Top 10 Best Video Baby Monitors Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

Video baby monitors are the latest trend among parents looking for a new way to keep an extra eye on their babies. Some of the top rated baby monitors are ones that have a camera and are the internet ready. As much as most parents dislike it, they cannot be around their babies all the time. So the video monitor has made it much easier for them to keep a watchful eye on their babies while they are sleeping. So not only can you hear your child, but you can also see them. Here are some video baby monitor reviews to help make sure you choose the right one for your family.

Summer Infant Video Monitor Review

Summer Baby Touch Pan/Scan/Zoom Video Baby Monitor, 3.5"

Looking for an affordable baby video monitor that doesn’t drain your pockets? Summer Infant Video Monitor is one of the few monitor brands that claim to deliver more for a lesser price and constantly upgrades it models to suit the changing customer’s needs.

With an amazing array of baby monitor models to choose from, it’s up to you to decide which one suits your child the best. Let’s find out for ourselves how far those claims are true!

Features and Design

Summer Infant Video Monitor has a rectangular, box-like design and looks uninviting and boring when compared to other baby monitors that have a cutesy feel attached to them. The best feature about this video monitoring kit is that it has 2 docks to protect the monitor from possible falls and slips.

One dock is for housing the camera and the other for holding the parental unit securely. Another striking feature about this monitor is the all-covering range of its camera. Whether you want to zoom in or pan out, this baby camera will let you do all those without any fuss. Simply make required adjustments to your camera with the help of a touch screen.

Performance and Use of Summer Infant Video Monitor

Summer infant video baby monitors offer two-way talk facility and an additional feature of adding extra cameras so that you can have one installed in all the rooms of your home. This way, you can observe how your baby is sleeping even when you are in the kitchen cooking or taking a walk on your porch.

The manufacturer also offers a wide array of replacement parts and accessories for these devices making it easy for you to acquire them whenever a part of the device gets damaged.

Performance-wise Summer Infant Video Monitor resembles several other existing monitors and hasn’t got anything special to set them apart from the rest. The coverage area for this monitor is relatively higher and has been its strong forte for long.

Conclusion: Albeit, Summer infant video baby monitors have several promising features; it has the same range of defects to go with them as well. We do not recommend this product because, there have been reports of several strangulation deaths of the babies owing to its messy cords and wires and that millions of sets were recalled by the manufacturer.

After this catastrophe, it is being said that the company has considerably improved their products revving up their safety standards. Use your discretion before trying out this brand monitor for your baby.

[su_box title=”Pros:” box_color=”#adf35b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • Several models of baby monitors are available offering a great choice to parents.
  • Baby monitor functions flawlessly in a wider space.
  • Affordable price[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons:” box_color=”#f35d5b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • Messy wires can lead to the strangulation of babies. Their devices do not exactly meet the designated safety standards.
  • Batteries die fast.
  • The user has to hold the power button for long to switch on the monitor.[/su_box]

As of the time of writing this review, I found 156 customers reviews, and they awarded the Summer Infant Monitor an average score of 4.0 stars out of possible 5. Go ahead and follow the link below to read through the customer feedback so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Angelcare Video, Movement and Sound Monitor, Gray/white

Angelcare AC1120 Video and Sound Monitor, Grey

Angelcare  – An Over-priced Surveillance Monitor! – The first in video baby monitor with an LCD touchscreen The Angelcare Video Movement Sound Baby Monitor allows parents to keep an eye on their baby with the video function.

Want to see what your baby is up to in her crib? Do you feel guilty of neglecting the baby while doing house chores? If the answer is ‘yes’ bring home the Angelcare AC1100 video monitor today and be rid of all the worries about your baby. Tag the monitor to your belt and do away your chores in a guilt-free manner.

The monitor kit comes with an under- the-mattress sensor pad, which will raise the alarm if your baby hasn’t made any movements for a 20 second period. Other components of Angelcare AC1100 video monitor include a monitor, a parent unit, rechargeable batteries, charging cradle, adapters and the instructions manual to help you in its installation and use.

