7 Best Electric Hand Blenders Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

Professional Home Electric Hand Blenders For The Kitchen

Looking for some extra versatility in your blender?

Grab one of these Professional Electric Hand Blenders to make blending so much easier. With its one-handed design, these Professional Electric Hand Blenders make blending easier by freeing up a hand to do whatever else you need. Find the one that fits in perfectly with your own needs and style.

Blending is an important part of kitchen activities as cooking requires all kinds of cutting, mashing, chopping as well as blending .

The kitchen consists of all appliances that can be used to prepare variable dishes like dosa, samosa , biryani , or some seasonal chutneys.

We have brought down the list of exclusive blenders for you in this post which you can purchase online .

So Versatile and Useful

A hand blender is a perfect gadget to grab when you want to blend something one-handed because it allows you to multitask. Or how about if you have just prepared a pot of soup and you need to puree it? Having to decant it into a blender or food processor is too messy (plus dangerous if it is too hot) but using an immersion blender to puree it right there in the pot is ideal. You will find many uses for this useful tool.

Professional electric hand blenders are useful, and if you enjoy cooking, you will find you use it almost every day and at least a few times a week. Easy to use, quick to clean and affordable to buy, there is nothing not to like about professional electric hand blenders.

Please look at these factors:

There are certain categories to be remembered before purchasing any hand blender:

  1. Budget Friendly:- The first and main thing that comes in your mind is the price as no one wishes to buy a bomb in need of a blender. The blender should range between 500 and 3000 as its a small home appliance with little requirements. However quality is also a factor which should be considered along with the price.
  2. Brand :- All home appliances should be durable and come with an assurance so that if there is any issue after sales that can be taken care by the production brand. It is an important factor as all products might not come under the brand warranty and might need to be replaced in case of any issues.
  3. User Friendly:- Nowadays all appliances come with an user manual with easy steps to be followed . These manuals are very handy for those who find it difficult to use for the first time. However all products might not include manuals and might not be as easy to use for the first time.
  4. Compact:- Blenders are small utility appliances and might not be huge as in that case it might not be convenient to be held and there might be chances of matter to be spilled out.

How Else to Use Hand Blenders

Not only can you use this handy little gadget to puree the soup, but you will find lots of other uses for it as well. Do you like to make Mexican food? This can be used to puree avocados, lime juice, and spices to make a tasty guacamole. Put some ingredients for a smoothie in a glass, and you can puree it right in the glass to save on washing up and to make yourself a healthy morning beverage. Use it to make mashed potatoes. If you do not have a master because you rarely mash potatoes, you can use your hand blender instead. Baby food is easy to make if you use a hand blender to make it.

Whipping a small amount of cream is easier with a hand blender than with a whisk. Oil and vinegar salad dressings separate when left to sit, so use an immersion blender to get the oil and vinegar well combined again. You can make sauces in the pan with one of these gadgets too. The nuts in a curry or stir-fry sauce will be broken down, lumps will be blended smooth, and you do not have to use a food processor or blender, just rinse the immersion blender, so it saves on washing up too.

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Bamix Professional Gastro 200Bamix Pro-2 G200 Professional Series NSF Rated 200 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Wall Bracket

This is one of the highest rated immersion blenders you can get because it exceeds expectations and is great value for money. It is not the cheapest option, but when investing in kitchen gadgets, it pays to choose quality items which will last for many years.

You will find so many uses for this handy stick-blender, including pureeing sauces and soups, making smoothies and milkshakes, or whipping cream or salad dressings. The blades in this carbon stainless steel hand blender are long-lasting and durable.

The gadget has a long neck so it can reach down into jugs or stock pots. You get 3 blades plus a wall bracket, and you can use it as a mixer, food processor or blender, as needed. It is surprisingly quiet during use, and the airtight construction means you can immerse it past the neck.

There are 2-speed settings, and you get a whisk, beater, and multi-purpose blade attachment, so you can puree, stir and emulsify, as needed. This is a wonderful gadget to add to your kitchen.

Bamix Professional Gastro 200

4.1 / 5 stars

How to Choose the Right Hand Blender

Not every home cook has a hand blender, and some would say it is not an essential kitchen gadget, but others say they would be lost without theirs, and they use it all the time. This item does allow you to save time in the kitchen by cutting down the time spent on food preparation. You can also save on washing up by rinsing off the hand blender after use rather than having to wash a food processor blade, bowl, and lid, for example. It is important to think about your requirements before buying the first-hand blender you see though.

Hand blenders range from the very basic to the more complex. Some are ideal if you just want to puree soup in the pan occasionally, while others can process hard foods like parmesan and nuts. The more functions you want, the more likely the price is to be higher, so if you want something with a whisk and beater, as well as just a blade, you can get something like that. Even a basic one will be able to blend, mix and puree. You can also choose between cordless or electric models.

