9 Best Electric Train Sets for Kids ( Reviewed 2021)

Are you looking for electric train sets for kids?

Electric train sets for kids are available in many different styles from small table top train sets to larger train sets that will need some floor space.

Kids love electric train. With an electric train set, your kids will have hours of fun as they lay out the tracks and set the train to traveling down the tracks.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

This specific  Train Sets is the most popular.

In The Pitcher Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set Click Here for More Detailamzn.to/2BMwiYb

Top seller Polar Express train set on amazon. Great for kids, hobbyists and holiday decorating

  • Dimensions: 50″ x 73.2″
  • Ready-to-Play track
  • Remote Control
  • Working headlight
  • 3 train cars
  • 24 curved and 8 straight plastic track pieces

It has lot of 5-Star reviews. If you can get it for under $100, grab it.  (check current price & read reviews here).

Below are the best electric train sets for kids for all age that are available this season. Give your kids an electric train set they will enjoy forever.


Key Features


Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set


Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set

  • Dimensions: 50″ x 73.2″
  • Ready-to-Play track
  • 24 pieces of curved
  • 8 straight plastic track
  • Remote Control
  • 3 train cars
GeoTrax Remote Control Timbertown Railway


GeoTrax Remote Control Timbertown Railway

  • Piloting the train is a breeze with the remote control.
  • Use the working crane to load logs onto the train.
  • Make a quick stop at the Easy Rail Station.
  • A colorful train set that’s ideal for younger audiences.
FAO Schwarz Classic Motorized Train Set


FAO Schwarz Classic Motorized Train Set

  • 75-Piece 
  • 40 Feet Of Modular Tracks
  • 5 Unique Train Cars Light-Up LED
  • Realistic Sound Effects
  • Not Remote Control
Bachmann Rail Chief Ready To Run Electric Train Set


Bachmann Rail Chief Ready To Run Electric Train Set – Ho Scale

  • Ready to run train set
  • EMD GP40 diesel locomotive
  • Operating headlight
  • HO Scale
  • Includes steel roadbed track
Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Train Set - O-Gauge


Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Train Set – O-Gauge

  • 75-Piece 
  • 40 Feet Of Modular Tracks
  • 5 Unique Train Cars Light-Up LED
  • Realistic Sound Effects
  • Not Remote Control
Kids Classic Electric Railway Train


Kids Classic Electric Railway Train

  • Realistic electric train set
  • Authentic train sounds
  • Working engine & colorful cars
  • Experience a touch of nostalgia and wonder
  • Lights, Sounds, Smoke
Lionel Little Lines Train Playset


Lionel Little Lines Train Playset

  • 49-piece Playset
  • Steam engine, tender, gondola, and caboose
  • Working freight station with crane, cargo slide
  • Two-way cargo dump
  • Three signs

How Much Do Electric Train Sets Cost

Electric train sets vary in price. You can get anything from basic electric train sets for kids for $25 right up to the top of the range ones for $1000 or more.

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a great train set, but you do get what you pay for.

The size of the set, different scales and prototypes affect the pricing.

A figure-8 style track with a steam locomotive and 8 cars are going to cost more than a circle track with a diesel engine and 4 cars.

Lionel Polar Express

Lionel Polar Express

High End

Experience magic in your home this holidays session with Lionel Polar Express Ready-to-run out of the box. This set have every thing you need to give  perfect setting for on this Christmas event.

  • Operating headlight
  • Puffing smoke unit
  • 4 Polar Express character figures
  • 2 coach cars and 1 observation car
  • Decorative bell
  • LionChief Remote Control
  • Wall pack power supply
  • 8 curved O36, 1 straight track,and 1 terminal wall pack

Overall Quality Affects Price

As well as what you get, the quality is something to consider. The outer shell of your locomotive affects the cost, so see whether it is well painted with sharp, crisp lettering.

Are there any other details? Check what you are getting to ensure you are buying a high-quality set. Also consider the overall weight of the train set, the power pack and track features, nickel silver track, and metal wheels and knuckle couplers on the cars.

Good electric train sets for kids are usually sold from hobby shops or model train distributors online who have reviews you can check.

Avoid low-end retailers or discount stores, since you will not be getting the best train set for your money in there.

Photo Credit: All product images are credited to Amazon or eBay

Lionel Polar Express Train Set – G-Gauge

One of the Best Electric Train Sets for KidsBest Electric Train Sets for Kids

This is a G scale train which is powered by an RC unit. It is very high quality and has some fantastic features.

The engine makes steam engine sounds while it is running, which is synced to the actual speed of the train, and there is a steam brake release sound when the engine stops.