Features and Design of Angelcare

Angelcare AC1100 video monitor’s design looks revolutionary and the extra mat provided in the kit adds a touch of novelty to the whole system. Angelcare  video monitor boasts of an HD 15 fps camera and also has a zoom function built into it. Adjustments to the camera can be made from the parental unit itself.

The parental unit displays the current temperature in the baby’s crib, and whenever there is a too high or low temperature, the monitor alerts you about it. Even when the digital connectivity is lost, or the user of the parental unit is going beyond the designated range, the monitor alerts him of the same. Whenever the baby has to be fed or needs cleaning, the sound and movement alarm can be disabled by using the ‘hold’ option provided.

Performance and Use of Angelcare

Following the footsteps of its predecessors, Angelcare AC1100 has come up with a walkie-talkie feature that allows the user to communicate with the nursery unit with the help of a parent unit. The baby can hear your voice all the time and can go back to sleep in an assured manner. The monitor has a continuous tic feature which will let you know that the device is in operation even when the baby is fully asleep.

[su_box title=”Pros:” box_color=”#adf35b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • The 2.75” LCD color digital touch screen is the best feature of this parental unit. The user can meddle with video transmission, display settings, etc. from this unit itself.
  • The monitor is equipped with 2.45Gzh hop technology to deliver an interference-free sound transmission to the user.
  • With a decent 200mts signal range for this device, you need not worry about connectivity ever again.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons:” box_color=”#f35d5b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • Angelcare AC video monitor has a retro feel to its appearance.
  • Angelcare AC monitoring system is expensive when compared to other baby monitors in the market.
  • To get a proper downward angle for its camera, you should get a tripod installed.
  • The monitor unit can be used with a single camera alone.[/su_box]


The angelcare baby monitor is suitable for those parents for whom performance is the priority and budget are not a constraint and can make do with a single camera alone. Would we recommend Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor to our readers?

Absolutely, and here is why:

We have been very impressed with what we have found while researching this product. We like the level of freedom that it provides to its customers and that it can be adapted to different baby need and parent needs.

Some of the reviewers have said that this is the best baby monitor available, which has greatly increased our confidence in this recommendation.

Motorola MBP26 Review

Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP26 Baby Monitor

One of the mid-range video baby monitors the Motorola MBP26 is a good all-round digital video baby monitor. It has a number of the features possessed by the more expensive MBP36S possesses which it makes an excellent device for any family and good value for money.

Its features include a 2.4-inch screen allowing for real-time video of your little ones and with the addition of the infrared vision, it means you can see well in the dark. Placed on the parent module, you have alert monitor giving clear feedback of the sound activity of the room translating a visual representation of what your baby is going. This video tilt feature is essential when the baby is making that transition from sleeping on their backs to their front, a sensitive time for all parents who have experienced this.

The camera can move and tilt which is great to be placed anywhere in your baby’s room and still get a good view of them sleeping. As with other baby monitors, it is extremely portable which is great for your home but also if you get away for family breaks. You don’t have to pack away large boxes to bring along your monitor, it’s small and compact and works well away from home.

One feature this model doesn’t share with the more expensive models in the Motorola range is the Temperature display. This is something I always look for in baby monitors be-it standard non-video or a baby monitor with a camera. I feel this is something that differentiates all the baby monitor for each other. A temperature sensor is really useful all year round, from the depths of winter and the heating on to the summer months when rooms can get hot and stuffy. It for me is a great indicator of how best to keep your baby’s room giving them the best chance of a good night’s sleep.

Overall if you are looking for the best video baby monitors at a high price I would suggest this isn’t the one to choose, however, if you want something that ticks a lot of the boxes and won’t break the bank then I would certainly have this high on my list. It can also be bought in a twin pack giving you two cameras from the start with the one base, excellent for more than one child or bedrooms and a playroom monitor in the day.

