender, sensitive or sore.

Nausea which might cause you to vomit or you won’t vomit.
Increased in urination.
Tiredness, laziness, and Fatigue.
Food aversions.
Food craving.

Some women went through the early stages of pregnancy without suffering any of these symptoms, so this just means that pregnancy as an experience varies from one woman to another. But it is always good to know the signs of pregnancy so here are some common signs of pregnancy for your perusal:

Late Period: – When you always had your periods on time, it should alert you when you have a dilemma of a missed period that doesn’t come for one to two months. That itself could be a sign for you to be alert about but there are lots of women who have irregular periods. Women who don’t get their periods on time would probably not take notice of this as an early pregnancy indication.

Doctors also pinpoint that you can miss periods when there are some hormonal imbalances, shock, and sudden weight loss or when you stop taking your birth control pill suddenly. So don’t let a missed period lead you to the conclusion that you are pregnant because that need not be the case at all.

Implantation or Vaginal bleeding: A lot of women undergo vaginal bleeding or heavy spotting at times during the first two weeks after conception takes place.

Changes In Breast Size: You would be able to experience visible changes in the first two weeks after the conception time itself. This happens mainly because of the hormonal changes that make your body very sensitive. During this time, a woman’s breasts turn heavier and fuller than before so these noticeable changes should alert you at once.

Nausea: – Nausea is known to be the most obvious indication of pregnancy, and it is mainly referred to as ‘morning sickness.’ When this happens regularly, get a pregnancy test done.

Frequent urination: – When you make too frequent trips to your bathroom, it may be a sign of pregnancy because when there is expansion in the uterus to apply pressure on the urinary bladder, this will make you want to go the bathroom to pass urine.

Constipation: – When you suffer from constipation, this is another sign of your body conveying to you that you are pregnant.

Backaches: – A lot of women undergo terrible backaches as well as headaches during the stage of early pregnancy.

Helpful Information On Pregnancy And The Signs You Might See

Detecting the signs of pregnancy in the early state is highly essential to ensure that you can immediately get started on prenatal care for your baby without any further delay. So let’s find out some of the signs of pregnancy that should alert you to your condition. What you need is relevant pregnancy information to help you understand what is to be done and how to understand signs of pregnancy.

With this pregnancy information to help you, you would be able to understand the signs of pregnancy at once:


Period Change: Are you aware that your periods haven’t been taking place? Of course, many women with irregular periods don’t take this seriously. But if your periods have always been very regular, don’t think of it as not necessary because of it may be your body’s way of telling you that you are pregnant indeed.

Vaginal Bleeding: Are you wondering why this kind of bleeding happens? Well, when an egg that is fertilized gets into the blood vessels’ lining that is present in the uterus and breaks these, you would experience a feeling of cramps as well as get spotting.
Usually, this spotting can be understood because it is either brown or maybe light pink so this distinguishes it from the color that you would normally associate with regular periods. This is also called as implantation bleeding.

Nausea: This is regarded to be the most commonly recognized sign of pregnancy because you would develop a kind of aversion to smells that are strong. This could be cooking smells as well. But of course, that doesn’t mean that you would experience nausea only during the morning. In fact, you would experience it at any time of the day or even night. This happens to due to a raised level of estrogen which heightens the sense of smell in most of the pregnant women.

Headaches: – It would be possible for you to suffer from headaches and even backaches because of the increase in the circulation of blood as well as the sudden changes in hormones.

Bloating of abdomen: – Due to a lot of hormonal changes, it is possible for you to experience a feeling of bloating. This should remind you of the possibility that you may be pregnant.

Increased body temperature: – When you check the basal body temperature, there will show an increase, and that means yes, you are most likely to be pregnant.

Food Turn Offs: Did you notice that you don’t like some of your favorite food anymore? You feel sick when you smell coffee or cheese. You don’t see why some meat turns you off. It could be due to pregnancy when you are naturally sensitive to strong odors, particularly food odors.

With this pregnancy information, you would be able to make out whether you are pregnant or not. You can check out the best pregnancy pillow for all pregnant mothers.


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