Break Your 4 Myths about Flat Irons Now!

Gone are those days when people used to rely on a salon for getting a professional styling done to their manes. All thanks go to the technically advanced flat irons that now render the same level of styling without leaving the comfort of home. A few years ago, flat irons were a bit infamous for their appalling smell of burnt hair and left behind frizzy ends after rendering temporarily silky and straight tresses. However, the latest irons have overcome these drawbacks, provided you use them occasionally with the most suitable temperature according to your hair type. However, the gap of time that has passed between the traditional and latest flat irons has given rise to some myths that are yet prevalent. So, let us break them by knowing the opposite fact now.Break Your 4 Myths about Flat Irons Now

Myth 1: Flat irons drain away all natural moisture.

Moisture is essential to keep your manes supple and nourished. If thought logically, it is obvious to conclude that too much or over-applying of heat can drain away the moisture to cause breakage, brittleness, and dullness. However, the ceramic tourmaline plates now overcome this problem, as they smooth as well as seal the cuticles to retain the moisture within, perhaps with the help of far infrared heat. This also ensures less dryness as well as damage. Similarly, there are steam-producing irons that add to the moisture content. The only bet for safety is that you do not overuse the iron.

Myth 2: Ethnic hair types need a different flat iron then available

Selecting a flat iron for Asian Black, African-American, or any other ethnic type is the same as choosing the one for thick or curly hair. However, the difference lies in the way they are treated. In case of Black hair, shine-boosting products are not ideal for usage if you are using a flat iron with tourmaline or titanium plates, as these plates tend to add natural luster. The former products can fry hot surfaces. On the other hand, coarse ethnic hair needs to be straightened by dividing them into small sections at a time and applying an iron of wider plates (1 1/2″ at least) as well as at the right heat level.

Myth 3: Choose the hottest flat iron for ethnic, thick, or curly hair.

The fact is that one should never start using the flat iron at the highest heat setting although thicker, very curly, and wavy hair may need it. The best approach is to start with a lower setting and stop at the setting that delivers good results. This is because most people get the desired style just at 400°F. Therefore, it is better to choose a flat iron of variable heat settings, which is ideal for damaged, fine, chemically treated, and very thick manes.

Myth 4: Ceramic flat irons ensure no heat damage.

These irons cause the least damage as compared to cheap flat irons featuring metal or plastic plates. The truth is that exposing your hair to these irons for a prolonged time will add up to stress, especially if manes are damaged, thin, or treated chemically.

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