[su_box title=”Pros:” box_color=”#adf35b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • Great value for money. A lot of features for a good price.
  • Clear screen easy to view both day and night.
  • Very clear audio.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons:” box_color=”#f35d5b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • Poor battery life that appears to be commonplace with the Motorola range.
  • Screen goes off when not plugged into the mains.
  • Can have the odd glitch and lose connection from time to time.[/su_box]

My Conclusion

If you are looking for a good monitor for the price of this device it’s an excellent all round video baby monitor. Multi-camera support for a monitor at this price point.

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

our first choice will give you everything that you need and it also manages to do this while keeping a reasonable price tag and giving you a very good setup so check out the features below and then you will be able to check out the full review of this product.

Here is an overview of the features:

  • 2.4 TFT screen with sensitive microphone
  • 2.4 GHz static wireless covering distances of up to 800 feet
  • Uses FHSS jumps between different channels in the 2.4 GHz range which virtually ‘encrypts’ the data
  • Automatic IR night vision, A/C Power: 6 V 1 A DC adaptor
  • Automatic voice activation power saving mode – monitor unit shuts down automatically if no noise is sensed for 3 minutes

[su_spoiler title=”you can click here for a full review of this baby video monitor…” style=”fancy”]This review will give you an overview of the Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and tell you what you can expect from this baby monitor and also a little bit about the details that you get with this product, we will also focus on the customer opinion see you can make a more informed buying decision and get something that is really powerful but also very cost effective.

Firstly let us have a look at the features

  • 2.4 TFT screen with super sensitive built in microphone
  • 2.4 GHz static free digital wireless transmission covering distances of up to 800 feet in open areas, or 150ft in enclosed areas
  • Uses FHSS (Automatic Frequency Hoping System) – jumps between different channels in the 2.4 GHz range which virtually ‘encrypts’ the data
  • Automatic IR night vision, A/C Power: 6 V 1 A DC adaptor
  • Automatic voice activation power saving mode – monitor unit shuts down automatically if no noise is sensed for 3 minutes

This choice is our top pick, and it will give you some really good features and the other cool thing is that it does not break the bank and is quite cost-effective if you are looking for loads of features and you also want to save as much money as possible this is one worth checking out. If you are looking for peace of mind and you want to be able to see what your little ones are doing at all time, this is the place to start.

It has been designed with simplicity in mind and is super easy to setup, and because of the price, you will be able to worry about more important things regarding costs.

This device has been designed with simplicity in mind and is very easy to setup, and because of the price you do not have to worry about having a huge outlay, you will also get a very good wireless transmission, and it will also cover up to 800 feet long as long as there are not too many breaks in the signal such as walls and corridors, and the other thing to consider is that you do not have this too far upstairs especially if you have a multiroom home.

The best thing about this product is that the price is quite reasonable and is also fitted with a 900 mAh Li-on battery that means that you can use this with or without the power adapter and it will work just fine.


The customer opinion of the Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision is very good and most people have rated this five star and that ‘go to’ baby monitor so if you are looking for something really powerful, and the definitely gives you all of the features that you need you need to click the link below and check this out at

Levana BABYVIEW20 Review

Levana BABYVIEW20 Interference Free Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Night Light Lullaby Camera - Bonus Pack of 2