You can also control the whistle and bell from the RC unit.

Drive your train backward or forwards and choose from 3 speeds. The train will speed up and slow down to reach the speed you select, just like a real steam engine would.

The engine is highly detailed. Although a toddler can run this train, they would not have the dexterity to snap the tracks together or couple the cars, so a very young child would need some help with this train set.

The quality of this train set is impressive, and it will survive the knocks and bangs train sets invariably get when kids are playing with them.

Lionel The Polar Express Battery

How to Choose the Best Kids’ Train Set

First of all, you need to know train sets come in different scales relative to real trains, so if you buy an N-size set, for example, from one manufacturer, that means you can buy an N-size freight car from another place and know it will work with your N-size set.

N is a smaller scale set, but O and HO are bigger, so easier for kids to handle, while G is good for using outdoors.

Train sets used to come with a basic power pack, and the transformers would power one single train with accessories, allowing you to control the speed and direction. Modern ones often have a better power supply.

Most O, HO and N train sets have an integrated roadbed track, which means the track has a raised plastic base to represent ballast and ties. This is a good type of track for kids’ train sets and will even work well on carpeted floors.

This type of track is not universally compatible, but if your child pursues their interest in train sets later in life. It is likely they will want to upgrade to a higher-end train set eventually anyway, so this type of track is a good one for getting started with because it is simple to use and works on pretty much any even flooring surface.

You can spend anywhere between $20 and $500 to get a train set for kids. Although you do get what you pay for, it is possible to get a good train set for much less than you might have expected. Perhaps, the younger the child, the less you should spend.

Also, the size of the set has as much to do with the price as the quality, and if you are buying a basic loop or figure-8 track for a 5-year-old, it is going to cost less than a more advanced train set for a 12-year-old.

The locomotive is often a good indicator of quality, so check the details on that, as well as checking other reviews before you buy.

Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Train Christmas in Toytown Train

Best Train Set for ToddlersBest Train Set for Toddlers

Do you want to keep the kids entertained through the holidays and long after that? If so, you might be interested in this electric train set.

The Easy Rail track makes it simple for kids to set up the track without your assistance.

The remote control allows the train to go forwards or reverse and it is easy to use.

The jolly sound from Santa and the holiday tune adds to the festive feel of the train set, and the smokestack will puff away as the old-fashioned steam train makes its way around the track.

As well as the track and remote control, you get a station, North Pole sign, holiday steam engine, Santa and elves, elevated mountain with a tunnel, crossing gate, wood block, working crane, gift, Christmas tree and Christmas caboose.

Suitable for kids between 2 and 7 years, this is sure to be one of the Christmas highlights this year. It is durable, robust and lots of fun.

Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Train Christmas in Toytown Train

The Best Electric Train Sets You Can Buy!

The Top Rated Electric Train SetsLionel Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Train Set with Diorama

This lifelike, sturdy train set is of high quality, and that is why it gets consistently good reviews.

The steam generator whistles and puffs out smoke and this is a great Christmas gift idea. It will look wonderful under the Christmas tree, and even the adults will be impressed with it.

This is a great choice for beginners or kids, and you get plenty with it, including the locomotive and tender, boxcar, caboose, searchlight car, track, telegraph poles, billboard, and more.

The doors open on the boxcar, and there is an illuminated searchlight. If you are buying a train set for your child for the first time, this is a wonderful choice.

Lionel is a well-known brand, and they have been making train sets for many years. Perhaps you even had a Lionel train set when you were young.

If so, seeing your child play with this one is going to bring a lump to your throat and make you feel like you are 8 years old again. This is high quality and lots of fun.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Train Set with Diorama

Bachmann Rail Chief Ready To Run Electric Train Set

Best Electric Train Set for KidsBest Electric Train Set for Kids

This train set features train tracks which easily snap together, as long as you ensure they are correctly aligned with the slots.

It can be fiddly to get the wheels on the track because they are so small and a lot of the parts in this train set are made of plastic.

This is. However, an economy train set so if you are on a budget it is certainly worth considering. Replacement cards, should you need them, are inexpensive.

There is plenty to play with, including 36 miniature figurines, 24 telegraph poles and 48 street and railroad signs so that you can design an attractive layout. This is a nice first-time train set which is ready to run.

Best Bachmann Trains 130 Piece Electric Train Set

Buy an Electric Train Sets Today!

The Best Selling Electric Train SetsBest Selling Electric Train Sets

What type of train set do you buy when your child has grown out of wooden block trains but is too young to appreciate anything too complex?

