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Women’s Sexy Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes

Lady Gaga sexy Halloween outfits for the diva look or party costumes for women. These costumes are nice for poll dancers, actors in plays and skits too. Hey, maybe you want an outfit to wear for every day to look sexy for someone special, that’s up to you. The costumes are a high-quality outfit, costume wigs, shoes, pants, socks, fashion gloves and much more.

You can click out to Amazon or eBay any time if you don’t see just what you want, but I have an excellent selection of items for the ladies to wear for Halloween. Dress like Lady Gaga the star attraction of the party!

Lady Gaga Outfits

So you want to look like Lady Gaga? Whether you want a Gaga inspired to look for the club or if it’s a fancy dress costume you’re after you’ve come to the right place. This might not be the Haus of GaGa, but it is the House of GaGa Inspired Dress-Ups!

Lady Gaga does make a full-time job out of her array of costumes, and it’s nearly impossible to put them all on just one web page, so check out these other pages for more Gagalicious outfits!

Lady Gaga Gold Grammy CostumeLady Gaga Gold Grammy Costume

Sexy but also stylish women’s costume for Halloween

This Gold colored Costume is just the right choice for you if you admire Lady Gaga, but are hesitant to sport some of her more daring Costumes.

The Gold Grammy Costume oozes class and elegance. Shoes are not a part of this Halloween 2017 Costume.

Lady Gaga Crime Scene Costume

If you’re feeling very brave and have the body to carry this look off (and I really wouldn’t recommend it when it’s cold!), then you could purchase some crime scene tape and wrap it around your body. You’ll probably want someone to help you with this.

Another option is to buy a nude bodysuit
so that you don’t feel quite so exposed and wear the crime scene tape over that.

Or you can also buy

Crime Scene Tape Do Not Cross

Lady Gaga is Miss America! CostumeLady Gaga is Miss America! Costume

For this costume, you’ll need a long blonde and yellow two tone wig, a stars and stripes bandana, Uncle Sam bikini and silver lace up boots.

As far as the makeup goes, you’ll need to pop on some false eyelashes and surround your eyes in thick black eye liner Cleopatra style. Red lipstick and then we need to ‘do’ the star. This is best done with face paint and is a silver star with a black outline.

I would do the outline of a star in silver and color it in, then use the black to trace around the outside of the star (that way you can cover up any shaky lines easily).

Lady Gaga Make Up SticksLady Gaga Make Up Sticks

Lady Gaga has also released her own makeup glitter sticks which are ideal for copying her lightning bolt. There’s a video to show you how to make a fantastic lightning bolt for your face at Lady Gaga Costumes.

Lady Gaga – VMA 2009 CostumeLady Gaga Video Music Awards Performance Outfit Costume

Lady Gaga sported more than one look at the VMA 2009 and this white outfit was one that she wore while performing. This official Lady Gaga costume contains the white top complete with attached sleeve, shorts, boot tops, and eye mask.

To complete the look, you’ll need her pink/blonde curly wig, some lip gloss, dark eye make-up and a string of pearls.

You can find some great advice on making up your eyes in the smokey, accentuated Gaga style on Lady Gaga Costumes along with more costume ideas for the Lady of style!

Lady Gaga 2010 Grammy Awards Costume

Official Lady Gaga Costumes

This official Lady Gaga costume is the one that Lady Gaga is seen wearing at the 2010 Grammy Awards when she sang alongside Elton John. You can check out how she carries it off on this page – Lady Gaga at the Grammys.

Lady Gaga Poker Face CostumeLady Gaga Swimsuit Costume

This official Lady Gaga Poker Face costume contains both the swimsuit and the gloves. All you need to add is the long straight wig and some high, black heels and you’re have everyone going Gaga!

Lady Gaga Silver Sequin Dress CostumeLady Gaga Sequin Dress Costume

Available in sizes: X-Small (2-6), Small (6-10), and Women’s standard (up to size 12)
This is an officially licensed Lady Gaga Costume.
If this costume looks familiar to you, it’s from Lady Gaga’s 2009 MTV appearance. This version of her outfit includes a copy of the famous silver dress which features a sheath-style strapless design with stiffly flared sides and an asymmetrical, triangular embellishment on the bodice, as well as the matching silver mask.
So sexy, but not too revealing.
The Black Industrial Net Pantyhose is sold separately, and you can easily just add it to your order.

Lady Gaga American Flag CostumeLady Gaga American Flag Outfit Costume

This is an officially licensed Lady Gaga costume and available in sizes: X-Small (2-6), Small (6-10) and Women’s Standard ( up to size 12).
Red, white and blue never looked so sexy!
Love the extra touches on the wig that is in platinum with yellow tips.
This costume also includes the stars and stripes short crop top, matching briefs, and headband.
Let’s not forget the red four-fingered crop gloves to complete this daring Lady Gaga look

Lady Gaga Black Sequin Dress CostumeLady Gaga Black Sequin Dress Costume

Similar in design to the first Lady Gaga costume on this page, the black adds a bit of a slimming look to the outfit. It also adds a bit of the good girl – bad girl theme.
As with the previous costumes on this page, this is an officially licensed Lady Gaga costume and is only available in sizes, X-Small (2-6), Small (6-10) and Standard (up to size 12). This ying /yang Lady Gaga outfit features a strapless mini sheath shape with a stiffly flared skirt, silver front inset and an asymmetrical silver bodice accent.
A since no respectable Lady Gaga outfit would be complete without a mask, the black & silver mask is included.

Lady Gaga Tuxedo Adult CostumeLady Gaga Tuxedo Adult Costume

“I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way, hey!”

Get glammed up in the Lady Gaga Tuxedo Adult Costume which includes: A tux style jacket with pointed shoulders, shirt front, black pants, and a bow tie – based on the scary and sophisticated style seen in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” music video.

Dress like Lady Gaga

Are you looking for something different for this Halloween or a costume party? The dress like Lady Gaga lens has all your needs. Lady Gaga would be a perfect fit for any woman who wants to dress up like her for Halloween or a special occasion. This lens has the most popular Lady Gaga costumes and accessories.

Lady Gaga Hair

Let’s look at the hair, well we all know that Lady Gaga enjoys wearing wigs, so it’s easy enough to grab a wig yourself. Long or short is the first decision, then you have to focus on the style.

If you want the Gaga bow, then I would recommend using your hair, so if you’ve got the short hair, you should probably go for a different do – why? Well to get the bow you will need to make sure the hair is straight, preferably by using a straightener (personally I wouldn’t try this on a wig). The next step is to style it, and if you don’t have a good quality wig, this is where you can become unstuck.
Lady Gaga changes wigs so often that it’s easier to make a completely different web page on her wigs alone! -[amazon_link asins=’B003P4DUV4,B003XRNROS,B0051QO61M’ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7cc899ea-88ec-11e7-ad72-016dcb7fd891′][amazon_link asins=’B003Y3A3PC,B0056982HI,B005GNWCV6′ template=’ProductCarouselwithoutheader’ store=’thewisy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8384fe5a-88ec-11e7-ae17-1be5852c20f8′]

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