The Levana Babyview20 video baby monitor is a portable, wireless baby monitor system that will free up the parent without ever having to worry about not being in contact with their baby. This monitor is the ultimate tool that comes loaded with features to keep your baby calm, all without having to be in the nursery. First and foremost, it is simple to use. Simply unpack and plug in. There is no tedious programming required, and because this monitor is wireless, you are free to place it anywhere in your baby’s nursery. Plus you never have to worry about your child getting wrapped in a cord. A mount is included as well for easy placement of the camera in the crib if you so desire.
Because this is a digital wireless baby monitor, there will never be any interference from other devices in your house. You will never miss a sound or movement from the nursery. And the strength of the signal is good up to 150 feet, so you don’t have to be confined to one part of the house. The battery included with the unit is a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can go for up to 4.5 hours on a single charge. Simply leave it plugged in by your bed at night and you are free to be around the house during the day without having to worry about the monitor losing power.
The Levana Babyview20 includes some unique features as well, which makes this video baby monitor stand out. It comes equipped with a standby mode that will automatically alert you if it detects noise or movement – the audio and video on its 2.3” monitor will switch on. While most baby monitors these days come with night vision, the Babyview20’s night vision switches on automatically in the dark and can “see” up to 15ft. Also, the video baby monitor can play soothing lullabies and has a comforting nightlight that can be operated from the parental unit. You can stop and start a song, skip songs, adjust audio and switch the nightlight on and off all without having to enter your child’s nursery disturbing their sleep!
We found to have the lowest price for video baby monitors, including the Levana Babyview20 baby monitor. Click here to check it out.

The Levana Babyview20 Video Baby Monitor Features

  • Set it Up in Seconds
  • Watch Your Child with ClearVu Technology
  • Hassle-Free Portable Monitoring
  • Around The Clock Monitoring with Standby Mode
  • Night Vision Allows You To Watch Over Your Child Both Day and Night!
  • Comfort Your Child at Night with Lullabies and a Built-In Night Light
  • Place the Camera Anywhere
  • Hear Every Sound
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Levana BABYVIEW20 Video Review Walkthrough

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” fs=”no”]

[su_box title=”Pros:” box_color=”#adf35b” title_color=”#040404″]

The monitor is mostly interference-free and has an attractive design apt for a nursery.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons:” box_color=”#f35d5b” title_color=”#040404″]

It has sound sensitivity issues and no zoom capability.[/su_box]

Levana Safe N’See Baby Video Monitor Review

Levana - Safe N' See Advanced 3.5 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Levana Safe N’See – Levana Safe N’SeeKeep your Baby Safe with Levana Safe N’See Baby Video Monitor. Video monitors have become an integral part of baby surveillance people adopt upon welcoming a new member to the family.

Levana Safe N’ See video monitors have become popular in the recent times for their advanced technology, a multitude of features and extremely easy modus-operandi.

With a large wide screen to view and good audio clarity to accompany, this baby video monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby from anywhere in the house.

Features and Design of Levana Safe N’See

Operating on ClearVu Digital wireless technology, this device outperforms any known baby video monitor and has several additional features like the option to adjust the temperature, etc. to ensure that your baby is safe in all kinds of weather.

One of the remarkable features of Levana Safe N’See baby video monitor is its ability to operate up to 450 ft, a feat not many video monitors can conjure. This device is easy to hold and is portable enough to lug it along wherever you go.

Levana baby video monitor has a temperature sensor which will alarm you about major fluctuations in the baby’s room temperature. Also, you can even gauge what amount of noise is emanating from your baby’s room with the display of LED lights in the parent unit.

Performance and Use of Levana Safe N’See

Whether you are in the kitchen or a porch, it doesn’t matter. Parents can put their babies to sleep with the help of 5 different lullabies that were fitted into it by default. Parents often worry about the safety of their kids at night.

Levana Safe N’See has a special night vision feature in place to offer better visibility about the baby’s movements even in the dark. The visibility range at night is limited to 10 feet. The dual-way talk feature allows you to not only hear the sounds of your baby but also talk back to her and assure her that everything is fine.

[su_box title=”Pros:” box_color=”#adf35b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • To obtain a clear view from all angles, the camera can be wall mounted as well.
  • The 2.4” LCD screen offers crystal clear clarity images and the night vision feature allows you to view the baby’s
  • video in the midst of darkness as well.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons:” box_color=”#f35d5b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • Due to some manufacturing defect, monitors become dysfunctional within a short period.
  • Batteries die fast, and there is no indication to the user when the charge is about to be exhausted.
  • The monitor doesn’t live up to its promise of 450 feet range.[/su_box]

Conclusion On Levana Safe N’See Baby Video Monitor:

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” rel=”no” fs=”no”]

The enormous list of features enumerated by Levana Safe baby video monitor looks good only on the paper alone. When it comes to functionality, the manufacturer has failed to deliver a product that performs decently. In the end, this monitor might end up as a drain on your pocket, and you might have to start again looking for an alternative.