Choose something with a minimum of 500 watts of power if you want to make frozen drinks and smoothies. You will need something able to crush ice as well. A blender with a chopping blade and processing functions is capable of various chopping and grinding tasks, while a standard model will be fine for most mixing, stirring, pureeing and blending. The more functions the stick blender has, the more it is likely to cost, so you should consider what you plan to do with it, and how often you are likely to use the gadget, before picking which one is best.

More Points to Consider

Although a cordless model is perhaps more convenient than a corded one, you might find it slightly heavier in your hand and slightly less powerful, although there is no cord to get in your way while using it. Something else to think about is cleaning. A hand blender can be rinsed in soapy water, left to sit in a glass of soapy water then rinsed, or some of the newer ones have dishwasher-safe removable shafts, which is also handy. Once you have decided on your budget, the features you want to have, and the kind of hand blender you prefer, you are ready to start shopping for one of these useful devices.

Bamix Deluxe M150Bamix Deluxe M150 - 150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Dry Grinder and Table Stand

This is one of the very best hand blenders available, and the Bamix name is internationally recognized as a quality brand. This blender is made from carbon stainless steel, and it comes with 3 different blades, a grinder, and a table stands too. It is quiet while you are using it and you can choose from 2 speeds for each task.

You get a whisk, beater and multi-purpose blade attachment which can even handle ice cubes. Reviewers love this product and say it is powerful enough to puree or blend anything you like. Making soups and sauces from scratch means healthier, fresher-tasting meals, and working with this hand blender means such tasks are quick and easy.

This is a kitchen tool which is so easy to make, and it is really capable. You will find uses for it every day in the kitchen because it is so enjoyable to use. It is quick and easy to clean afterward too. This might be more expensive than some other brands, but some reviewers say theirs lasted over 20 years, so you will certainly get your money’s worth.

Bamix M150 DeLuxe Immersion Hand Blender

Mitutto 450-Watt Immersion Hand Blender

Most Wanted Professional Electric Hand BlendersMost Wanted Professional Electric Hand Blenders

This excellent quality hand blender features 5 speeds and a turbo button too. It is simple to use, clean and store and you can wash the attachments in the dishwasher. Whether you need to chop, blend, grind, whip, froth, whisk or mix, the MiAllegro 9080 has it covered.

This ergonomic hand blender has a stainless steel finish and a 5 feet long cord. It comes with a 15-month warranty. Reviewers like the big chopping attachment and whisk, as well as the choice of 4 blades and wall mount. This will blend mashed potatoes and soups smoother than you have ever had them if you use the turbo setting or one of the higher speeds.

Cuisinart CSB-76R SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender, RedPopular Ideas for Professional Hand Blenders

Not only is this red hand blender gorgeous but it is really handy in the kitchen too. Use it for making frothy milkshakes, mashing potatoes, blending soups or anything else you can think of.

The 200-watt motor is powerful and efficient, and you get a 2-cup plastic beaker with it which you can use to mix pancake batter or whip cream. The push-button control is easy to use, and there is a splash guard around the blades to prevent splattering.

The blending shaft can go in the dishwasher once you are done. Try making smoothies, guacamole, and all milk shake. This electric immersion blender can tackle any of these tasks and plenty more.

Cuisinart CSB-75R Hand Blender

Waring Commercial WSB40 Quik Stik Plus Immersion BlenderWaring (WSB40) 10” Medium-Duty Quik Stik Plus Immersion Blender

Sturdily built and extremely capable, this hand blender is commercial quality and can handle pretty much any job. It is quite big, so this is not the hand blender if you want to make one smoothie at a time, but you can put it in a 4-quart bowl of soup or potatoes and pulverize everything in seconds. This is a large hand blender – it is nearly 2 feet long, and the power cord is 9 feet.

Ideal for a commercial kitchen or somebody who makes large batches of food and wants a high power device, the Waring Commercial WSB40 will not let you down. You can expect it to last you over 20 years too. The blender boasts a ½ horsepower, 350-watt heavy duty motor, which offers up to 18,000 RPM processing speed.

The 10-inch stainless steel shaft and blade are completely sealed. This is comfortable to hold and use, easy to clean up, and ideal for home cooks who want something capable of making large batches of food at once. You can also trust the Waring brand name.

Medium-Duty Quik Stik Plus Immersion Blender

Braun Hand blender Multi Quick Professional MR5555MCABraun Hand blender Multi Quick Professional MR5555MCA

This Braun hand blender has plenty of capabilities. If you are looking for something better than just a basic stick blender, consider this, because it comes with a whisk, blender, chopper, spatula, and measuring cup, and a recipe book too. It offers 400 watts of power.