The answer could well be this Bachmann Trains, Deluxe Thomas, and Friends.

Featuring famous characters from ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ such as the Annie and Clarabel coaches, Harold and Sir Topham Hatt, this is guaranteed to make your child smile, and it makes a wonderful Christmas gift.

The Thomas locomotive has moving eyes which are a fun detail.

On the box, it says for ages 8 and up, so use your judgment. This is not a train set for a toddler.

You get 12 pieces of curved track, 3 pieces of straight track and a straight plug-in terminal, allowing you to make an oval-shaped track.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Train Set with Diorama

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set

Best Train Set for Toddlers

Best Train Set for Toddlers

Another train set which gets great reviews is this one. It is expertly crafted, and a far better buy than the Thomas Train sets if you are shopping for quality.

You get 2 trains, bridges, roundhouse, supports and more, and the price is really good.

Mostly you get track, bridges and useable accessories instead of trees, people and signs which are all very good but not the most important part of a child’s first train set. The set comes with 4 suggested layout plans.

This train set is chunky and robust, which means it is ideal for a 2 or 3-year-old who can be clumsy and rough (like most toddlers!) There are other accessories you can add to this train set if you like, although it comes with everything needed to entertain your child for hours.

This is an excellent buy, and the stream of high ratings and positive reviews shows there are a lot of happy parents out there whose kids love this.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set

Orbrium® Toys Multi-level 110 Piece Wooden Train Track Expansion Pack

Includes Stackable Track Riser Stabilizers Generic Fits ThomasTank Engine Brio Chuggington Melissa & Doug Imaginarium Set

This train set is fantastic, and it comes with pieces you might not even expect, such as track with the same type of connector on both ends and short, curved track pieces.

If you are shopping for all-inclusive, inexpensive electric train sets for kids, then this one is worth considering.

The quality is perhaps not as good as you get with some train sets but if you are purchasing this for young kids that should not be the most important thing anyway.

This set is certainly fun, and you get 110 pieces which are a lot and should keep the kids occupied for hours, designing a great track layout and getting the trains to run on it.

Made of solid beech, this train set makes a terrific Christmas gift.

Orbrium Toys Multi-Level 110 Piece Wooden Train

Educational Train Sets for Kids

There is no doubt trains are romantic. Many adults love them for their nostalgic memories, and even kids can understand the magic the rails conjure up, just like adults still find toy trains fun.

The most romantic type would, of course, be the big, powerful steam locomotives, although most modern trains run on electric power or diesel.

Toy trains are loved by kids because kids have great imaginations, and they can imagine a steam locomotive with smoke pumping out, barreling around the rails of a Swiss mountain pass. A train set is a wonderful thing for a child’s imagination.

As well as allowing kids to be creative, a train set is good for your child’s development. Setting up the track is good for hand-eye coordination while working out where to put the switches and curves is also educational. Kids love to work out where they want to put bridges, tunnels, houses, and people because they want their train set to look realistic.

The youngest kids can put together a wooden train set and use a chunky locomotive and cars, while slightly older ones are ready for their first electric train set, and will spend days lovingly setting it up and playing with it.

Take some time to pick out the best train set you can get, and for that, you need to know the age and skills of the child you are buying for and compare a few different train set models.

You can get a complete starter kit, or you can work out which scale you are going to use and get different pieces so your child can mix and match the engines, boxcars, flatcars, gondolas, coal cars, and other rolling stock.

A locomotive with a realistic horn or whistle is always a great buy. Anything which makes the train set seem all the more real is certainly a bonus.

There are plenty of kids’ toys which offer no educational merit, but a train set offers both educational value plus lots of fun, which is why kids love them so much. You will love the educational value, and your child will have so much fun with their new train set.

Not every toy has to be educational because the play is educational in itself, but a train set is something which can bring out your child’s creativity, imagination, hand-eye coordination and more.

There are train sets for every age and skill level, and there are plenty of different types to choose from, so you will be able to find the perfect one.

Lionel Little Lines Polar Express Train Set

This train set is very well made. The tracks snap together easily and stay together, and the bridge risers clamp on to the track very securely.

The train is detailed enough to be interesting but still robust. The headlight, whistle and realistic sounds are lots of fun.

There are 44 pieces in the set including the track switches, bridge with stone arches and the train cars.

You also get a remote controller, and the train goes forwards and in reverse. This is suitable for a child of 3 years old or more.

Some reviewers say this train set is very loud. There is an easy fix if the sound bothers you. Just pop open the controller and put some cotton wool over the speaker, then close it again. This makes it a bit quieter.

Lionel Little Lines Polar Express Train Set

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