Would we recommend Levana Safe N’See baby video monitor to our readers?

Absolutely, and here is why:

Some of the reviewers have said that this is the best baby monitor available, which has greatly increased our confidence in this recommendation. Go ahead use the link below to read through more customers feedback so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor with 3.5-Inch Color LCD Screen, Remote Camera Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen is one of the better performing baby monitors on the market. Not only does it come loaded with tons of features, but it uses a secure technology to ensure a constant, clear video and audio signal.
This Motorola Baby Monitor uses 2.4GHZ FHSS technology to transmit the video and audio signal back to the parental unit at a range of up to 650ft. FHSS stands for Frequency-Hopping-Spread-Spectrum. What this technology does is it transmits the video and audio signal from the camera to the parental unit in a way where it is constantly and quickly switching channels in a random pattern that is only detectable by the two units. What does that mean for you, the parent? It translates to a signal that is more reliable and secure than most baby monitors on the market. Plus Motorola encrypts the audio signal as well for further security and greater peace of mind.
Plus, you can see your baby on a huge 3.5”LCD screen with 25FPS playback. The video should never be choppy. Of course, it includes night-vision capability as well, but the features do not stop there. The camera can pan, tilt, and zoom, giving you full access to your baby. It comes equipped with five built in lullabies to help soothe your baby to sleep and a temperature monitor to ensure your baby is always comfortable. Plus there is an out of range alert, and 5 LED alerts that monitor the audio activity coming from your baby’s room.
After scouring the Internet, we found that Amazon is selling the Motorola MB36 at the lowest price.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 inch LCD Color Screen

  • Features At A Glance
  • Secure 2.4GHZ FHSS technology
  • Range up to 650 feet
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom functions
  • Five built in lullabies and temperature monitoring
  • Out of range and audio level alerts
  • Expandable to up to 4 cameras
  • Two-way intercom communication

Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Baby Video Monitor Review

Summer Infant In View Video Baby Monitor with 5-inch Screen and Camera

Summer Infant Sleek and Secure hand-held color video monitor have very sophisticated features and intelligent design in place to take care of your baby’s security needs. The monitor kit consists of –parent unit, baby unit, belt clip, flip stand, camera adaptor, and monitor adapter.Features and Design of Summer Infant Sleek and Secure

This device imitates the design and look of a cell phone and even fits snugly into the palm of any size in the same manner. True to its claims, this video monitor utilizes 100% digital technology and thus allows you to enjoy the privacy of a single link along with a decent covering range of 350 feet.

To ensure baby’s safety, parents should refrain from placing the camera in the baby’s crib itself. Position the camera in such a way that, you can enjoy the full view of the baby without disturbing her sleep.

Walkthrough Video Review of Summer Infant Sleek and Secure

Summer infant sleek monitor has a special night vision feature which will switch on the infrared LED’s on its own once the room turns dark. When you don’t want to watch the video, you can simply turn it off using the Video/off button and just leave the audio option on.

An adjustable kickstand makes it easier to place it on a desk or any such other surface securely. The parent can move around the house by tagging the belt clip so that he will be aware of the baby’s movements even when on the go. If you wish, you can also secure this camera on the nearby wall using a wall anchor and security clips provided as a part of the kit.

This monitor offers a multi-view feature, according to which parents can add as many as 3 different cameras to this system and can even view them all simultaneously on the split screen.


Summer Infant video color monitor fails to offer decent night- time footage in spite of its tall claims. It is during the night time; parents are most worried about their kid’s safety. Other videos which cost the same have more features to offer and function in a much-better way.