As well as the different attachments, you can choose from different speeds. Reviewers say this blender is powerful and capable. You can use it for anything from making soups and baby food, beating eggs for omelets, to making smoothies and milkshakes, whipping cream, combining ingredients for salad dressings, and so much more.

Braun is an internationally known company with a reputation for reliability. You can use it for chopping onions or even hard things like ice cubes, and it will not let you down. Try it for making salsa, guacamole, or even making the dough for flatbreads. The price is favorable when compared to similar products, and you can expect this hand blender to have a long lifespan.

Braun 2-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender

A Closer Look at Immersion Blenders

This device was invented by Roger Perrinjaquet in Switzerland. He patented his idea in March 1950 and called it a ‘bamix’ which is a combination of the French words ‘bat’ and ‘mixe’ (meaning ‘beat’ and ‘mix’). This gadget has been popular in commercial kitchens since the 1960s, and in homes since the 1980s. Professional ones have shafts up to 2 feet, and ones for the home kitchen usually have a 10 to the 12-inch shaft. You can get the home ones corded or cordless, and choose from a range of features.

Hand blenders, which are also known as stick blenders or immersion blenders, vary not only in features but also size, price, and capability. Ranging from a basic $20 model with a dubious life expectancy to blenders for several hundred dollars, every cook can choose the perfect model for their requirements. Some immersion blenders just come with a blade while others might have a whisk, or beater attachments, which means you can use the same gadget to beat eggs, combine the ingredients for salad dressing, or make salsa in seconds.

Although a cordless one might initially sound better, you need to consider cordless means slightly less powerful, and these are slightly heavier too, so you need to work out whether cordlessly is for you. You can also choose how powerful you want the blender to be. If you are going to use it for making smoothies and shakes, ensure you choose something which can handle ice cubes. Such a machine will also be able to handle parmesan cheese, nuts, and other hard foods, offering plenty more possibilities.

How Much Should You Spend?

As already stated, these gadgets vary hugely in price, but of course the more your budget, the better the machine you can get. Perhaps you are replacing your old stick blender, in which case you will already have a good idea of what you will be using it for, as well as how often you will use it. If you just want to make the occasional soup or prepare baby food, you will not need the most powerful one on the market. There is a hand blender for every home cook, and you will find yourself using this more than you thought because it is such a handy little device which saves time and is also very easy to clean after use.

Videos for Professional Electric Hand Blenders Video

YouTube Videos for “Gordon Ramsay Loves His Bamix.”

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Best Hand Blenders – Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is the hand-blender dishwasher safe?

Nowadays most of the appliances available are dishwasher safe however some parts of the hand blender are dishwasher safe. This feature of the hand blender totally depends on the manufacturer. If is it dishwasher safe it is supposed to be mentioned by the manufacturer.

2.Can the hand-blenders be used to process hot ingredients?

Yes the hand blenders can be used to process hot ingredients but the hot ingredients usually have a tendency to spill more which could be dangerous too and should be avoided to avoid accidents. The blender is also not safe to be used while still being cooked and is at a flame.

3. Can ice be crushed using hand-blenders?

The metal hand blenders might be capable of being used to crush ice however plastic hand blenders are not so efficient and might even break down. It is better to use a metal beaker with metal blending wand.

4.Which hand blender is the best one for mashing?

The best hand blender for mashing is

5.Is there any arrangement to be made before using the blender?

Too much preparation is not required to be made before using the blender as the blender is an efficient appliance and doesn’t need much effort to be to done to make the puree. The hand blender is capable of mashing or blending the ingredients to smooth paste.

6.Why is hand blender required?

The hand blenders or sticks are very useful and of great utility as they help in mashing or blending in about minutes. All the gravies usually consists of thick particles which needs to be mashed properly so that it doesn’t disturb the taste and makes the batter smooth.

7.Can a hand blender get damaged due to processing of hard ingredients?

The hard vegetables can be blended using the metal hand blender but the plastic ones are suitable for mashing tomatoes or onions or gravy puree. The hard ingredients are better to be blended using the mixer grinder or food processor.

8. Can hand blenders be used to make dough?

Some people claim to be able to make dough but it can be used partially to make the dough however to make the dough soft and in a single ball you are supposed to used your hand. However this can be very useful in the busy days of your life as it saves time.

9. Are hand blenders different from stand mixers?

Yes although both can mix the ingredients properly but the hand blenders concentrate on small parts of the ingredients to be blended. This makes a difference in the both type of appliances as the stand mixers work throughout but the hand blenders work on particular part.

10.What accessories are present along with the hand blender?

Along with the hand blender some manufacturing brands provide accessories such as the holder or cap so that the mixture doesn’t spill out. These accessories are not compulsory and doesn’t need to present for proper running or working of the appliance.

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