[su_box title=”Pros:” box_color=”#adf35b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • The monitor is equipped with 2.5” color video screen which lets you enjoy your baby’s footage in colors.
  • Parents can always talk to their kids using the talk back feature provided on this monitor.
  • Whenever the monitor is going out of range or whenever its battery is going to die, the user will be alerted of the same by the parent unit.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cons:” box_color=”#f35d5b” title_color=”#040404″]

  • Additional cameras are not included in the monitor kit.
  • The night vision footage of the baby can be viewed in white and black alone, and the pictures might appear little grainy if the camera is far away from the baby.
  • Audio does not function when all the 4 cameras are being watched on the monitor simultaneously.[/su_box]

As of the time of writing this review, I found 54 customers reviews, and they awarded the Summer Infant Sleek Baby Video Monitor an average score of 3.2 stars out of possible 5. Go ahead and follow the link below to read through the customer feedback so that you can make an informed buying decision.

What to look for with Baby Video Monitors

So, you’ve decided to treat yourself to a baby video monitor, but you’re not sure what to look for? The salespeople at local Toys-R-Us and similar lines where you can find these products often try to sell what they have the most of in stock, but you should know at least what to lean towards before you spend your money.

Video Monitoring options – The picture quality is the number one thing to look for when you’re picking a baby monitor. If you can’t get a clean picture at least two or three rooms away than try to stay away from that product and look for something of higher quality. Products like Samsung’s quality cameras can transmit the video up to 900ft, barring any interferences from other devices. Motion detect powered sleep/standby option will also make your camera run a lot longer before you need to charge it, so that’s another thing to look out for when you buy a baby monitor.

Audio Monitoring options – Audio quality is another point to look for, and while most products to fairly well in this area, it’s important to know which ones are NOT doing well. Do your research before purchase, check out the amazon comments before you commit to buying a product. The whole point of the monitor is to allow you to react quickly, and you can’t do that if the device is too silent on your end, or if it does not pick up on the noises from the baby’s room. Some even offer two-way communication, like a walkie talkie, allowing you to start soothing your baby even before you enter her room.

Design – These things are supposed to go into the baby’s room, so they’re not supposed to have sharp edges. Smooth and sturdy should be the name of the game, the size of the LCD screen the overall coloring. A camera is supposed to seamlessly fit into the room, so it does not attract too much attention of your baby, reducing the chances she’d try to play with it.

Help and Support – If your baby monitoring device has advanced options and features, you want them fully documented so that you can make the most out of them. It doesn’t help if the documents you get are incomplete or hard to understand. Talk to the salesman and see if he can help you understand everything the device offers before you take it home – if he can’t manage reading through the instructions and features, it’s more likely than not that this is not a product that you want at home. Tech support, while not as crucial as, let’s say, for computers, is still pretty high on the list of priorities if you encounter problems with the baby video monitor you bought.

What is a video baby monitor?

Technology is continuously giving us many new things which have made life simpler and comfortable. With a baby in the house, it is difficult to work at all times. Someone has to be there full day to take care of the baby. At times, it restricts the parents from going to other rooms to do work leaving the baby alone. They constantly worry about the child waking up or crying.

What is it?

Baby monitors are a modern day technological device, be used by parents to ease their load and worries. It has become easier for them to take care of the baby without being in the same room. It is nothing but a baby alarm which alerts the parents whenever the infant makes any noise. It is a two-way process. A small machine is kept in the baby’s room, and a remote or speaker is with parents or caretaker. Whenever the baby makes any sound, it is transmitted from the machine to the speaker through radio waves. Hearing the noise, parents come to know that the baby is awake and needs to be personally taken care of.

Types of monitors:

These days a variety of monitors have flooded the market. If you go to a shop and ask, ‘what is a video baby monitor?’, The shopkeeper will show you various types to choose from. Video baby monitors are the ones which have a video camera attached to the machine. It shows the pictures of the baby to the receiver. These can also be attached to TV or computers. It allows you to receive live streaming of the baby through an internet connection. It usually is secured by a password known only to trusted people. The parents not only can hear but also look at the child whenever they want to. Other types are wired or wireless monitors. Usually, people prefer the wireless machines, but at times people use the wired ones and attach it to already existing wiring system in the house. The latest method that is used is through the smartphones. The software in these enables people to use it as a baby monitor also.


It has made life easier for parents. They can keep a constant eye on the baby without disturbing their schedules. With a baby monitor, they don’t need to be present around the baby all the time. When the child sleeps, they can just switch on the monitor and do their work. They are not restricted to stay at one place only. It also helps in easing their worries as they know whenever the baby wakes up; they will come to know. Parents can combine various forms of monitors to keep a check on their baby and parents benefit it by getting their peace of mind knowing that they can keep an eye on their child and at the same time go about doing their work.

This gives an idea about what is a video baby monitor. You can go to any electronic or baby shop to look for these and buy the ones which you like the best.

Are Safety Baby Monitors Really Necessary?

Choosing the best baby monitor involves several steps. First, consider a digital baby monitor to avoid eavesdropping from neighbors. Secondly, consider buying either an analog monitor that has a different frequency than your cordless phone or a highly rated digital monitor to avoid interference impeding your signal. Thirdly, look at safety baby monitors with a long range if you have a big house, so you will always stay within reach. Lastly, when you set up your monitor’s camera or transmitter, be sure it’s out of the baby’s reach to prevent any unnecessary injuries.

When browsing for a baby monitor, the most important factor is a clear reception. Muffled, fuzzy or screeching sounds will be distracting and difficult to discern from ambient sounds. With low-end wireless baby monitors, cordless telephone conversations may come through the channel or simple everyday appliances like microwaves may jumble the pictures or sounds. The best way to avoid interference is to purchase a quality baby infant monitor that has a similar range to your home size. If you buy one that is too large, it will be easier to pick up the neighbor’s frequencies. Also, tests show that digital baby monitors have less trouble with interference than analog baby monitors, so that should be considered as well. If you do settle on an analog monitor, ensure that your cordless phone and monitor do not work off the same Gigahertz frequency and look for a model that offers at least two different channel selections.

In conclusion, safety baby monitors are non-essential, yet useful tools for new parents. Video baby monitors can show parents when the baby has awakened, so they know when to get the baby from the crib, without waiting for the warning screams. They can also reveal if the baby is caught up in the blankets, gnawing on the crib or in some other sort of precarious position. Parents can see if the family pets or their other children are bothering the baby in some way. For moms and dads worried about sleep apnea, breathing troubles or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, these systems can provide great peace of mind.

Why Buy A Video Baby Monitor?

For several years, people used audio infant devices to keep an eye or rather “ear” on their babies during their nap time or bed time. However, now with the invention of the video baby surveillance device, monitoring your baby has become easier and safer. These latest units that are now the latest rage and that are available in the market are considered to be much more reliable than the older audio monitors. Even though they are much more expensive, they have proved to be worth the expense.

What Types Are There?

A video baby monitor is of two types – analog and digital. Both kinds have their advantages and disadvantages. Any infant video monitoring device works the same way. It is made up of two main parts – the transmitter or camera and the receiver unit. The camera is placed in the room where the child sleeps. It uses certain radio frequencies to transmit both audio and video signals to the receiver which is a LCD screen. Depending on the form in which these signals are transmitted determines whether it is an analog or digital system.

Analog vs. Digital

Analog video devices use the analog method which sends the signal in a series of electronic pulses. The main signal is broken down into smaller parts and is then put back together. Digital is the newer technology where a series of codes is transmitted using a radio frequency. As the signal reaches the receiving unit, it is put back together in order. Both these technologies have their pros and cons, and it is best to do a thorough research of both before deciding which video baby monitor is best for you and your child.

How Secure Are Transmissions?

A baby video monitor makes use of public airways to send and receive signals. This is why there is always a chance of your receiver picking up signals from other devices nearby. For example, if your neighbor also owns a monitoring unit or any video camera you could hear and even see what is going on in their child’s room. Digital devices are known to be more secure where signals are concerned as their transmissions are encrypted. Apart from being secure, video monitoring units are also less prone to interference as compared to analog versions. The amount of interference depends on the other wireless devices found in your house such as cordless telephones, wireless routers, and microwaves.

Which Video Unit Is Best For Your Family?

Deciding which technology is more suitable for you and your home is quite easy. All you have to do is take into consideration a few factors such as the proximity of your neighbors, the cost and the number of other wireless devices in your house. If you live in a largely populated area, a digital video baby monitor is what you should choose as it is more secure and you will be sure that nobody else will be able to view what is taking place in your home. About various other wireless devices in your house, once again digital units are the way to go as they are less susceptible to interference from these other devices. The cost of analog monitors is much less when compared to digital ones. However, the advantages of using digital devices make it worth the while.
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Reasons Why You Should Own A Video Baby Monitor

There are several reasons as to why you need infant camera surveillance in your home.

Peace Of Mind

The first is for your peace of mind. It provides you with the surety that your baby is safe. A picture of the room and your infant allows you, the parent, to be sure of your child’s position in the crib. You have more confidence to leave them alone and go about doing your other chores or simply relax or sleep for a little while. If you use a camera video system, you know that you can check on your loved one without even having to move or get out of your bed.

See Exactly What Your Child Is Doing

The second reason is that a video baby monitor gives parents the opportunity to view their child’s activities from the crib without having to wonder what exactly that sound is coming from the room is. Instead of rushing to the room each time baby makes some noise, it makes it easier to keep an eye on your child and helps you in knowing what exactly they are up to.

Keep An Eye On Siblings

When you have an older child sharing your infant’s bedroom, having a visual of the room not only keeps a watchful eye on your infant but your older child as well and the way in which they interact with them.

Video monitors are the latest type of child surveillance that has already proven to be very useful and efficient in monitoring your baby. They have more advantages than disadvantages, and the higher price is worth it.

Video Monitor Buying Tips

First of all, you need to decide whether a video baby monitor is right for you, or whether you would be just as happy with an audio monitor. Although some parents enjoy seeing every movement and hearing every sound their baby makes, others find it more nerve-wracking and go into a panic if their baby does not move or make a sound for ten minutes, so consider this before going out and buying a video monitor. A digital monitor is a better choice than an analog one because the signals are encoded, so only you will be able to receive images and sound, not your next door neighbor who has a similar model monitor.

Make sure you understand the return policy on your monitor. This is important with any electrical goods you buy, but monitors are especially important because they occasionally cause interference which can obscure the picture or dampen the audio. If this happens, you will need to be able to exchange it for a different model and try that out instead. A video monitor you received as a baby shower gift might not have come with the receipt, but you might be able to track down the merchant’s website and exchange it directly there if need be. Make sure you keep the original packaging and receipt when buying a video baby monitor just in case you ever need to take it back.

When choosing between brands, take your daily routine into consideration, as well as the size of your house. Because lights catch your eye more than your baby moving, you might like to get a video baby monitor which displays flashing lights when your baby wakes up. A monitor which comes with a pair of receivers, not just one, might be a wise move if you live in a large house. A compact receiver which clips to your waistband or belt makes it easy for you to move about without having to find the receiver and carry it from room to room.

Do You Need One?

Not every parent uses video baby monitors, and in fact, some do not even use the audio ones. We made do without them for hundreds of years before they were invented too, so why are these items so popular? One of the main reasons is a monitor brings peace of mind to parents who might otherwise keep going into the baby’s room and checking everything is fine. This can be an issue with first-time parents who worry about things more than a seasoned parent who has been through it all before. Another reason is you can hear your baby cry and react immediately, comforting him or bringing milk or food. A video baby monitor can make life much simpler and less stressful.

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